Friday, October 29, 2010

*bounce* They're letting me out!

So here we are again my pretties.....friday afternoon.

I dunno bout you but I'm just hanging out for this evening. Not friday night drinks (sadly that doesn't really happen in my world - my "work mates" are too young for the Fun Adult Beverages).  Not coz it's the start of the weekend which means no work (that doesn't happen in my world are 24/7/365)

hang on.... I'm just realising this is a pretty shit job description!! yeah I know, hold your laughter, "-just realising- where the fuck have you been littletoastfairy?!  Asleep? Dead? Asleep while dead?"  no. *sigh*  just not paying attention. 

But you know what? Screw you hippy I can wear this to work.---->
Can you?  No? right then. Quiet down.  :OP

All I wanted to leave you with today was this and try this one then listen to this one too This is Brooke Fraser. I think she is amazing

Not because she comes from NZ (Wellington even?). 

Not because she strives to be Christ Like.  

But because she writes music that even after years speaks to my soul. 

AND  I get to hear her play tonight!!!  Yay for Captain Awesome Pants for letting me get a ticket!  Yay to my Big Lil Sis for coming with me! and Yay for hearing Live Music! How I have missed thee  *happy sigh*

so wrap your ears round this final one, then go out and buy the music for yourself - I know you'll want to own the cd. (She has released 3 so far. I'm sure there will be more to come!)  I'm outta here - got things to organise so I can escape the madness!!!   :OD 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think I gave birth to fish

Green snotty fish this week to be sure, but fish none the less.  

Yeah coz I look this hot when I'm swimming! and for those who can count, yeah I see it too, an extra fish. Does that mean I'm married to Flounder?  That just seems weird. and wrong.  Oohh.... Shiny!! (read this for enlightenment. while you're there read some of her other posts. I think she puts the O in Awesome! - But don't forget to come back here and finish).

What was I saying?  Oh yeah. Fish kids.
My kids love water, from Padawan thru to Monkey they will play with any drop of water they can get.  Let's take today as an example....
They have had a bath (Dude is home sick (ha!!) so when we got home from school drop off I ran a bath for him - his eczema has flared up - the Dynamic Duo and Monkey ended up in there too).  Altho the bath didn't last so long as Ginger Ninja pulled the plug out. Twice. 

I decided that 2 times putting more water in was enough.  Trying to do my bit for water conservation and all that....

By the time I had dressed one,  and helped others, fed Monkey, puttered round doing some other things: like have my own breakfast - crazy thoughts I know.  You know what? I can't give you an exact timeline, I was gonna try, but it's midafternoon now and I can't remember this morning accurately......

My point was that I have bathed children, wiped down the bathroom (they found the plug Bless 'em filled up the sink nearly to overflowing, emptying the flowing soap into it, and were washing a penguin). I asked them if this was the kinda shit that made me happy....Ninja smiled "Happy!"  ah, no.   This is the kinda shit that makes me cranky!

The wiping down of bathroom happened again when they washed their hands later too.  Very vigorous hand washing. With the tap on so full I can hear it from other end of house.  Awesome, Thanks. But I cleaned this room yesterday!!!

Since then they have been out in front yard with tap going. I foolishly gave them a bucket, saying when the bucket is full they have got enough. 

"Don't worry about her, that's just our mum Crazy Talk"  (I have hunted for the pic to go with this, but can't find it. While I looked world war III broke out in the kitchen over afternoon snacks so you will have to make do with this pic instead. sorry.) 

let's just say that it didn't slow them down any from getting soaked.  And I thought we had a repreve when we got back from school as they were all inside.....silly, silly me.  Yes I can hear you laughing at me *bwhahahahahaaa*

I just gave them a 20 minute warning of impending dinner and this was reply from Darling Girl "it's ok, I'm not that wet"
From SirTalksALot "NNOOOOOOO!"   Evil Mother that I am, wanting to feed my children. What the fuck is wrong with me?! 

So, I sign off to go dry off children for dinner - oh! dinner was cooked by Padawan this evening. Very Cool. He only had a little help from me, but I think he's actually learning stuff, and *shock horror* remembering what I showed him last time!! YAY!

This is somewhat how my front yard looks after the kids have been playing. Thank God the washing line is out back!  :OD  

Now to clean and dry some wet little fishes so we can eat, and before they freeze!  Bring on Summer!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

idiots, bacon and snazzy new library excitement

Yeah that's me, the idiot who once again wore her tutu ish skirt on a windy day.... sheesh  *face palm*  I'll learn. eventually.

