Monday, October 18, 2010

A little post from a tired wee fairy

So this is what was running in my head this morning as I had my shower.....
             "Lydia oh Lydia, say have you met Lydia, Lydia the tattooed lady...."

And sorry, but at this stage I lack the skills to imbed (is that even the right term??) the video, so I can only hook you up with a link to YouTube. (Hooray for YouTube having every type of video you may ever concieve of wanting to watch!!)

  I can't even tell you the train of thought that led to this being in my head, but hopefully it will now be stuck in your head too  *evil grin*

AND hopefully it will work better than the Alice the Fairy can just google Alice the Fairy though folks, that's how I found it. easy peasy.  I know, I know, extra work. But if you're really interested in the image, it shouldn't be that hard a thing to do.

I'm off to bed now, been feeling crappy today. Thought I was gonna puke in the shower this morning (not a new day I will tell you a few bits of my birthing history  OYE!) I think for some reason I'm just exhausted.  So best thing for it is bed! 

Life lesson from today - when making macaroni cheese you don't add the frozen peas to the pan you are cooking the onion in   *facepalm*   I can't imagine how fried frozen peas would add to the flavour.  And I don't wanna know!!  :OD

p.s...will have pics tomorrow again, just nothing exciting worn today. I can't be imaginative every day! :OP

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