Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas!

I've been thinking about this thing where e wish each other Merry Christmas....

Its weird for me coz I have friends and family who don't believe in the Christ part of Christmas, and friends and family who do.  I was raised Catholic so church has always been a huge part of everything we do.  in fact I'm sitting in the church foyer now, way too early for mass waiting. Typing this on my phone. My kids and husband are at home, too enamoured with new toys to come, but I know it means a lot to my mum to have family who her at mass at Christmas so here I sit.

And I don't mind being here.  I like mass. I'm not opposed to Catholicism like some of my siblings. Which is ok too... We each walk our own path.

What I find weird about it all is the wishing merry Christmas. Wishing each other well. Especially on social media. A blanket wishing to all and sundry. Coz lets be honest, altho there are people I know and love and see in person who are part of my internet community by there are some people who I haven't never spoken to who are online following me, or I follow. 

And altho  I don't wish anyone ill, not at all. Its feels weird to me to wish them merry.

And also I wish those I love merry EVERY day. Not just one arbitary day a year.

So this is me wishing you whoever you are wherever you are, merry.  wish you well. Love peace joy contentment. Fulfillment. And plenty to meet your needs.

ruthi  ;-)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Wanna Hang With These Guys....

There have been over the years many clips and pics about parenting.

I'm sure there will be many more.

This is my fav at the mo, it's so fun. I love it! I reckon the folks would be fun to hang with too. I can't imagine being able to do this with a straight face....

anyways, Enjoy!  :OD

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

9 Sleeps And Counting....

Fuck Christmas.

Yeah I said it. 

Fuck Christmas, I'm counting down to something much more important.

My Little Big Brother comes back to my timezone in 9 sleeps and counting ;O)


I have missed him. I've missed his help around the house when I'm feeling lazy, but more than that, I've missed hanging out with him. Talking about life, the universe and nothing in particular at all. He's so awesome.

I have heard talk that he isn't staying for very long, heading back out into the big bad world to seek his fortune or somesuch. I'm really hoping the rumours are wrong. Fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed they are wrong.

9 Sleeps to go......  :OD

 I Hate Waiting.....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Beginnings, Same Journey....

So, big news of the last week is that we had our Playcentre Association AGM on Friday.

I have been meaning to post about it, but you know. Life.

Anyways, due to some of the extra boys and pieces I have been doing over the last we while I have Ben upgraded to Assn Co Vice President!

Very cool that folks think I can do the position justice - Altho to be fair the job description is "support the Co Presidents and do tasks as they direct" let equal vagueness   :-$ which is what I've been doing as Secretary anyways.

Plus we now don't have an Assn Secretary so I'm still kinda doing that role in the interim...

In the near future tho we are looking at a restructure, coz what we're doing isn't sustainable. *shakes head* it hasn't been sustainable for quite a while, hence only having 10 people stepping up to take on roles.  things in the universe have aligned now and we are grabbing  the opportunity of getting some expert help, so YAY!

What I really wanted to say was that all in all I still think it's kinda funny that folks think I am worthy of responsibility.... I mean look at me!   ;-D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Playcentre Cupcakes....

So, we had a shared morning on session on Monday to farewell a wee chap off to school. He has been at our centre since before he was born. He is the youngest of 5 siblings, so it was also mum's last session.... After 11 years.

A big deal then. A significant event you could say.

I wanted to make something special. I decided on cupcakes. Not something I make often. In fact I think I've made them once before.

And in true Playcentre style it was a learning experience.  Here's what I learnt....
I learnt that cupcakes are hard to get right. And even harder to ice if they are not made right.
I learnt that the recipe makes more than 24 cupcakes if you want them to come out pretty and dainty like the picture. You can make 24 but expect them to be exploded over the top and all joined together.
I've learnt once again to appreciate the Playcentre ethos "it's the process not the product" they weren't the prettiest most perfect cupcakes in the end but they must have been yummy coz they were all gone!

Most importantly I learnt that it's stupid to get distracted by angry birds star wars for a couple of hours and START baking something I'm unsure I can do well at 930pm on a Sunday night!   :-)

The following are pics of the process and product, this I took to Playcentre and those I decided weren't good enough for other children and fed to my own....    :-D

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shitting Kittens

Thankfully not a literal situation.

Not even figurative actually.  I just wanted a title that referred to kittens  :O)

Of late I've been obsessed with getting a cat. Which is weird coz it's not like I'm not busy with 6 kids and all.... Plus I'm not really a pet person. But Admiral is, he grew up with cats and would like to have one again I'm sure. I grew up with pets in the house too, had a dog even that slept in my bed from when it was weeks old. He was lovely. He's buried at my parent's house under a tree. 