This is dinner tonight, it doesn't show as well as I had hoped, but I *think* I may have over done the amount of bacon.  *shrug* I figure, hell, you can never have too much bacon right?! *grin*  yeah....I know, "it's just a wafer thin mint"

Short post today - those are the highlights - I'm an idiot. and chicken salad with WAAAY too much bacon = the perfect amount of bacon.  hmmmm bacon....

I like bacon too it seems. Not just chocolate. Thankfully I'm not at the point where I feel I need to carry bacon around in my bag. 

Although today that day feels not so far away....

I'm off now, coz I wanna have a chance to see the new library changes without my kids in tow, before it shuts in half an hour!!  EEEEP!! 

Gotta fly!! :O)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ok, I'll admit I have an addiction

Actually if I think about it it's more of a complusion.  
You who know me may not even be that surprised by it. 
I love chocolate.  I need chocolate.  I crave it. I have to have it on my person (ok, in my bag - handbag sounds so Old Ladyish but you know what I mean!) at all times. 

I will buy it when I'm at the shops, online when I do the weekly shop, I think about it when I'm looking at junkmail, I take it with me in the car. Although often times that doesn't end well.... melted chocolate is reaaaally hard to eat out of those little packety things y'know?!

But why I say it is more a complusion than an addiction is that although I buy it often, and I have it in my bag, the fridge, the cupboard, my bedside drawer, and in the glovebox (dumbdumbdumb when it's a sunny hot day like today *facepalm*) I don't actually eat it everyday.  weird huh?

I had a snickers bar that I had to eat recently coz it had managed to be carried around in my bag so long it was past it's expiry date. Yeah I hear ya, why didn't I just throw it out?  But that would be a waste of chocolate!! *incredulous look* are you Crazy with a capital C?!

So, although I love chocolate (and funnily for all that love I keep typing it incorrectly), especially the dark stuff with runny creamy centres hmmmm oh yeah that's so yummy *snaps awake* sorry what? 

 Oh yeah, so for all that love, I don't actually consume on a daily basis that much chocolate.  Just another hint at the weirdness that is my life I guess!!  :OD

Stay tuned for more!   

p.s...I just had to include this, I know it sounds a little mean but I couldn't get the tune outta my head.  Set up - Monkey boy is a little tired and def sick with head cold (you know the deal, green snot and plenty of it, feverish etc), he is being redirected inside which involves turning on wood kitchen floor. here's the pic, and here's the tune that was popped into my melon WHILE I was giving him cuddles and a feed....
"He fought the floor and, the floor won. He fought the floor and, the floor won!"

*sigh*  yup we're a little dark and twisted here at Chez ToastFairy  ;OD

Monday, October 25, 2010

it's a holiday man, what do you expect from me?!

Hey there,
So thanks to hotmail sucking giant hairy monkey balls I have spent the last few days not only trying, and failing, to get into my email, but also transferring those of the 400+ mails I had kept (WTF was I doing that for??) to my new account.  

OK, I will admit there may have been a faster snazzier way to do this, but computers suck I lack the skills.  

*sigh*  on the up side tho I came across quite a few funny emails (maybe that's why I was keeping them).  So I thought I would share them with you.  I will warn you that we have in my family a slightly, hmmm,  odd sense of humour. Hopefully you will be able to laugh at at least one of the following.... (if not I blame my Littliest Big Brother - most of them come from him  :OP )

Q: What's black and white and has wheels?
A: A zebra.
            I lied about the wheels :OP     

Q: What's red and lies in the gutter?
A: A dead fire engine.

Q: What's the difference between a chicken?
A: One of it's legs are both the same. (Don't feel bad if you don't get this one - it's the worst joke in the world. Possibly all time).

Q: How many hippies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A:  2. But it's gotta be a REALLY big lightbulb.

Q: How many kids with ADD does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

And lastly a wee calculation my dad sent sums up life nicely I think. Or how it should be 

Chocolate Calories.

A good piece of chocolate has about 200 calories. As I enjoy 2 servings per night (sic) and a few more on weekends, I consume 3,500 calories of chocolate in a week, which equals one pound of weight per week.

In the last 3 1/2 years, I have had a chocolate caloric intake of 180 pounds. I weigh only 165 pounds, so without chocolate I would have wasted away to nothing about three months ago.                                         

I owe my life to chocolate.  :OD           

Friday, October 22, 2010

well we made it to friday.

So, it's friday again.  That is good. Or not. Depending on your view of life I guess...

I'm trying to think positive, but the kids have spent the last hour or so driving me BAT.SHIT. hmm, it's not really their fault I guess, I think I've just had enough of them.  It happens every now and then. 
It's probably because they are always en masse. And I'm still not getting enough sleep. I try to have an early night, and then Monkey feeds for a couple hours in the wee hours. I hear ya, just feed him in bed. It doesn't always work for me - sometimes I can fall asleep with him in our bed, but more often than not I am simply semi awake.  Not good enough to feel rested in the morning. So I do midnight feeds in front of the tv.

