Friday, October 22, 2010

well we made it to friday.

So, it's friday again.  That is good. Or not. Depending on your view of life I guess...

I'm trying to think positive, but the kids have spent the last hour or so driving me BAT.SHIT. hmm, it's not really their fault I guess, I think I've just had enough of them.  It happens every now and then. 
It's probably because they are always en masse. And I'm still not getting enough sleep. I try to have an early night, and then Monkey feeds for a couple hours in the wee hours. I hear ya, just feed him in bed. It doesn't always work for me - sometimes I can fall asleep with him in our bed, but more often than not I am simply semi awake.  Not good enough to feel rested in the morning. So I do midnight feeds in front of the tv.

And then it gets to Friday after school time and I'm ready to walk. out. and possibly not come back. 
But, there is no time for feeling sorry for myself!  There is dinner to cook, kids to feed and love (no matter how little I may want to - it's not their fault. mostly.) 

So that's me, how I am today. I will aim for a little more "scary but, surprisingly Up.Beat!"  next week. Here's hoping I get some sleep (ha!) and revert to more like Littletoastfairy, less like the LittleGrumpyFairy I am today.   *flutters away to find some chocolate*  


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