Anyways, another factor is that one or more of our kids may possibly be allergic to cats. Hard to tell, they have eczema but one in particular gets puffy eyes when we go certain places - like nanna's place. When she had a cat. But he was long haired. (The cat. not the kid. Although sometimes the kid is a long haired muppet....) Where was I?  oh yeah, the kid didn't seem to have a problem at other places where there were cats so who knows??
But I wouldn't want to get a cat then have to give it away again coz a kid is getting ill. 

*puzzled look*  that's not where I started with this thought train tho.... it was about how I've been looking at getting a cat for a while now. *thinks* actually it's been about a year now. Wow. And yeah, weird, coz I'm busy and barely coping somedays with the burdens I already carry, the responsibilities I already have. Why the FUCK am I considering adding to these?? 

Crazy woman. Crazy crazy woman. 

A friend suggested that it was a nesting/mothering urge coz my youngest is 3 now and I know I'm not having any more. How mental is that tho?? when I've never been clucky before?? *thinks* actually I have been loving young babies and getting smushy over them for the last wee while too...... aw crap.


All this has come to a head tho, coz in the past although I've looked at kittens online and dreamed, it's not come to anything.  And then last week my friend's kitten had kittens and I found myself all excited  about the impending birth, wanting updates and such. Just like I do when my human friends have kids.  Oh dear.

And now, having seen a pic of the surviving 2 kittens, I want one. It's sooo keeewwwwt!!! *squee* 

*facepalm*  like we can really afford it either.....have 6 kids to feed, clothe, house & pay for schooling etc etc etc.

Maybe that's why although he loves cats, and in time wants another, Admiral is less than keen on a kitten - it's just another mouth to feed with doctors visits to pay for  :O/

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brothers Are Awesome....

We'll mine are. My second eldest brother visited last week for 4 days. We saw quite a bit of him which was unexpected and lovely.

It was lovely hearing my kids excited about "uncle"  they have 5, but this was one they only see once a year if we're lucky coz he lives on the other side of the planet.

It was also some much needed silliness and help. He turned up to take my kids to school & bring them home. Only had to provide coffee which I don't mind in the least coz it's an excuse to have one myself!  Winwin  ;-)

Plus it was a nice reminder that my I other brother will be back soon.... Yay!

Sidenote: talking about my brothers always brings Junior Asparagus' voice to my brain  "I have a lot of brothers  :-\ " 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kids are weird

My kids are weird. I dunno if they are weirder than most  but they sure seem that way to me....

Last night Monkey fell over & came for a kiss better. I am so glad this works for him. Slightly less happy when he said  "ow. Kiss my bum better"

Then this afternoon SirTalks & Ninja decided this was the best place to exit the school. Forget the huge gates, let's go to the far end of the field and climb over the corner of th e fence   *facepalm* 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So, it's been a while since I've posted.  Let's just put it down to having 6 kids = life gets busy.

And when it's not crazy im thinking about sleeping...

Not sleeping you'll notice. Thinking about it. I would say dreaming about it but that would involve being asleep!

Ages ago I dropped my phone. It didn't survive.  Turns out Admiral Awesome deserves his title. We knew this tho. He worked out that it was the cheapest option to buy me a fancy pants phone  woohoo!

I decided then that I could write blog posts on my phone while for waiting for the kids outside school.  Do I need to say this is th e first time I've managed to do it?? 

Hopefully it will become habit & I'll get back to posting more often. I do miss it. And you guys too, when you comment...   ;-)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Photos Photos Photos!!

Here you go folks, photos of my Derby Kids and The Great Lego SortOut. Enjoy.  :-)

It's a progression of shots...

The Last Month Or So....

Things have been....interesting lately.

There has been good happening, but also some stuff that due to the open nature on the wonderful interwebs I didn't wanna talk about here. Which was a little of a dilemma for me, coz this started out as a space for me to vent, talk things thru, that kinda shit. And also, I know I have strangers reading this blog, which is fine, but I don't want your perception of Admiral to be only what you read here....he is awesome (I wouldn't call him  that otherwise). I am also aware that some times the stories I tell, if you don't know him, put him in a bad light. He is irreverent as hell, totally un-pc and unconditionally intolerant of stupid people and other people's drama & bullshit, but funny as fuck. I love him. I know he doesn't want his life online, so I respect that, as much of myself as I put online, I won't talk trash about him here. 