And then it gets to Friday after school time and I'm ready to walk. out. and possibly not come back. 
But, there is no time for feeling sorry for myself!  There is dinner to cook, kids to feed and love (no matter how little I may want to - it's not their fault. mostly.) 

So that's me, how I am today. I will aim for a little more "scary but, surprisingly Up.Beat!"  next week. Here's hoping I get some sleep (ha!) and revert to more like Littletoastfairy, less like the LittleGrumpyFairy I am today.   *flutters away to find some chocolate*  


Thursday, October 21, 2010

some days are better than others.....

In case you were wondering about my dressing technique - some days i kinda just choose clothes at random. Making sure all bits that need to be covered are covered, and I'm warm enough I go with whatever happens, clashing colours be damned - you can't really see it in the pic, but I have on a pink top and red socks. :OD

Some days as a Stay At Home Mum I beat myself up a bit for not interacting with my kids more, not playing with them. Yeah we go out in the mornings most days to Playcentre, where they get all sorts of fun messy cool things to do, but once we're home I don't do those things with them.

And I hear other parents talking about how they made playdough, or crafty things with their kid. Or they did baking together. Or the kid did painting....and I think, I really should do more with my boys, they will be at school soon and I won't see them so much.

So I let my guard down, the Dynamic Duo ask to do something and I say ok. 

And then shit like this happens and I remember why I took them to Playcentre in the first place - so I didn't have to have messy play in MY HOUSE!! 

It started out ok, SirTalksALot wanted to do some "stars". To my reply that I didn't have any more he said "yeah! you have some in there" pointing to MY pencil box.  *lightbulb*  "ahhh, the stamps? sure."  I got them out, he already had paper and showed him how to do it. Of course what Sir does, Ginger Ninja wants to do too. So I got more paper out, set them up. Then walked away to do something else, like I dunno, get myself lunch before my stomach ate my kidneys.

Dumb Idea. When I got back (all of 2 mins later) Ninja had decided that using the stamps was not the look he was going for, so instead he was stamping the paper with the ink pad. He also got his hands & the table too. *sigh*  So I sent him to wash his hands, so there's ink on the sink too.     

Very Dr Suess sounding that. Ink on the Sink. And the Table. And the Floor. Child out of favour. Cry goes out "Why'the hell'd you do that for??" Mum scrubbing furiously. Ink still on the Sink. 
 Where's the Cat in the Hat when you need him?!

Needless to say, the tv went on, the paper and ink went away. I went and got some chocolate and double strength coffee.... I think we'll just have quiet time tomorrow afternoon.   :O/

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For those who have just joined us.....

Come in, take your coat off, relax!  We were waiting for you, you haven't missed a thing!! 

Let me give you a snapshot before I fall asleep on the key;kj OHhf'b l;kl'lkkkn

*snort*  *snuffle*  oh hello, where did you spring from? 

Our Clan consists of me (littletoastfairy) and Husband, Captain Awesome Pants.
We have managed somehow to spawn 6 kids - Padawan (11), Darling Girl (9), Dude (7), THe Dynamic Duo = Sir TalksALot (4) & Ginger Ninja (also 4), and Monkey (15mths). 

It's been a crazy ride so far our 12 years of marriage! We've rented for the most  part but finally bought a house just over a year ago. It needs some fixing up (and Captain wants to do a lot of it himself, even if he doesn't yet know how!), but it's fenced and the land is flat so the kids can be kicked outside to run wild, so we love it!! 

So that's us in a nutshell, now that I've convinced Captain to come home from work, I'm going to bed.  Something's not right with me, I'm exhausted. no, no, more than usual. 
And don't say it!! that's not nice.  :OP


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Viva el Secretary!!

Yeah yeah I know there's all kinds of grammatical issues with that statement, but it's the context I wanna share about.   

This is what I wore Saturday night, it was AGM night at Playcentre. 

History - Playcentre is a New Zealand founded Early Childhood option for parents, that is run by parents/families.  It is for all ages of preschoolers (birth - 6 years; altho most kids do go to school at 5years, legally they don't have to go till they are 6), sessional (2 1/2hours is the most a child is allowed to do in a day. But they can have a session per year of age, so Monkey also known as #6 (15mths) goes once a week, but the Dynamic Duo (#4 &#5 who are 4years) go 4 mornings a week). Each centre (most towns have one, but not all, and cities often have a few) has an Association that they belong to. There are different Associations around the country that all come under the umbrella of the Federation, which in turn is under the guidance of the Ministry of Education.  Although we have our own unique Playcentre Philosophy and DOPs (which i can NEVER fucken remember exactly what it stands for, but the P is for Practices), we have to follow Ministry regulations to get funding.  Just rereading this, it makes Playcentre sound like a pyramid scheme!!  It's not a pyramid scheme!!

