Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more "random" music....

A friend commented on my that last post that the last song was 


I replied that thanks to my eclectic upbringing, and some other odd influences over the years I have a, um, strange (well I think it is) collection of music stored in my head. And I have no idea what will pop into my head in the mornings. Usually in the shower. 

If I have enough time in the morning to stop for a second in the shower and let my brain float.

So this evening I was loading some music onto my new toy. love. phone. I came across this band which another awesome person introduced me to. I met this person through my brother, (or was it my sister?) on twitter. She is, I will admit, a little kooky. But in such a cool way. She is the awesome person I wish I had the guts to be.  *girl crush*

So @ZeroKNS this is one's for you. Wherever you are, stay safe, hope to "hang out" again soon!!

Oh! just found this one - it's a cover, but very very very cool....

Oh, alright! Here's another one by them....but after that you'll have to youtube them for yourself ok? ;OD  (AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes is good)


Monday, August 29, 2011

huh. weird.

This morning a friend invited me to a coffee group thing, which would have been nice to go to.

Instead I felt like this.....

Then I was hanging the washing out, and contemplating why I should be feeling this way. 

I have a ToDoList, but it's no longer than it normally is, and altho Monday is a fairly busy day for me, it's about the only one I have that's like that.  Well.   I do have half a dozen kids, but I should have adjusted to that by now. Shouldn't I?!?

Then this song popped into my head along with the thought "it'd be nice to feel like this"

needless to say, I'm in a weird space.

Again.  I think probably I should just find a way to get more sleep.  *snort*  like that'll happen.

In the meantime I'll leave you with this, courtesy of my brother Llearch *hugs* thanks for this one - it's my new fave (I was humming it at Playcentre this morning even tho I don't yet know the words all right)  You'll understand why when you hear it  :OD


Sunday, August 21, 2011

today.....and tomorrow....?

This is from my history - used to listen to this album a LOT. Then tapes were phased out and we had kids so I never updated all my favs onto cd.

But in the wee hours of this morning, due to various things (things that aren't entirely clear in my head yet, so I'm not gonna start rambling in circles about them) it popped into my head again.

I would say enjoy - but it's just not that kinda song. Well, musically it is. Love the drum and bass......

anyways, it's about where I'm at today.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tutu Pics And other things....

I was gonna post this earlier today, but I got distracted - I know I know! It's ALWAYS SOMETHING with me!!

But this time I have a legitimately awesome reason for postponing the post - It snowed at my house again!!  

In fact it snowed for hours even.  I HAD to go out and throw snow at people, and build snowmen.

Had to.

anyways....more on that later - when my dad sends me the pics as I in my excitement about the snow forgot to take my camera with me *facepalm*  

So!  my new tutu 

And some other things I've been wearing in the last week - it's been a good week for me, outfit wise really. Be a shame not the share it with ya!!  ;O)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

stuff & things

This is not my new tutu. It's my AWESOME silver skull stripey socks  :O)
I have an awesome new tutu!

Pics will follow - thanks to Captain Awesome we no longer have a Library, we only have an Office.  (ignore the fact that the "Library" shelf hasn't yet been moved from the room!)  We have 2 puters in the one space. and due to plug placement, or lack thereof, I have to use wireless with my puter (the laptop) which means, as the laptop only has one working USB port (yes it's on the list of things to replace....) I have to change my thinking about how I do this blog.  

That wasn't very clear was it?  Is it obvious I'm writing this far too late at night??

I feel bad for not posting more often - but I have been writing Policy, having kids off school, busy busy days. Not enough rest etc etc....

As for the photos - I have to download them to the puter  BEFORE I connect to the internet (which is where I write my blog) and I haven't changed that habit yet.

All this to say, I will endeavour to post pics tomorrow, but didn't wanna leave ya hanging - not that telling you I have a new tutu is much use without the pics.  You'll just have to believe me when I say it's AWESOME!!!

and now, I'm off to bed.  I is a tired wee fairy.  nighty night  *wave*  :O0

Saturday, August 6, 2011


So, I was gonna post a couple of times this week.....

And then I thought I could write something today - it seems I have a little more time and energy for this sorta thing on the weekends.

Sadly, that's not going to happen today. I have spent the week having meetings, mostly about that stupid ECE taskforce (and I would post links but I'm too tired - sorry for the slackness)....
Also, I am still fighting this cold. It's dumb. I'm not SICK sick, but more that I am weary. ALL THE FUCKEN TIME.  Again not enough to be useless, but just enough to be dragging my arse around. So while Captain Awesome has had 3 days off work this week sick, and I've had combinations of kids off school 4 out of 5 days this week, I have had to for the most part keep going. OK, I did spend a fair bit of tuesday in bed, but asides from that.

And how is it that when I'm sick things like cooking dinner, the washing, dressing kids & such are all still expected to be done by me? I know I know I'm the Housewife = it's the job description. But it bugs me that when I'm sick I still have to do them.  

Probably not a new complaint in mum-land so I'll leave it there.

And instead of my whining rambling bullshit I'll share a tune. It's what I was gonna post anyways, so you didn't think I'd forgotten all about ya   
Hope ya like it as much as I do :OD