Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday nights....

 Friday evenings have become a time when we get takeaways, watch a movie, then do bugger all.

I'm kinda ok with this, but then I notice that time is passing us by and things I should have been getting done, haven't been getting done.

But it's friday night, it's end of the week, and I'm too tired to give a flying fuck about all those things I'm supposed to have done.

See  a cycle there??  Yeah me too.  ;O)

Anyhoos, I dunno how many of my 10 follows are still following me here - but I've caught myself thinking about writing on this blog thingy a bit lately so thought I would do something about it.

Reading back over previous (I was gonna say recent, but they're really not that recent at all!) posts, not a lot has changed.....We still have 6 kids, youngest still at Playcentre, I'm still doing centre, Assn & National Level stuffs for Playcentre. things are changing - restructure and all - it 's just happening for all Playcentre not just our Assn. (although i should point out that many of our 33 Assns across the country have been changing their structure over the last few years....)

Kitten is now a year old, he's named Teal'c.  Yeah we couldn't find a Star Wars name that fit, so we moved onto Stargate o_O

And once again I'm counting down to my Lil Big Bro coming home. I've missed him. Although, maybe not as strongly as I felt it last year as he's been away for the whole of the year and so I've had to cope without him.....Still miss him tho. Still counting sleeps till he gets here and I can share/show him all the things I've been up to... 5 sleeps to go!

Also, did i mention I do roller derby?  Yeah I do. Low contact, co-ed league Rimutaka Roller Derby. AND I LOVE IT!!

Along with my Playcentre peeps, these are my peeps too! It's been over a year now I've been practising (you have to train for aaaaaaaaaaaaages before you're qualified enough to bout!) and I'm getting pretty good at it. If I do say so myself :OD

So. That's me.  Still here. Still Delusional about a lot of things.

Still getting kicked off my computer so Admiral & Padawan can play games...  :O/ 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life And Other Anomalies

So, it's been a while huh?

I have thought about posting, mostly coz I know that there are some who don't follow me on other social media type thingys.....but I just couldn't find the impetuous to write more than 140 characters. Or anything that I thought was worth your time & energy to read. 

What's been happening?  Not a lot really. Today I am loving this album again.....esp this track. Dunno why. the guy is obviously a musical GENIUS but even though I can't say why I love this track....

Anyways, after that, what else is going on?

Just the usual stuffs. Kids, Playcentre, housework gah.  

Went to another National meeting on the weekend, was really awesome. And I realised that it's my time to step up. As much as I'm always bemoaning being tired and all, I know that Playcentre national level stuffs revitalises me. And I know that if we all don't put our money where our mouth is, the organisation won't survive. We are a volunteer organisation I may have mentioned this once or twice. Plus the Federation (National level) supports the Associations and Centres, but is MADE UP FROM MEMBERS OF THESE. So, we all need to help out. And I feel I have knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to offer, to help with. 

So, that will be May, at Conference. I throw my hat in the ring.  Exciting and scary all at once! As usual with anything worth doing  ;O)

Personally in the last wee while I went back to the docs coz although my happy pills have helped me mentally, physically I am still knackered. Long story short; many questions and a couple of vials of blood later I am on the waiting list for an endoscopy as I got a positive reaction to coeliacs.   interesting. My life revolves around wheat, so there may be HUGE changes ahead....

I will leave you with this though, a track that I sing to myself when I am feeling low. I LOVE this woman. She is soooo amazing, the more I hear, more I see of her, learn about her the More I am in awe of who she is and how she lives her life.  My hero. *swoon*


Friday, February 8, 2013


So. We survived the holidays and are back into it.

Second week of school and first week of Playcentre just ended. Phew.

I have crazily decided that going for a part time job at the library is a good idea.  got a second interview for that next week. Time will tell if the money is worth it...

How did it become 2013 already??  and why am i still tired even tho my baby is nearly 4???  :-\

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Year Another Something

It's ten past 8 am. 

If you've been following my ramblings for the past coupla years then surely you know that I don't enjoy mornings. My brain isn't quite there, my body is refusing to cooperate. It's just not pleasant really.  I would rather me tucked up in bed.

Yet more often than not I am up.  Some days I get a sleep in - oh glorious days! But then realistically I have 6 kids, Larks for the most part too buggerit, and a kitten. Motherfucker what WAS I thinking getting a kitten???

Oh yeah he's cute as a button. Cuter really. What's cute about a button? (English is such a weird language). Now I think the thing about the kitten that's the hardest is he's a night creature. I really need to train him out of that me thinks. 

For everyone's sanity. especially whatever is less of mine  :O)

Also need to name the damn thing. At the mo he is Kitty, which in my head sounds like Boo out of Monsters Inc "KITTY!!"  (it's too early for me to find a link to that)

The thing about the naming process that is bugging me the most is that when i look at him he seems so familiar, like his name is on the tip of my tongue but try as I might I can't remember it!  #Frustrating  I wanted to call him Ngeru (Maori for cat) but as he's kinda B's cat he has finally say on the name and has nixed that one. YET B is in no hurry to name him  ARGH.

So this is me, 830am on a tuesday, the first tuesday of a new year, feeling like things should be different coz that's what they say, but not finding it yet. At the same time feeling like it's just another day. Same again.

Any suggestions on names are welcome, as long as you understand that Admiral Awesome may well disregard them  ;O)