We don't have paid staff (altho some centres do, and at times when we have had to pay someone, they have come from families within Playcentre. They aren't "staff" like kindy "teachers" are).  We have a parent education system, and a system that ensures trained people are on each Session. As volunteers all parents have a Duty Day (mine is wednesday atm) where we are there early to set up, run the session - interacting with all the children, doing observations and other ministry requirements - then clean up and evaluate at the end. 

One of the things I love about Playcentre is that because it is parent run, we make the decisions. All the decisions. As long as we are still following Federation rules and MoE regulations, we can "flavour" our centre as we please. Although we do have to have consensus amongst all members, a system I lovingly refer to as Death By Committee.   

Along with running the sessions we all do a "job" to help behind the scenes, or an Office Holder Position. So this year I am Secretary (again) and somehow I managed to pick up Vice-President as well. Oh and just in case I, I dunno, get bored in my day job, I am also on the Fundraising team.  So that is probably the downside of being from a smaller Playcentre, there are the same number of roles to fill, but less people to do them, so sometimes you end up doing more than one role in year. It's ok though, of the 2 roles I had last year (both of which I was happy doing, don't get me wrong) I think Secretary is the easier to do on a daily basis. So I'm cool with that. And as for Vice, I had put my name forward for President (hence the title, those who know The Young Ones) so this is better!!

I have been going to Playcentre since #1 was about 18mths old (henceforth he shall be known as Padawan - he's been nutso for Star Wars since he was about 2 1/2yrs, one day he'll be a Master Jedi, but he's not there yet!)  We as a family have now been at 3 centres, and  2 Associations. I have done a few of the Office Holder Positions now, altho there has been some double ups - I guess this is just where my interests lie.... I tend to think of it like Bigwell - "see a need fill a need" I will do whatever role needs doing so the centre can stay open. Such is the benefit I see for our family.

This is a good time to show you this....  
I got it done earlier this year as I have now been at Playcentre for 10 years. And there are good and bad times - same as anytime you spend with a group of people. There are personality, ideological, commitment clashes and disagreements. But I have found for the most Playcentre has been a HUGE benefit to our family. For myself - my growth as a person and a mum. For our kids - their growth, education, socialisation (and it continues as Playcentre is a Family thing we have Veteran days where the big kids can come back and play. THEY LOVE THIS!! Although our current centre isn't really "their" centre as they were at school already when we started there, Padawan, Darling GIrl and Dude (#3) have all found a place there), and just for a place to have an extended 'family'.  Even Captain Awesome Pants has benfitted and it's hard to get him in the door of the place!! 

So that is my excitement from the weekend. I handed over one role, kept one, and picked up a couple more!!  Not the plan, but we know I'm not one so much for plans! so, hei aha.

Sleep well little fairies - I'm writing this waaaaay too late at night. Tomorrow I will aim to write earlier in the day, we'll see how that works out! thanks for reading  :OD

Monday, October 18, 2010

A little post from a tired wee fairy

So this is what was running in my head this morning as I had my shower.....
             "Lydia oh Lydia, say have you met Lydia, Lydia the tattooed lady...."

And sorry, but at this stage I lack the skills to imbed (is that even the right term??) the video, so I can only hook you up with a link to YouTube. (Hooray for YouTube having every type of video you may ever concieve of wanting to watch!!)

  I can't even tell you the train of thought that led to this being in my head, but hopefully it will now be stuck in your head too  *evil grin*

AND hopefully it will work better than the Alice the Fairy can just google Alice the Fairy though folks, that's how I found it. easy peasy.  I know, I know, extra work. But if you're really interested in the image, it shouldn't be that hard a thing to do.

I'm off to bed now, been feeling crappy today. Thought I was gonna puke in the shower this morning (not a new day I will tell you a few bits of my birthing history  OYE!) I think for some reason I'm just exhausted.  So best thing for it is bed! 

Life lesson from today - when making macaroni cheese you don't add the frozen peas to the pan you are cooking the onion in   *facepalm*   I can't imagine how fried frozen peas would add to the flavour.  And I don't wanna know!!  :OD

p.s...will have pics tomorrow again, just nothing exciting worn today. I can't be imaginative every day! :OP

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy things

I've been finding a lot lately that one thing going wrong can ruin my day.