I will also let my kids make up their own minds when they are old enough of how much of themselves they will put online. Hence the nicks and photos.

anyways....my point, I had one I know. I'll just go find it. :O)

ok. slight hiccup. I can't seem to transfer my photos from my phone to my puter. I wanted to show you all the progression of my Derby Kisses....this is what it's called when one gets bruised during Roller Derby. I'm in a non contact league, and we're all relative newbies so we're not up to the scrimmaging stuff yet. It's all me being a slow learner about the relationship between gravity and balance  :O)

So, what i think I'll do is post this (I hate typing all my long ramblingly thoughts on my phone) then I'll post again from my phone with all the photos.  That works right??

you know what? if it doesn't work for you it's a free world, you can always change the channel. ;OP

Oh yeah and that's the other thing that I've been doing is organising all the kids lego. Oh dear Lord! What a nightmare!!  For all those who DON'T follow me on The Twitter (and why the fuck not huh huh huh??) I'll post those photos too. 

Cheear Ears!!  :OD

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ow. Idiot.

So, I'm impatient. And currently a little frustrated and feeling stuck. So I resorted to my teenage pattern of piercing my ears when life felt out of my control... Stupid stupid stupid idea.

the actual piercing was ok. I just forgot I suck at not fiddling with shit. ESP inflamed theresapossibiltyofpusinthere shit.

Dumbass that I am. You may have already picked up on this.....

Now my ear has been like this for 2 days

And loathe as I am to take it out and start the process all over, out Fucken hurts   :-(

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Minor Epiphany

Or is it Major.... time will tell I guess.

I got back from netball with the Girl this morning, realising that there is washing to do, changing handtowels, washing to fold, kitchen to clean, lunch to organise probably, and dinner..... plus I would like to work on my assignment. I've only been trying to finish Te Awa (Course 4 of the Playcentre Diploma) for 6 years now *sigh*

Going to Graduation last night, seeing others who have been around less time than me finish, get awards and recognition, made me realise that even if I don't finish it all the way (thru to Course 6) I would very much like to finish Te Awa. Even if I'm not enjoying doing it so much, which may be why it's taking me so long. But also I have had 3 kids in that time, shifted house, essentially had a breakdown, plus been active at my centre and Association, so it's not like I've just been lazing around. But still. It's kinda sad. Coz I know this shit. I've already got one degree, it's not like I can't do Diploma level work.

Anyways, that wasn't the epiphany. It was this.

I'm a housewife right? My JOB is housework. B goes out to work. The kids go out to School. I am here.  My work is here. I don't get that break on the weekends that they all get. This is partly why I feel stuck in a rut (and that always feels worse on when I'm tired!) 

I don't get a "Weekend"  like most working people do. I work 24/7/365.  

Not wonder I'm buggered and sick of it all.  Wanting to escape for a week at least! and sleep, or just do the things -I- want to do. 

Not that that is logistically possible. *sigh*

So. where to from here?  I guess I need to talk with the Admiral really. Not a conversation I am looking forward to, I feel like I have been asking for lots in the last year, sounding tired and whingey a lot in that time too.....but needs must.  *sigh* 

So that was my epiphany for today. It really does follow on from my last post even tho I wasn't thinking of that when it occurred to me. 

Here's hoping I can enjoy this gorgeous weather we have, have some fun with the kids and husband, and friends. Then face next week feeling even just a little refreshed, even if I can't see that now.

For now, I think I'll go hang out the washing, even tho it's Padawan's job. I just can't be arsed fighting him to do it..... *sigh* 

Monday, August 27, 2012

This. Just This.


just a wee earworm for your monday.....

you can thank me in chocolate  ;O)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Is This Normal??

Of late I find myself very quickly getting grumpy....this is partly coz I've been sick this last week, right on top of the family having a stomach bug. Everyone is tired. I can rationalise that part. No problem.

Also a contributing factor is Monkey going thru a really clingy stage. We have managed to get him out of our bed at night, by shutting him in his bedroom. But he has taken to breastfeeding again (god knows he probably is only getting comfort from that!) and almost needing an hours worth of cuddles with me in the evening. I am happy to do this, if it's what he needs, I get kids his age (3) can't often articulate their needs, or the WHY of what their needs are. This I am fine with. 

It's the grizzling and whiney for the rest of the day that's driving me nutso.

Coupled with this, the kids are arguing over their lego a lot lately. now, let's put it into perspective we have FUCK LOADS of lego......about this much.

