Thursday, August 9, 2012

Apparently I Can Sleep When I'm Dead....

At least that's what it's looking like, if you look back at the last coupla weeks *sigh*

It seems that Monkey has an inbuilt alarm that wakes him in the evening JUST as Admiral and I are about to go to bed.  not cool.

then Friday night I was awoken by Admiral "Ninja has thrown up"  Awesome. 

Admiral doesn't do cleaning up vomit. well, not without adding to it. So up I got. Gorgeous boy that Ninja is when I walked in the room he pointed at the biggest puddle and said "that came from my mouth"  Cute.  Then of course he was feeling better, you always do after puking, so he wanted to chat.  I'd had all of about 2 hours sleep at this stage, wasn't feeling so chatty myself as I scraped the lumps off the carpet. 

Altho, handy tip time - I discovered if you add baking soda to the water you use to clean it up, the smell is VASTLY reduced. Win.

So this is what some of the room looked like....poor wee lad

And this is what greeted me when I went to wash my hands.....Yummy. Upchuck all over the light switch.  Thanks Ninja.

Needless to say that he was singing my song "Baaaawwbb!"  "Rrrraaaaalphh"  for the next coupla hours. Bless him he managed to get the spill into the bucket each time.  Then would snuggle down to sleep again.

Next day he slept and slept, had a high fever then slept a bit more. I realised he's a lovely patient and I wouldn't mind him getting sick more often. He doesn't usually get sick. Is fairly resilient. 

Next day his resilient sister puked. Followed the same that I mean, the illness did. Puke puke puke puke bile puke tummy cramps high fever. 

Why do kids always spew at night time???

Altho to be fair, SirTalks threw up on himself the toilet. Yay no carpet to clean!! :OD

Then Dude made it in the bowl, and Padawan threw up on way home from school, on public area grass. I strangely didn't feel the need to go clean that up. *phew*  

We have been The House Of Puke this week. Which is my usual longwinded way of saying once again, I'm exhausted. And it's means outside of my control. We had no hurling last night, but Monkey did his waking up at my bed time thing. So once again I'm sleep deprived. 

I will be grateful tho that due to the sick, quarantined kids we have no where to be today, and I can spend all day online (inbetween washing juggling - and I don't have to feel guilty about using the drier neither. thanks RAIN!!) listening to P!nk super loud on my headphones as the kids watch tv.  there's only 3 home today. Progress

Maybe next week I'll get more sleep than usual, and will wake feeling able to cope with life.  A girl can dream huh?  Meanwhile I will leave you with this that I have been enjoying, I dunno why. Maybe I wish I was a rock star??

Actually I've been enjoying this whole album. Love this lady!  :O)


  1. I love how you can make such a dreadful thing sound so hirarious! Fingers crossed for no more rrraaaaaaaalllpphhhing for a veddy, veddy long time. xx

  2. Gotta love kids and tummy bugs... knocking on wood as I type(not freaking easy, btw) we've escaped the tummy bug so far. :-)

  3. Finally had the house to myself today. Could watch what I wanted on TV and listen to whatever music as loud as I liked. '

    Pity I had to go to work really.