It's not even that bad. Maybe I'm being a little melodramatic about it. I know! SO not like me! :OP

As I sit here thinking about it, it occurs to me that it's a mind set kinda thing. I can let the little things throw me off balance, OR, and here's a novel thought - I can roll with the punches more.  You would think that for someone who is not a "planner" that this would come a little more naturally.  Apparently not.

I am finding however that little things can also make a positive difference. So this morning, altho I knew I would need practical clothes as I was babysitting some extra kids (it's what I do on fridays so that my boys #4 & #5 can have a Big Kid session at Playcentre. Time for activities that are trickier with little ones around, also a much smaller adult to child ratio - there are about 9 kids and 3 adults!). I needed a pick me up to get thru the last day of the week! and who doesn't? 

I have found mainlining coca-cola doesn't work for my skin (my eczema plays up when I'm dehydrated) and same for I have found it doesn't have the same "grab me by the balls and smack me awake" effect that others may enjoy. So, I wear fun clothes. You may have noticed. 

You may have missed that though. How the fuck you missed it I don't know. That kinda shit baffles me.

*shakes head* sorry, I had a point I'm sure. and it may have involved these....

My bestest birthday gift this year, and my snuggly "wear out the house" slippers.  It's amazing the comfort I found today with warm Happy Feet.

Altho seeing the sun sure helped too!!  Bring on summer baby!  :OD

And a wee friend showing me a book called Alice the Fairy by David Shannon....I'm going to look that up and see if I can't get me a copy. She told me the book made her think of me *blush*  aw schucks!  Have just looked (yay google) and this is her. Alice is a temporary fairy coz there are lots of tests to pass to be a permanent fairy. So Cute!!

Gah! can't get the pic to transfer so here's the link

Sadly it is only 9pm and I'm off to bed. Raising 6 kids and loving Captain Awesome Pants sure takes it out of this wee girl. 

As my good friend used to say to his then-girlfriend-now-wife  Dream in colour  ;OD

ah distractions how I love thee

Just a short one tonight, as it's already 1130pm.... I was gonna do a huge rant on STOOPID DRIVERS not obeying the road rules but based on the number of times it has happened in the last year, I'm sure another one will nearly crash into me someday soon. 

So I will rant then. Jeepers.

I got distracted this evening by Captain Awesome being home late from work and then rushing out the door for 
The Most Awesomest Haircut EVER..... cut my good friend The Best Hairstylist in the Universe! (if you really really wanna know her name email me)

And it was awesome to see her husband too....BONUS of having my hair done at her place!! Super Win  :OD 

Although the pics don't really do it justice. It looks like I was attacked by a lawnmower on acid. As I wanted something "patchy" and "that looks like I escaped from a mental institution"  I'm pretty sure we achieved that! 

In other news.....
Today in preparation for attending her concert at end of month (squee! so psyched as last time it was brilliant fun. AND I'm hanging with my little big sis, so that's brilliant too!) I went out and bought a couple of Brooke Fraser's cds - her first, and her latest (3rd). I would totally recommend getting hold of some. I can't choose just one fav, but listening to this one on the way home to feed a screaming babe make me feel like she was describing my life....

ALSO! folks I didn't forget - as promised pics of me from yesterday. Yes I retrieved the camera. Although it was a close thing, I nearly walked out without it. Again.  sheesh.  

If my head wasn't attached I'd need wood screws!

                                                           Littletoastfairy  :O)
 Thanks to Darling Girl who not only offered to take the pic, but did a fine job. She is Awesome! 

Today's outfit wasn't very exciting in comparison, so with the new haircut an' all, pfffft, I'm not gonna bother with it....

Sleep well people.  Hope you get more than me! I have a husband to catch up with ;O)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just another day in office wear

We had dressup day at Playcentre today, and in honour of that I wore my brightest tutu. Even got a great pic - thanks Darling Girl!

Then I left the camera at Playcentre *facepalm*  so I will have to catch y'all up tomorrow with how cool I looked. Altho, c'mon let's be honest here, "dressup day" isn't too much different than "everyday wear" for me.  It keeps me happy & the kids aren't embarrassed to be seen with me.  Yet. So I shall keep it up.

When they complain, then I will adjust my clothing. Maybe. 

Probably.'s some of the things I have been wearing lately. Prior to writing this I was taking photos and posting them on fb and twitter.

 I was trying to get them all across on the same line, but it doesn't seem to be working....

Buggerit. I was doing my blog writing during afternoon nap time, that didn't happen today. (The writing. Nap time happened Thank God!)  I thought maybe I could write in the evening, then Boy decided he would cry for an hour or so instead of sleeping.  Cool. Thanks.

So, just scroll down to see the few pics I have posted. 
And thanks for your patience! I'm sure in time I will get the hang of this.  Not yet though. 