Well, that's in one room....it used to be the office. But Admiral is building lego stuffs now, so I can't sit at my desk.

This is the kids room....
One of the kids rooms. 

If memory serves there are bits in the other kids room too, plus I couldn't fit it all in frame here  *LeSigh*

So, when the Lunatics start arguing that "he stole the piece that I need" I REALLY don't have a lot of patience for it. It's more than slightly ridiculous. It's fucken selfish bullshit is what it is.


I hate feeling frustrated and cranky, so I think about it a lot, trying to find the root *snigger* cause of the feelings, so I can fix it change it make it better go back to feeling good about my life. Coz I have lots of good in my life. 

Like friends who visit even when we're sick to make me laugh. Help me decide on the best way to reconfigure a necklace so i have funky earrings as well as a cool necklace!!

see? cool dangly earrings too!!  ;O)

And a wonderful husband who lets me buy skates so I can do roller derby - which is SO MUCH FUCKING FUUUUNN!!

I'm loving it so hard. And not just coz it's an excuse to where my normal outfits in public without feeling out of place (not that I let that stop me usually). Its a great group of people who have made me feel welcome, a part of the group. Plus I am kicking arse at upskilling too, which always makes one feel good no?

oh yeah, a pic of my cute skates  

and they are sooo awesome to skate in. It's sucked being sick coz I've only got out on them once. :O(  Now to clean out and possibly replace the bearings so the wheels move smoother. then to build up my derby skates.....it's addictive I can tell you. But I love it!!

Then I get home & frustration sets in. I've tried to figure out why....the only thing I can come up with is it *feels* like I'm the only one doing housework. Which I know, when I think rationally about it, is a slight exaggeration - the kids do help out. I just have to remind them. Which again, rationally, is fair. But I don't think I think of them as "kids" not "my kids" anyways. They are the people I live with. So I live with 7 other people and it feels like I'm the one working my arse off.

Which is also unfair to Admiral. Coz he works hard at work. But I guess I don't see that.... and I can't go out and walk into a job that earns what he earns, or we would swap in a heartbeat. We've talked about this more than once. He hates working, but he couldn't breastfeed....  Also, I know we are well blessed that he earns enough that I don't have to work, that I can be at home with the kids. 

So why am I so ungrateful and frustrated by my role in life? the role I CHOSE??

and more importantly, is this normal?? After being at home with kids for 13 years, is it normal to hit a rut like this?? 

And what can I do to make it ok again? to enjoy this again?? Coz I know I am blessed and like being an at home mum.....

Have been listening to Pink's Funhouse album a lot lately, as I might have mentioned in a previous post....there are so many songs, so passionately sung that really resonate with me. There is one that includes these lines....

"I'm off to see the doctor, I hope she has a cure, I hope she makes me better, WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN???"

And that's really how I feel about this depression thing I've been going thru. What does "better" look like for me? Until I know that I don't know that I can move forward....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cup Of Tea??

Why, yes I think I shall. 

It's been a full on day,  tried to start the toilet train thing with Monkey (again) and he threw a huge hissy fit, took off his undies and was carrying round a nappy.

Stubborn little bugger.

So, yes a cup of tea would be lovely!

How about this one??  :OD

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Sunday....

Yeah, I know I'm misquoting horribly.  

My blog. I can do what I want.  which is a nice change.  This has been a week of NOT doing what i want. Between sick kids, then me being sick.....bleurgh.

Not cool.

And I dunno that I have much to share today, but I"m kinda sat on the couch with my laptop trying not to move too much as last time I did that (I got up to clean up a bit) I felt ill. Not cool....

So, some musings. it's odd that with all of us living in this house together, and reasonably closely by NZ standards (the kids all share rooms, 3 a piece) that we don't get sick more often. More odd is that this time round EVERYONE BUT MONKEY has been sick.  Unless he was unwell just managed to have such a mild dose that he didn't hurl like the rest of us did.  Must be all that sand he's eaten and playing outdoors when wet he does at Playcentre. Or something.

Then another oddity, my whole life I've been told dairy is BAD when you've an upset tummy. So much so my kids aren't allowed milk (their staple drink) while recuperating, just as we weren't as kids.  But check this....guess what has settled my stomach these last coupla days?  Cheese. Cheese on kruskits with vegemite no less.

FUCKEN VEGEMITE. The thing i used to eat maybe once or twice a year, coz that's the only time I would want it.....I've been eating it heaps lately. by heaps I mean sometimes 3 times a day. That's just weird. 

