Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Photos Photos Photos!!

Here you go folks, photos of my Derby Kids and The Great Lego SortOut. Enjoy.  :-)

It's a progression of shots...

The Last Month Or So....

Things have been....interesting lately.

There has been good happening, but also some stuff that due to the open nature on the wonderful interwebs I didn't wanna talk about here. Which was a little of a dilemma for me, coz this started out as a space for me to vent, talk things thru, that kinda shit. And also, I know I have strangers reading this blog, which is fine, but I don't want your perception of Admiral to be only what you read here....he is awesome (I wouldn't call him  that otherwise). I am also aware that some times the stories I tell, if you don't know him, put him in a bad light. He is irreverent as hell, totally un-pc and unconditionally intolerant of stupid people and other people's drama & bullshit, but funny as fuck. I love him. I know he doesn't want his life online, so I respect that, as much of myself as I put online, I won't talk trash about him here. 

I will also let my kids make up their own minds when they are old enough of how much of themselves they will put online. Hence the nicks and photos.

anyways....my point, I had one I know. I'll just go find it. :O)

ok. slight hiccup. I can't seem to transfer my photos from my phone to my puter. I wanted to show you all the progression of my Derby Kisses....this is what it's called when one gets bruised during Roller Derby. I'm in a non contact league, and we're all relative newbies so we're not up to the scrimmaging stuff yet. It's all me being a slow learner about the relationship between gravity and balance  :O)

So, what i think I'll do is post this (I hate typing all my long ramblingly thoughts on my phone) then I'll post again from my phone with all the photos.  That works right??

you know what? if it doesn't work for you it's a free world, you can always change the channel. ;OP

Oh yeah and that's the other thing that I've been doing is organising all the kids lego. Oh dear Lord! What a nightmare!!  For all those who DON'T follow me on The Twitter (and why the fuck not huh huh huh??) I'll post those photos too. 

Cheear Ears!!  :OD