 Yup...  I have to say though, I do love that I have the freedom to dress like this if I want to.  I will say that it is the best perk of being at home mum....I do have to remind myself of this though, coz, as I'm sure others who have gone before me have said, the hours and pay suck arse. And even though for the most part our kids are cute and good and well behaved, it is easy to feel stuck in a rut. To feel like I have done nothing of consequence in a long while. Nothing that won't be waiting for me to do it again tomorrow.

Case in point - I felt a real sense of achievement that I managed to wash some floors today.  :O/

Enough tho'.... Thanks Tim Minchin* for reminding me that "some people have it worse than me...."  listen here   :OD

*M&D you may not like this guy so much...Listen at your own peril! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I think I may have ADD....or Distraction Disorder. Or Housewife Workload Affect. What are you all doing here??

This is why I don't as a general rule make plans.

I was going to write something witty every day. Well, ok, fine.  5 times a week then :OP  I'm not sure *how* thought I would do that (6 kids, housework, Playcentre commitments - yes yes. I know I said I would explain this. I haven't forgotten - sleep, a reading habit to fuel).  But I knew that I needed to make it a regular thing, or I probably wouldn't keep it up.

Maybe I need to reassess when I write. Or write a bunch at one time. Maybe then with a little planning and forethought I too could be witty. Relevant. Interesting. Something that folk will want to come back to, see how things are progressing...  But, fuck. really? Who am I kidding?! I couldn't plan my way out of a paperbag with 2 hands, a flashlight AND a map! 

hmmm....ACTUALLY, I probably could do the planning. It's the sticking to it that I struggle with. I have got up from writing this at least half a dozen times  already to do little things - some urgent like cleaning up puke; some not so urgent like folding towels! 

And I have managed to get COMPLETELY off topic. So now this is disjointed. Welcome to my world. *manic grin* 

I was 'splaining why my day ends up crazy, why I don't really tend to make plans...

I have a list of things to do that I keep on my kitchen bench. It covers usual things like housework, but extra stuff as well. Some of these things are things I do every week like washing the littlier boys' sheets (monday), baking bread for the week (also monday). I still write them on the list. And I think this is mostly so I can cross them off, and not feel so bad about that one job that I've been meaning to do for a while now, but haven't quite got around to....

And the list is not to diminish all the things that I do in a day that AREN'T on it.  Like getting up. Feeding children. Reminding said children to go to the toilet. Reminding them to wash hands and PUT SOME FUCKEN PANTS ON!!  *ahem* 

But today, as a lot of days lately seem to have done, conspired against me. I made a comment to #4 & #5 that we could do some baking. Like childbirth. Or a banana. Saying something can be trouble.

Once it's out you can't get it back in.

So instead of resting, reading and hanging on the web like I usually do while #6 has his nap, we did some baking.  It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It also probably wasn't as 'hands on'  for the boys as it could have been.  But no one died or was even maimed by the end of it, so I call that SUCCESS  :O)

We made these..... 

Chocolate cake (that I'm about to ice and we'll eat for afternoon tea - another novelty in this House of Mayhem), and Dinosaur biscuits. 

Not long after we finished, just when I was contemplating a nap to recover #6 woke up. So no rest for the Wicked  ;O)  

 I feel like there was another thought I had to add. It would have fit nicely in here. But it's gone.  Oh! that's what it was.....hahahahaha  it fits in further up.  *facepalm*

On the plus side it was nice and sunny today and all that washing I was doing got dry. Can't complain about that!   Hope your day had at least a little "sunshine" of some sort in it  :OD

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Apologies

I must apologise. My last post was woefully lacking.

My only excuse is that I was writing in a hurry. While being badgered by children. Who should have been sleeping.

All of the following words should have been included (I'm sure there are some that I will miss - please point them out to me)
the little fireman

Oh how sad. I thought I knew more than that.  

It was bad enough that I didn't make the most of the opportunity I had to use them all. Sadder still that I don't actually know that many after all.... *hangs head in shame*


boys. sheesh!! *rolls eyes*

Spring my arse!  :O)

I was going to write about something else today....I had plans. 

Silly me. 

I have a slight dilemma...well, it might not be that yet. But it has the makings of some serious social awkwardness.  I'll throw it out to y'all and see if you can help with it.

My 15mth old finds great delight in having his hands down his pants. He wanders round when the kids are playing outside with a satisfied smile on his face.  Happy as Larry (that crazy little cucumber!)  It started a wee while ago, and the habit in and of itself doesn't really bother me. He's a boy, I'm sure it feels good - who can blame him? I know it's not sexual at this age. I'm not so worried about cleanliness - I keep on top of that.  

For the most part.