And NO I'M NOT PREGNANT. Fuck off with ya. 

But on the upside altho I've still been completely fucked body wise and energy level wise of late, I haven't had a cold sore in a while, and that I believe I owe to all the Vit B I've been ingesting thanks to vegemite.  Wicked.  I'll take that little bit of good news.

So now that i've rambled for a bit, I will bid you adieu otherwise I will type nonsense all day long in a bid to pass the day.....  Fun for me, perhaps not so much for you.

Thanks again for reading. I noticed the other day that I've almost been blogging for 2 years, which altho is not as long as some, it's quite an achievement for me no?


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Apparently I Can Sleep When I'm Dead....

At least that's what it's looking like, if you look back at the last coupla weeks *sigh*

It seems that Monkey has an inbuilt alarm that wakes him in the evening JUST as Admiral and I are about to go to bed.  not cool.

then Friday night I was awoken by Admiral "Ninja has thrown up"  Awesome. 

Admiral doesn't do cleaning up vomit. well, not without adding to it. So up I got. Gorgeous boy that Ninja is when I walked in the room he pointed at the biggest puddle and said "that came from my mouth"  Cute.  Then of course he was feeling better, you always do after puking, so he wanted to chat.  I'd had all of about 2 hours sleep at this stage, wasn't feeling so chatty myself as I scraped the lumps off the carpet. 

Altho, handy tip time - I discovered if you add baking soda to the water you use to clean it up, the smell is VASTLY reduced. Win.

So this is what some of the room looked like....poor wee lad

And this is what greeted me when I went to wash my hands.....Yummy. Upchuck all over the light switch.  Thanks Ninja.

Needless to say that he was singing my song "Baaaawwbb!"  "Rrrraaaaalphh"  for the next coupla hours. Bless him he managed to get the spill into the bucket each time.  Then would snuggle down to sleep again.

Next day he slept and slept, had a high fever then slept a bit more. I realised he's a lovely patient and I wouldn't mind him getting sick more often. He doesn't usually get sick. Is fairly resilient. 

Next day his resilient sister puked. Followed the same pattern....by that I mean, the illness did. Puke puke puke puke bile puke tummy cramps high fever. 

Why do kids always spew at night time???

Altho to be fair, SirTalks threw up on himself the toilet. Yay no carpet to clean!! :OD

Then Dude made it in the bowl, and Padawan threw up on way home from school, on public area grass. I strangely didn't feel the need to go clean that up. *phew*  

We have been The House Of Puke this week. Which is my usual longwinded way of saying once again, I'm exhausted. And it's means outside of my control. We had no hurling last night, but Monkey did his waking up at my bed time thing. So once again I'm sleep deprived. 

I will be grateful tho that due to the sick, quarantined kids we have no where to be today, and I can spend all day online (inbetween washing juggling - and I don't have to feel guilty about using the drier neither. thanks RAIN!!) listening to P!nk super loud on my headphones as the kids watch tv.  there's only 3 home today. Progress

Maybe next week I'll get more sleep than usual, and will wake feeling able to cope with life.  A girl can dream huh?  Meanwhile I will leave you with this that I have been enjoying, I dunno why. Maybe I wish I was a rock star??

Actually I've been enjoying this whole album. Love this lady!  :O)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nifty Things

So. I kinda dropped my phone on the weekend. Ewps. Killed it.

Big time.

And Admiral Awesome  is awesome and worked out how we  can afford a Fancy Paants phone for me.

So that's a nifty thing.

So is spending the day watching gymnastics with my sis being snarky armchair judges. NIFTY fun.

Lastly is im writing this on my nifty new phone   :-D

Thursday, July 19, 2012

And All The Other Thoughts.....

SUB HEADING: I KNEW I would forget stuff.... *LeSigh*

So, when I was in the shower I remembered the other pics I wanted to post....


Check out the shine on those suckers!

*points*  LOOK  :OD

I love them.  I was soooooo tempted to buy 2 pairs, but restrained myself. Admiral having trouble getting the kids all into the car by himself had Nothing to do with my swiftness either.

Now I just have to resist the temptation to go back and buy some more.  It's hard I tells ya!
 Shininess  :O)

 And then while I was here I figured I should share the hair.

It's green. I dunno why i love having green hair so much.

It's not a colour I wear AT ALL. My sister does, loves it. Me not so much. But for my hair it is just so awesome!!

