Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Roller Derby and other battlegrounds......

So I promised my brother that I would post about derby...... Coz I was too lazy that day to thumb type him an answer how my first tender meat bout went.

Two weeks later.......
                   * smh*

I dunno if I mentioned that I am part of a low contact league?...... This means we're not quite as rough as what you see for the most part out there in derby land. Don't misunderstand it's rough - you're on wheels, going fast, in a group of people - we get hurt (mostly I get hurt coz I'm unco *snerk* )  

Any hoo..... So we (Rimutaka Roller Derby) have taken to traveling to Levin to practice with the Whenua Fatales, which has been awesome for upskilling Altho have to keep in mind they are a full contact league when we use those skills back home.  They had organized a Tendermeat bout (for newly skills tested peeps - you have to train to meet a certain  standard before you can bout, for your safety and the others on the track with you) you are considered tender meat for your first 3 bouts, and only compete against other people who have bouted 3 or less times. 

Here we go in no particular order....

The Jedi Frights team

It was a bit of a thematic event....

Yeah so, i'd dropped my panty for the 2nd time....

Look mum no penalties!

My Rimutaka Roller Derby folks

Being Pivot in a jam

being short has the advantage that I can shoulder check others hips and that means I have advantage over them on balance.  yay!

Just being my usual classy self....

warm up

check out that beautiful form

and, lastly, the obligatory arse shot! you're welcome. *curtsey*

It was an amazing day - exciting, exhilarating, scary as hell and exhausting!!  Compounded slightly by fact that I've recently found out I have exercise induced asthma. I always knew exercise was evil, now I have proof!!  ;o)  I had a coupla bruises from training the week before, and they got battered a bit more, Yay!  It was awesome having B, my dad, my sister & brother in law, brother and close friend come fiend and support me. It's an interesting sport, if you don't much about it, look it up on you tube  - flat track roller derby. We are governed by World Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA) so Google that and learn more.

I am writing this on a flight to Playcentre Conference so I will add pics of derby things later. There were  a couple good ones taken.

So yes going to conference. 


 I have put nominations in for trustee board and Co -president...and that was an interesting process. It'll be an interesting meeting too. I may come out of it with one job, or none, with the acceptance of my assn or being unwelcome there. Who knows.
I don't wanna go into too much detail about all that here, I will say tho that I am nervous and kinda dreading it, but also it can't come soon enough and I'm past caring and don't give  fuck about it all at once. 

That gives some idea of my mindset the  huh?