He doesn't seem to wanna play when he's dropped a load in his shorts. For that I am thankful!

Now, let me clarify, if that was all it was just a little alone playtime, if wouldn't bother me.  I don't really like being crouched down to chat with him though, just to turn around and find a willie poking his head out. Although there are worse things I guess.

And it's a little embarrassing when he's practically taking his pants off at Playcentre...happy just to have the freedom to play! 

OK. It's kinda cute. Well, maybe it's him that's cute.  

He's a smart kid too.  In the past he has got the muffin tray out of the baking drawer and put it in the oven. Empty, but still. & I swear he played a joke on me earlier today....
I was feeding him (he's a happy breastfeeder) and I was talking to him as I do. I mentioned something about him not hitting me in the face as I didn't want his peepee hands on my face.   He looked me in the eye, put his free hand in his trousers, then put his hand on my face and grinned. 


And I think in the end, that's the kinda thing I DON'T want to encourage. The thing that's kinda cute the first time, when he does it at home, but that won't make him any friends if he takes to doing it when we're round others....

But then he is a boy. I guess I should just accept that he's gonna have some nasty games and weird habits huh?   :OD

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blunders, Buttheads and Boobs

So it's October, and as such I thought I would talk about breasts. A bit at least.

But in hanging out on the interwebs I came  across some other things that caught my attention. Don't panic we will get back to breasts....I can't forget them. My life seems to revolve around them at the moment.

Firstly - Blunders.
I know everyone has heard of this, I'm a little late to the bandwagon. "You missed me am I to late?" "Nah, jump up on the cart!" Paul Henry (a breakfast show host, if you live under a rock and haven't heard the accompanying outcry) made some not nice comments about our Governor-General not looking nor sounding like a NZer. 

Henry's on TV, has been for a while now, he knows the impact he can have with a small sentence and could have chosen his words with more care. Hell, he's an adult! He should know better!

 But he made me think. And perhaps that was his point. I've read websites, listening to people spew their opinions on how horrific it was that he dared say such a thing! There are definitely 2 very divided schools of thought on what should be done with him - rightly or wrongly. 

-I- wonder what a New Zealander looks or sounds like... there is surely no way to pigeon hole us. I know that I don't often connect with my fellow sports mad countrymen, but this country does feel like home to me. I was not born here.  But this -is- my home.  
What else should mark me as a NZer?  

Ponder that with your weeties.

Next up Buttheads...and there have been a few this week. 

I'm not going to talk about the gay bashing that's been happening in the U.S, because so many more eloquent people are already on to it.  All that comes to my mind on that front anyways is, Who Gives A Fuck? who cares who you want to be? I don't care. As long as you aren't hurting others, then live your life. And if we meet and we get on, then that's awesome.

It's not my place to judge. Mostly coz I'm hoping like hell you ain't judging me either!! Plus, oh yeah, IT'S NOT MY PLACE TO JUDGE OTHERS. *gets off soapbox. end rant*

Growing up there was a movie I liked for a number of reasons called Parenthood (with Steve Martin among other greats). There are a many great lines, that I laughed at then, but as a parent/adult now are so much more poignant.
The lasting one for me, one I have quoted many a time over my years is this (or something like this)....."they make you get a licence to drive, but any old arsehole can be a parent" 
Case in point  these people worry me on a level that is hard to put into words...and more so that I know this kinda bullshit is the tip of the fucken iceberg of crappy parenting out there. Yeah yeah I hear ya we could be here all day with this one - yes there are good  parents/children out there that get seriously fucked over by the system. Yes there are kids who ARE better off with their parents, no matter how bad the parents are struggling. I get that. What I don't get is WHY THE FUCK *any* judge would think these are ok parents. The boy was crying. while. they. took. photos.  

My 9 year looked at the story and said "that's *so* mean!" A 9 yr old knows better.  

I'm flabbergasted. Speechless that people can be this dumb. this mean. 
And those that know me, know I'm not the most patient nor always the most compassionate parent I could be.  No matter how annoying a child may be (and I know annoying - meet #4 one day) they do. not. deserve. this kinda treatment.

And this. this is Buttheadery on such a LOW FUCKEN level it makes me want to hurt people. The people on the other side of the world who think getting on a soapbox, using a dead child and grieiving family as fodder for their cause.  sucky sucky sucky Aunt Becky  covers it quite well I thought. 

And this brings us to BOOBS.  Told ya I would get back to it. :OD
October is World (so it would seem if one is to believe Twitter, and why wouldn't one?!) Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is our site here in NZ. 

In my family we have been lucky to not have cancer. We have other issues...what family doesn't - health and otherwise.  But not The Big C.  And I am grateful for that. I had a scare with Baby Related Issues years ago, and that was enough for me. I am constantly amazed when I hear about/meet people who have or have had cancer. They are for the most part (and shit don't we all have bad days - it just wouldn't compare) so brave and strong and positive. 