And please to be also noticing my BEEEEOOOOTIFUL eyebrows! Thanks @larewi and @fabulous_petra for the wonderful birthday present!  

I feel pretty, oh so preeeeetty!!  and off to date night with Admiral - we're leaving the house and everything!  :OD

Argh, To Post All The Thoughts!!!

I sit here with Green Dye soaking into my hair and attempt to remember all the things I was going to post about it the last week.....

and never quite got around to posting about. 

Bubble Safari is DAMN IMPORTANT y'all. You shut your face. ;OD

anyhoos, I have run out of energy (on the game) plus I have about 50 bazillion things to share. ok, don't panic, by that I mean 3.

If I can remember them. *headdesk*

Let's start with this....I dunno if you've heard that song (as I don't as a rule listen to the radio, adverts & chat is far too annoying!) Call Me Maybe.  It's insipid and inane. But catchy as hell.

And like most things these days, it kicked off an internet meme....

here's a coupla versions I came across that I thought were fun. I'm not posting the original, you can look that up on your own blog, dime, whatever.....

And this is just damn clever - whoever did this either KNOWS their Star Wars, or has WAAAAAY too much time on their hands. For my sanity I'm going with the Fan status...

And then I've remembered what i else I was gonna post. PICS!!
Mostly these are for 5i, he will understand why, also HE RAN AWAY TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD AND I CAN'T SHOW THEM TO HIM IN PERSON!! 

*ahem*  no, I don't miss him much.  not really. <insert sarcasm here>  Hurry up and fix that computer so you can come back here to this awesome place and drink coffee with me man!!

so, in my little town (I refuse to call it a city no matter WHAT the council calls itself! *eyeroll* pretentious much??) The council in it's wisdom decided to beautify the streets with art work. yeah that's our ratepayers dollars at work folks. Some of it's not too bad, but when this went up I couldn't help but wonder how much was spent on it, and why they didn't just ask us Playcentre families to make it, coz we totally coulda done a prettier job!

I'm also pretty sure they've added the stickers on the trunk, prettied it up since they put up this one....

So they match or something...*shrug*

Alls I know is that apparently the council now doesn't have the $6000 needed to get the other two trees made. These two represent Autumn (fall) and spring  respectively apparently. Winter & Summer won't be coming folks.    

But Dude, really?? This is gonna help our town stay alive, not jobs nor businesses, looking after the folk who live & work here, no. Art. Art will save the day.

Pffffffffffffffffttttttttt...............  :OD

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's 3am and I can't sleep.....


But on the upside I can write this!

I have the best friends and family. My mum got a cake for Monkey's birthday this week

Cutest fucken cake ever.  

so, anyways, while I eat my cereal and watch tv, here's a little ditty for you

Very Apopro no?  ;OD

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

And When I'm Dressed.....

My hair looks like this....

Which is better than the photos I took yesterday day I realised. So I took this one too.

Much prettier n'cest pas?  ;O)

We Had a Rockin' Night.....

I know this is a little late in the posting, as so many people all over the twitter, facebook and news have talked about it already, but I had to share. 

Plus I'm hanging out here online, hiding from my kids (it's holidays and I'm a slack parent), and housework. Altho, to be fair I have cleaned the bathroom/toilet already this morning, so it's not all that awful round here....

so anyways, last night about 1030pm we had a bit of a shake up. I was out at a MUMS group social night (mid winter christmas dinner) so it was interesting to experience an earthquake with a group of people, haven't done that in a while.  And then yay for technology, we were straight onto twitter and geonet.org.nz to check out details. Too quickly it would seem.

It was a pretty big shake. 7.0 it turns out. But I think I'll let the data speak for itself, check out these links, it's interesting and sums it up better than I can - they're the experts afterall!!

here's a shot I took of the puter screen of the "seismic drums" 

yup. that's the whole country shaking right there.....

And I thought it was bad, until someone (I forget who sorry!) posted this comparison on twitter.  The top graph is the big Christchurch quake from a couple years ago...  the bottom was last night.  *gulp*

I'll sit down & shut up now, it was nothing really. as scary as it was at the time.

And Here is an explanation of the quake and why it felt different. 

There have been other things posted on the geonet.org.nz site in the last 24 hours or so, about how quakes are different. I was worried we would get more "big ones" because it was felt so widely even tho it was so deep. Usually with deep quakes you don't feel the shake so much, especially one centred so far away from us..... but apparently with the REALLY deep quakes it normal to feel them like that.

So you learn something new everyday.

