Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Amazing Colossal Squid Hat!!

So I've been meaning to write this for a while, road to hell and all....

I got this idea thanks to a link @Stitchpunk posted to as part of her morning routine on ravelery. It was an octopus scarf.

The concept grew from there.

Anyways..... fast forward a number of conversations and a few months.....ta da!!!

I'm quite proud of it really. Even if the kid would rather sleep with it then wear it     *sigh*

Kids are so weird  o_O

Monday, April 7, 2014

Fighting For A Chance To Be Chosen

So, that was interesting..... 

I'm cautious of how much I wanna share here coz I know that this is public. But I need to process all that's going on somehow, and by writing it seems a logical thing.

 I know I have spoken before about Playcentre; being involved at a national level, and where I see my place, my usefulness in the bigger picture of this awesome organization. It's been such a huge part of my life, my kids life, my adult life, my becoming who I am today, and my strong conviction that it's time to give back.  

This is coming to a head.  And I'm not sure how I should push back on those holding me up. I respect these people immensely. I know there pulling on my brakes is action of love for me, not out of any whim to stump my journey. But I believe, and the more I learn (and boy did I learn more this weekend!) The more I believe I'm right, the more I feel I'm on the right path, the more I wonder if having the guts and strength to push back is PART of the journey. The next step that I need to complete to move forward. That maybe it's something I need to learn about. 

 And how do you know until you try??

 I know the universe will tell me unequivocally if it's not the right time - it always has in the past!! 

 So. Next steps? How to respectfully tell people that I respect that they are wrong and I need their support whether they think they should give it or not.  Hmm, should be an interesting conversation. Oh, did I mention these are people I still have to work closely with in another capacity when all is done and dusted??  Yeah, hmm, I see my hesitation and I raise you nervousness, shyness, lack of confidence and doubt.

 Fuckin awesome combo in my brain right now.... 

So I'ma sit back and enjoy this flight home coz there's nothing else I can do about ANY of this now, midair.  Not even post this!!   :oD