Friday, October 8, 2010

Blunders, Buttheads and Boobs

So it's October, and as such I thought I would talk about breasts. A bit at least.

But in hanging out on the interwebs I came  across some other things that caught my attention. Don't panic we will get back to breasts....I can't forget them. My life seems to revolve around them at the moment.

Firstly - Blunders.
I know everyone has heard of this, I'm a little late to the bandwagon. "You missed me am I to late?" "Nah, jump up on the cart!" Paul Henry (a breakfast show host, if you live under a rock and haven't heard the accompanying outcry) made some not nice comments about our Governor-General not looking nor sounding like a NZer. 

Henry's on TV, has been for a while now, he knows the impact he can have with a small sentence and could have chosen his words with more care. Hell, he's an adult! He should know better!

 But he made me think. And perhaps that was his point. I've read websites, listening to people spew their opinions on how horrific it was that he dared say such a thing! There are definitely 2 very divided schools of thought on what should be done with him - rightly or wrongly. 

-I- wonder what a New Zealander looks or sounds like... there is surely no way to pigeon hole us. I know that I don't often connect with my fellow sports mad countrymen, but this country does feel like home to me. I was not born here.  But this -is- my home.  
What else should mark me as a NZer?  

Ponder that with your weeties.

Next up Buttheads...and there have been a few this week. 

I'm not going to talk about the gay bashing that's been happening in the U.S, because so many more eloquent people are already on to it.  All that comes to my mind on that front anyways is, Who Gives A Fuck? who cares who you want to be? I don't care. As long as you aren't hurting others, then live your life. And if we meet and we get on, then that's awesome.

It's not my place to judge. Mostly coz I'm hoping like hell you ain't judging me either!! Plus, oh yeah, IT'S NOT MY PLACE TO JUDGE OTHERS. *gets off soapbox. end rant*

Growing up there was a movie I liked for a number of reasons called Parenthood (with Steve Martin among other greats). There are a many great lines, that I laughed at then, but as a parent/adult now are so much more poignant.
The lasting one for me, one I have quoted many a time over my years is this (or something like this)....."they make you get a licence to drive, but any old arsehole can be a parent" 
Case in point  these people worry me on a level that is hard to put into words...and more so that I know this kinda bullshit is the tip of the fucken iceberg of crappy parenting out there. Yeah yeah I hear ya we could be here all day with this one - yes there are good  parents/children out there that get seriously fucked over by the system. Yes there are kids who ARE better off with their parents, no matter how bad the parents are struggling. I get that. What I don't get is WHY THE FUCK *any* judge would think these are ok parents. The boy was crying. while. they. took. photos.  

My 9 year looked at the story and said "that's *so* mean!" A 9 yr old knows better.  

I'm flabbergasted. Speechless that people can be this dumb. this mean. 
And those that know me, know I'm not the most patient nor always the most compassionate parent I could be.  No matter how annoying a child may be (and I know annoying - meet #4 one day) they do. not. deserve. this kinda treatment.

And this. this is Buttheadery on such a LOW FUCKEN level it makes me want to hurt people. The people on the other side of the world who think getting on a soapbox, using a dead child and grieiving family as fodder for their cause.  sucky sucky sucky Aunt Becky  covers it quite well I thought. 

And this brings us to BOOBS.  Told ya I would get back to it. :OD
October is World (so it would seem if one is to believe Twitter, and why wouldn't one?!) Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is our site here in NZ. 

In my family we have been lucky to not have cancer. We have other issues...what family doesn't - health and otherwise.  But not The Big C.  And I am grateful for that. I had a scare with Baby Related Issues years ago, and that was enough for me. I am constantly amazed when I hear about/meet people who have or have had cancer. They are for the most part (and shit don't we all have bad days - it just wouldn't compare) so brave and strong and positive. 

From my BC years, while training one thing I learnt was that boys have mammary glands too. Which is uber cool, coz it means that *potentially* they can breastfeed too! One day soon my lovelies it will happen. Then I will get sleep. Ahhh, blessed sleep How I love thee!

Wait. what? oh yeah, boy boobs. What it also means that boys can get breast cancer too. Yeah it's a smaller proportion of the population, but it happens.

SO! I want to leave you with this. Fondle. 
Fondle, people. Examine your breasts. Get the mammograms. GIrls AND boys!

Fondle those breasts like there's no tomorrow (hell look at global warming. there might not be!) 

But! it may pay to ask permission before you "examine" people on the street. I know you're just doing your bit to help stop cancer. Sadly people frown on that kinda help.  :OD

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