Friday, October 29, 2010

*bounce* They're letting me out!

So here we are again my pretties.....friday afternoon.

I dunno bout you but I'm just hanging out for this evening. Not friday night drinks (sadly that doesn't really happen in my world - my "work mates" are too young for the Fun Adult Beverages).  Not coz it's the start of the weekend which means no work (that doesn't happen in my world are 24/7/365)

hang on.... I'm just realising this is a pretty shit job description!! yeah I know, hold your laughter, "-just realising- where the fuck have you been littletoastfairy?!  Asleep? Dead? Asleep while dead?"  no. *sigh*  just not paying attention. 

But you know what? Screw you hippy I can wear this to work.---->
Can you?  No? right then. Quiet down.  :OP

All I wanted to leave you with today was this and try this one then listen to this one too This is Brooke Fraser. I think she is amazing

Not because she comes from NZ (Wellington even?). 

Not because she strives to be Christ Like.  

But because she writes music that even after years speaks to my soul. 

AND  I get to hear her play tonight!!!  Yay for Captain Awesome Pants for letting me get a ticket!  Yay to my Big Lil Sis for coming with me! and Yay for hearing Live Music! How I have missed thee  *happy sigh*

so wrap your ears round this final one, then go out and buy the music for yourself - I know you'll want to own the cd. (She has released 3 so far. I'm sure there will be more to come!)  I'm outta here - got things to organise so I can escape the madness!!!   :OD 


  1. Ohh it was such a cool concert too!! Even if the chick who opened for her was a little melancholy. well... actually I said to my concert buddy after her third song "Thank goodness I didn't wear a belt or I'd've hung myself by now!!"... She's such a great entertainer huh!! and I always feel a little closer to God listening to her Albertine Tour CD. I goddit, wanna borrow it sometime? It rocks. xx

  2. Thanks, I found a copy of Albertine, so now I have all 3 on rotation. :OD