Oh goodie! I wonder what today will bring. I'm hoping it's how to get my internet tv working smoothly ;O)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For The Llearcher.....

I was asked and so I shall provide....

here's the pics of my hair, blonde. All the way round, see?

So, some days I -can- as boring and normal as everyone else  :OP

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tidbits That Made Me Giggle....


I've just done the shopping, coming back into our house with our wonderful wood fire now means that I'm horribly overdressed.  *swelter*  *sweat*  *strips off about 18 bazillion layers of clothing*


So I tripped over this the other day (thanks once again Twitter!)  and wanted to share it.

and then The Admiral and I were watchign Contagion last night, good movie. Not a new story, but well told I thought and not as intense as some others of the like.

My point here was a line from it that I thought was very apt to  share here....
"Blogging isn't writing. It's graffiti and punctuation"


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last Coupla Months

So, in a recent post I was talking about how I've started meds. Mood Stabilisers I'm told, altho they are more commonly known as antidepressants.

I've also started seeing a guy, a therapist, counsellour. He said that my quick reaction to the meds means that it's most likely a biorganic thing, a condition that I've had since birth. Good to know it's not my kids driving me insane.  ;O)

Since I last posted it's been a bit crazy busy, hence the no posting. Sorry about that....

What's been happening?  Well, I went to Playcentre Conference which was work ish fun ish, tiring (coz of late nights and early mornings! plus it's tiring discussing stuff all day!) Loved it, so glad I went.

Then a coupla weeks later I had a Playcentre Workshop weekend. Thankfully like Conference it was relatively local so not so much travel time involved. Also like conference it was good but I cam home tired! It's such a boon for me to be in the same room as people who are passionate about quality early childhood education, who have knowledge I can absorb but are also so down to earth that I can relate to them and we always seem to have fun hanging out, even if we've just met!! Yay Playcentre. So Awesome!

Then the next weekend, my sis was free to watch the kids for us, so Admiral and I took off for a coupla nights. This wasn't brilliant timing as Admiral had been off work sick, but I didn't want to wait any longer. We don't get away BY OURSELVES nearly often enough. And every time we talk about doing it more regularly, then time goes by and we haven't been away for a couple of years *headdesk*    so we went away. He coughed. I was exhausted. But also, we talked and did things we don't normally have time for, like watch movies in bed with breakfast, go to day time movies, out for dinner, then have a massage before coming home.  Beautiful.

What else? This week the kids have been sick. I think they have what the Admiral had. So I've had at least one school kid home so far this week, some days more. Not so cool.  I've had a friends surprise birthday night out, which was awesome but not early. So I'm a little sleep deprived. nothing really that new there huh?!

Now I'm focussing on getting myself well, finding a balance between what i want to do (Playcentre stuff etc) and what I ACTUALLY have the energy to do *LeSigh*

I'm sure I'll be back to keep ya posted.... :O)

oh yeah, and I'm blonde now. Just blonde. Been getting compliments too, which is always nice!  ;OD  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sad Panda

So, after nearly a year of having my LilBig Brother living in the same town as me, seeing him at least once a week if not more he's moving back to London.

I'm a Sad Panda.

Who's gonna cut my kindling? Who's gonna vacuum my house? Watch my kids when I need a nap? Fix my computer???

I jest. Mostly.

I'm gonna miss him. For more than that he now knows how to make awesome coffee with our snazzy new espresso machine. 

He makes me laugh, he makes me think, he helps me be a better person. And as his ticket is open ended I don't know when I'll see him again. It's all kinda weird, coz he's been overseas for a long time, for most of my life he's lived in different cities from me, if not different countries. But like I said, after nearly a year I'm now used to him being around...

and this came to mind this morning when I was thinking about what the hell I'm gonna do with my tuesdays after he leaves tomorrow

oh dear lord please somebody feed that woman a sandwich!!

But seriously folks, i'll miss you Si. Travel safe. You know the rest. 
Love you *HUUUUUG*  :OD

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Away and Back Again.

Not that you probably noticed I was missing.....

I was away on the weekend at Playcentre Conference. An awesome opportunity to catch up with other people who are passionate about Playcentre!  YAY!!

Along with refuelling my emotional/spiritiual tank though was late nights, and weirdly one VERY early morning.  Yup, Saturday saw me on Kapiti beach at dawn while some friends swam. I'm not *THAT* crazy!! It was, I have to say, gorgeous. It's been a while since I've seen a sunrise and there was quite a spectacular one put on display. Plus, pretty much deserted beach? Niiiiiice.

