Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think I gave birth to fish

Green snotty fish this week to be sure, but fish none the less.  

Yeah coz I look this hot when I'm swimming! and for those who can count, yeah I see it too, an extra fish. Does that mean I'm married to Flounder?  That just seems weird. and wrong.  Oohh.... Shiny!! (read this for enlightenment. while you're there read some of her other posts. I think she puts the O in Awesome! - But don't forget to come back here and finish).

What was I saying?  Oh yeah. Fish kids.
My kids love water, from Padawan thru to Monkey they will play with any drop of water they can get.  Let's take today as an example....
They have had a bath (Dude is home sick (ha!!) so when we got home from school drop off I ran a bath for him - his eczema has flared up - the Dynamic Duo and Monkey ended up in there too).  Altho the bath didn't last so long as Ginger Ninja pulled the plug out. Twice. 

I decided that 2 times putting more water in was enough.  Trying to do my bit for water conservation and all that....

By the time I had dressed one,  and helped others, fed Monkey, puttered round doing some other things: like have my own breakfast - crazy thoughts I know.  You know what? I can't give you an exact timeline, I was gonna try, but it's midafternoon now and I can't remember this morning accurately......

My point was that I have bathed children, wiped down the bathroom (they found the plug Bless 'em filled up the sink nearly to overflowing, emptying the flowing soap into it, and were washing a penguin). I asked them if this was the kinda shit that made me happy....Ninja smiled "Happy!"  ah, no.   This is the kinda shit that makes me cranky!

The wiping down of bathroom happened again when they washed their hands later too.  Very vigorous hand washing. With the tap on so full I can hear it from other end of house.  Awesome, Thanks. But I cleaned this room yesterday!!!

Since then they have been out in front yard with tap going. I foolishly gave them a bucket, saying when the bucket is full they have got enough. 

"Don't worry about her, that's just our mum Crazy Talk"  (I have hunted for the pic to go with this, but can't find it. While I looked world war III broke out in the kitchen over afternoon snacks so you will have to make do with this pic instead. sorry.) 

let's just say that it didn't slow them down any from getting soaked.  And I thought we had a repreve when we got back from school as they were all inside.....silly, silly me.  Yes I can hear you laughing at me *bwhahahahahaaa*

I just gave them a 20 minute warning of impending dinner and this was reply from Darling Girl "it's ok, I'm not that wet"
From SirTalksALot "NNOOOOOOO!"   Evil Mother that I am, wanting to feed my children. What the fuck is wrong with me?! 

So, I sign off to go dry off children for dinner - oh! dinner was cooked by Padawan this evening. Very Cool. He only had a little help from me, but I think he's actually learning stuff, and *shock horror* remembering what I showed him last time!! YAY!

This is somewhat how my front yard looks after the kids have been playing. Thank God the washing line is out back!  :OD  

Now to clean and dry some wet little fishes so we can eat, and before they freeze!  Bring on Summer!!

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