From my BC years, while training one thing I learnt was that boys have mammary glands too. Which is uber cool, coz it means that *potentially* they can breastfeed too! One day soon my lovelies it will happen. Then I will get sleep. Ahhh, blessed sleep How I love thee!

Wait. what? oh yeah, boy boobs. What it also means that boys can get breast cancer too. Yeah it's a smaller proportion of the population, but it happens.

SO! I want to leave you with this. Fondle. 
Fondle, people. Examine your breasts. Get the mammograms. GIrls AND boys!

Fondle those breasts like there's no tomorrow (hell look at global warming. there might not be!) 

But! it may pay to ask permission before you "examine" people on the street. I know you're just doing your bit to help stop cancer. Sadly people frown on that kinda help.  :OD

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wheeeeeeere's your head at?

I have a hard enough time knowing what day it is in the world.  
Where I am supposed to be at any given time. 
What things the kids are doing. 
What I'm supposed to be doing that day.  If I can remember what day it is.

hell, I struggle putting a coherent sentence together (and yet here I am, choosing to do it on a regular basis. go figure)

Yet, it gives me a perverse little giggle to know that thanks to using an American site for this stream of consciousness I post in the past.

Take that Marty McFly!  I don't need no stinking DeLorean for this here time travel.   :OD

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh FFS - I want a do-over.

This morning I want to crawl back into bed and have the world magically make things better.  That's likely to happen right? yeah I thought as much.

here's the deal....
firstly I had to get up - that's always a struggle. Bed is so warm and snuggly. and quiet. Then there's the usual bickering at the breakfast table. ugh, so OVER inane squabbles! While feeding yougnest, and having cuddles (the nice part of the day) I discovered spots on his hands, then his feet....tried to see in his mouth, couldn't get past his teeth. I'm keen to know child's health but I'm not that much of a sadist. My children have sharp vampire teeth *ahem* incisors.

And dammit I had plans for today!! I made plans! Me. Who is happy in pj's hanging out at home all day. We were going out to see people. and now we can't. *mutter* *grumble*  stoopid sick kids.

We've had a bad run this winter with sicknesses (it's spring down here).  We've had Black Lung and Pony Flu. All of us. And let me tell you when you have 8 people sick in a house at the same time it's bad. A sea of used tissues. A symphony of hacking and gagging, sniffing and coughing. And Grumpiness! Oye!

I. Am. SO. Over. Sick Kids.

I don't wanna drag 6 kids to the doc to be told it's viral (I looked it up online! Hand Foot & Mouth = viral. NOTHING they can do for you. Plus it's communicable = keep child away from other kids. How The Fuck do I do that?! Lock him in his room?)

oh! and and and make sure they wash their hands to stop the spread. He's 15 months old. huh? *sigh* 

Can you answer me this...why are all the pics online Worst Case Scenario? Text books aren't much better. In my former life (an awesome friend of mine calls it BC - Before Child), I trained to be a nurse. I still have the books so I can look up things when kids are sick, and compare them to the pics to know whether I should start worrying yet or not. But the pictures are always so Nasty. Why would I wait that long before seeking help?!  What kind of masochistic parent do you think I am? I know I'm lazy, but that's just mean!!

Where was I?  I have no idea. I'm sure I had a point somewhere....*looks around*  maybe it's with my keys. Or the pairs of all those poor wee odd socks languishing in the bottom of the washing basket.*grabs a stranger wandering past*  HEY! have you seen my point??  No?

hmm...actually long story short, we went anyways. Don't look at me like that! I asked the mum before we went and she was ok with it. She has kids too, and is reasonable about it (Like most Playcentre mums I know). **

And actually now, with one child alseep and the others entertained by screens the day doesn't look so bad.  Even with grey clouds over head the washing has dried. I know that makes me a sad wee thing, I should be worried about so many loftier things. I do. I care about global warming, international crisises (screw it. spelling can bite me today), political idiots and the rising cost of living. It's important stuff. No, really, I do think it's important to care about such things.

But here and now, it's nice that I don't have to put the 3 loads of washing I have done today thru the drier. Dryer. (Aw crap. They both look wrong).

Now if I can just get dinner sorted,  kids fed & in bed before I lose my mind, or fall asleep standing then we'll be golden. I think maybe I'm just not a Morning Person. In fact I'm fairly sure of it.  I should be doing all this stuff at midnight. Then we'd all be happy.

I'm sure it's achieveable. Really. Somehow.    *sigh*   Maybe just not in my world. Where is my bed again?