What else? there is too much, let me sum up.
I got my face painted. 

I got to share silly jokes with awesome parents. (Conference had a "survivor" theme)

I got to play my uke, share my knowledge, look like I know shit (when discussing the new constitution!) and absorb learning from other wise people. Also, I got to compare notes with those who have gone before me, who have stepped in these footprints already and can reassure me that it's ok, it will work out, it will be worth it in the end.

And then I got home to my Tribe of Lunatics.....I'm shattered!!  3 days of being home and it doesn't stop! I guess that's mumhood for ya, a neverending battle of houseworking & loving.

And really? I don't think I'd change it for the world....

Well, maybe for some uninterrupted sleep  ;OD

Friday, May 18, 2012

Yeah, This. Awesome.

So, on the toes of the drugs, I can sing this with feeling now.

Plus it's a really awesome album.  I love it. LOVE IT!
Yay  :OD


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loving The Chemicals

So a couple of weeks ago now (yeah yeah yeah I've been trying to write this post for a while now, you'll understand why it's taken me so long by the end of it....) 

a couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet. I went to the docs and asked for help with working out why I've been feeling so crap for so long. Dragging my arse around. You know what I'm talking about, coz I've been in a funk, I've whinged about it I'm sure.

So the consensus was that I have depression, potentially brought on by exhaustion. Can't imagine how that happened ;O)

So I got some drugs. Within aday of taking them I felt better. My head felt clearer and altho I was *physically* still tired I didn't feel like I was dragging my body around. The weight had lifted. Had a conversation about this with my brother, he commented it "was just the chemicals"  that I still have to change my habits, rest more and all that.

I know this. And yet. I'm LOVING the chemicals!!

Still feeling exhausted physically. had a sleep day on friday. Now if I could only get Monkey to sleep thru the damn night I could really work at kicking this sucker to the curb baby! :O/

with that in mind, seeing as he had me up half the night, I'm off to have a bath. Look after me time. Dude is home sick, so he can watch Monkey for a while.

Sounds fair right??  ;OD 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Stuck on Replay

Thanks to the twitter I came across a song. It's probably one you've heard already, but I don't listen to the radio - the constant ads and talk crap drives me to distraction!

So, here is the first version I heard, it's not the original but I love these guys. The way they play, how much they must have practised to get it right. And wow,  the instrumentation!

Then a friend posted this version the other day.  This is the artist. I was a little unsure that I liked it at first. I like the guitar version, but I was a little transfixed by the video I have to say.

And the more I watch it, the more I like. I love the xylophoney glockenspiel thingy in the background, I LOVE the way Goyte and Kimbra are acting not just singing......now I have it on repeat, waiting for payday so I can go out and buy the album so I can listen to it without sucking down internet useage.

See what you think...  :OD


Monday, April 16, 2012


So, hmmm,  been in a bit of a funk lately. 

I say lately. pffft. I think it's been brewing for a while - when I really think about it, it's been since I sprained my ankle in November last year. So 5 months. *phew*

Some of it is frustration that it's taken so damn long to heal. and that's making me cranky I guess.
I really should just let it go. it'll take as long as it takes. Plus as my brother likes to point out, maybe it's taking so long for a reason, that I need to slow down.

I slowed down. I have stood down from my position at my Playcentre, I'm still doing the Association stuff, but that's fairly light.  And now it's school holidays.....

Now it feels like my day is rotating around feeding kids, baking bread and washing. Endless washing.  I guess with 6 kids there is a LOT of washing anyways.....

Been trying to think of something to blog about, coz I've kinda hit a wall. You may have noticed I don't post much anymore. Mostly coz I don't think I have anything interesting to say. I never wanted this to be another whiney mum at home blog. There are plenty of them out there as it is......

Except that it means when all I do, well most of what I do is housework, well. There's only so many times I can post about that. So I'm waiting for something exciting, noteworthy, or even slightly interesting to happen to post about.  And watching the news just does my head in, it's either nonsense stories - "celebrities" or sports, or stuff that just makes me lose my faith in humans. I can't write about that and stay sane.

Maybe I should lower my sights a bit. Post shorter stories, tell you funny anecdotes....

like Admiral Awesome referred to himself as "Grand Admiral A Man" :O)  and he continues to mock the fact that I have an online life at all. He "live tweets"  "I'm going to the lounge now. turning on the tv. eating some chips"   funny man.  Good thing I love him.

anyways, so that's why I've been quiet lately. Again. 

I hope to have things to share again.   :O)