Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Away and Back Again.

Not that you probably noticed I was missing.....

I was away on the weekend at Playcentre Conference. An awesome opportunity to catch up with other people who are passionate about Playcentre!  YAY!!

Along with refuelling my emotional/spiritiual tank though was late nights, and weirdly one VERY early morning.  Yup, Saturday saw me on Kapiti beach at dawn while some friends swam. I'm not *THAT* crazy!! It was, I have to say, gorgeous. It's been a while since I've seen a sunrise and there was quite a spectacular one put on display. Plus, pretty much deserted beach? Niiiiiice.

What else? there is too much, let me sum up.
I got my face painted. 

I got to share silly jokes with awesome parents. (Conference had a "survivor" theme)

I got to play my uke, share my knowledge, look like I know shit (when discussing the new constitution!) and absorb learning from other wise people. Also, I got to compare notes with those who have gone before me, who have stepped in these footprints already and can reassure me that it's ok, it will work out, it will be worth it in the end.

And then I got home to my Tribe of Lunatics.....I'm shattered!!  3 days of being home and it doesn't stop! I guess that's mumhood for ya, a neverending battle of houseworking & loving.

And really? I don't think I'd change it for the world....

Well, maybe for some uninterrupted sleep  ;OD

Friday, May 18, 2012

Yeah, This. Awesome.

So, on the toes of the drugs, I can sing this with feeling now.

Plus it's a really awesome album.  I love it. LOVE IT!
Yay  :OD


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loving The Chemicals

So a couple of weeks ago now (yeah yeah yeah I've been trying to write this post for a while now, you'll understand why it's taken me so long by the end of it....) 

a couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet. I went to the docs and asked for help with working out why I've been feeling so crap for so long. Dragging my arse around. You know what I'm talking about, coz I've been in a funk, I've whinged about it I'm sure.

So the consensus was that I have depression, potentially brought on by exhaustion. Can't imagine how that happened ;O)

So I got some drugs. Within aday of taking them I felt better. My head felt clearer and altho I was *physically* still tired I didn't feel like I was dragging my body around. The weight had lifted. Had a conversation about this with my brother, he commented it "was just the chemicals"  that I still have to change my habits, rest more and all that.

I know this. And yet. I'm LOVING the chemicals!!

Still feeling exhausted physically. had a sleep day on friday. Now if I could only get Monkey to sleep thru the damn night I could really work at kicking this sucker to the curb baby! :O/

with that in mind, seeing as he had me up half the night, I'm off to have a bath. Look after me time. Dude is home sick, so he can watch Monkey for a while.

Sounds fair right??  ;OD