Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No words

I've had a few ideas for posts mulling round my brain the last few days. I was busy this morning weeding, digging over bark and taking greens stuffs to the tip from Playcentre. 

Then I got a text from my brother. In Christchurch.  

"Major aftershock, pretty exciting but am safe and sound :)"

Now, you kinda have to know my little brother to understand how laid back flippant and fearless he is. That's a typical statement from him, really.  This is a man who was burnt and nearly died when he was 6. It was a long journey to healing for all of us in the family (Captain Awesome too coz he was there when it happened, altho we weren't married yet).  He is amazing, my lil brother. I asked him when he was about 15 how he felt about his scars (they are almost head to toe down one side of his body. you can see them when he's clothed) his response?  "meh. Indifferent"

He had accepted that he had the scarring, to the extent that he didn't really think about it. He was, IS a funny, self depreciating guy (he found a comic online called Burnt Face Man and then found it amusing that his friends called him that!), he is caring, gentle, strong, amazing guy.....holy fuck. I've realised this is reading like a fucken eulogy! That was not my intention.

I'm not sure what I wanted to say today. I think my words were stolen once I got home, turned on the tv thinking it was just another big aftershock to discover it was so much more than that.

My heart goes out to the people of Cantebury. It felt like they were finding their feet after the earthquake in September last year.  Only to be kicked to their knees today. 

I have no words... I'm not an eloquent person. I'm glad my brother is ok.  I hope that he continues to be ok. I'm sure he will be out helping others. He was last time.

I pray and weep for those who are hurt, afraid, have lost loved ones or who simply are left bewildered by these events.  I am no one that can offer any comfort really. I'm just a lone voice among so many that feel for the people of Christchurch, watching from the safety of our homes, feeling blessed that we are not there, and helpless that we are so far away and unable to help.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

argh! it happened again

Drat that pesky Real Life getting in the way of online goodness!

I have been slack in posting again my lovelies, and for that I apologise. And you would think with all my Too Busy-ness I would have heaps to chat about. 

But no. Sadly no. 

Well, maybe a few stories..... excepting that's it's hot here today in ToastFairyLand and humid too to boot. So here I sit at 4 pm on a saturday in my pj's still. Thank fuck they are summer shorty pjs too is all I can say.  I would post a pic, coz that's what I do, post pics of what I wear. But Lovelies, I wouldn't do that to your eyeballs. It would be cruel. 

I am unwashed, undressed - in  a pj kinda way. I do have a bra on, so at least my stomach and boobs don't meld into one giant wobbling mass of Oh good lord *headdesk* that was an image you really needed wasn't it? I shoulda just posted the damn pic. 

It's not like there's not worse out there on the interwebs. *sigh*

any ways....here's a yummy pic.  Freshly baked buns that yours truly made for hamburgers for dinner tonight. If you've not been fortunate enough to try these (as made by me) then commense being *JEALOUS* NOW!    

funny wee story time now....."are you sitting comfortably? then I'll begin...."
Ginger Ninja is a deep sleeper. He tends to sleep in A Lot.  (but, you know what, I hear him chatting away to himself in the dead of the night, so maybe he just sleeps in shifts. who knows? Kids are weird).  Because of the sleepiness of him we make him wear a nappy still at night (he'll be starting school next term so it's not so bad. I guess I think "still" coz his twin SirTalks has been dry at night for months now. Not dry during the day mind you, but at night no problems. What's with that? Little Fucker)

Sorry, got sidetracked there with my disbelief that this kid can't get to the toilet in time. 

But not the child the story was about....Ninja. In Night Nappies.  So. He's fairly good at his self cares and when he started being capable of taking his nappy off himself in the morning, we started teaching him to put it in the nappy bucket (not the wash basket. thanks. they both live in the hallway).  Last week, I noticed a wee rash on his junk so thought it was due to the cloth nappies sitting next to his skin, and thought I would put him in disposables.  

I didn't think anything about it all, when we were getting ready for school and Playcentre. Weird. But I didn't even click to where he was putting his nappies in the morning. Monkey had had a bit of an upset tummy at the same time, so he was in disposables too. So after a couple days when Monkey was back in cloths I was putting his dirty one away and noticed 2 disposable nappies in the nappy bucket.  hrm

The kid is clever. The kid learns lesson well, and quick too.  Maybe a little too well.  :O/

And they say he has devlopmental delay.   Yeah Right. 

Leaving thought.....some shoes to say the things you can't.  Perfect footwear for crappy work meetings I'd say  *want* 

 oh yeah, and word of advice....bee stings hurt like a motherfucker.  Yay for baking soda!! Not only does it keep my house clean, smell free, cleans the toilet, unblocks drains and such with it's best friend white vinegar, but also it fixes bee stings. (altho it still hurt for aaaaagges)  
If you haven't got some. Get some!!  :OD

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Captain Awesome Strikes Again

I was on a roll last night, waxing lyrical about the wonder that is Captain Awesome.....

and the cool gifts he got me for Valentines. 

That he hid around the house.  and then the puter/webpage froze and wouldn't save my amazing thoughts.  *sigh*

Someone mentioned I looked like I was in dressups yesterday, with the sparkly shoes & my tutu. Captain commented "How is that diff from how you look everyday?"  Love Love Love Him :OD

So instead I will just show you the pics..... 
But he done well - soap (hush your mouth!! I don't stink!! much. *snigger* it's lovely stuff from Lush), AND a flower AND sparkles!! see? AWEsome Man.  :O)

The cool paper is what the sparkles was wrapped in. He chose that over valentines paper. He knows me well.  

This is the flower where he "hid" it. Now this is in the hallway and may not seemed hidden to all of you smart people out there, but for the last 12-13 years, he's walked in the door and handed me the gift. So it was lovely to find this one. Especially when we kinda lost the soap on the floor of the bedroom when we shoved my pile of clean clothes off the bed..... *ahem* hey! it was Valentines Day!  ;O)


Moving right along now.  :O)
Then when I went back to the kitchen to continue making dinner (oh yeah, and that failed too, coz by that time it was easier to feed the kids breakfast foods) I found the sparkly gift.  *grin*  He's such a sweetie to me   Look! It matches my shoes!!!  *swoon*  

so anyways enough of my gifts....

I was gonna catch you up on things, coz I have been slack about posting. Mostly coz I've been out ACTUALLY DOING SHIT. I know!  Hard to believe I have a life huh?  :OP

After all that happened last week, the Great Gardening Event and all, we both had a little bit of enthusiasm and got up to do some more on Sunday.  Which in itself is impressive coz we had gone out 10 pin bowling Saturday.  Mysteriously my arse hurt as a result. One cheek anyways...  How the hell that works I dunno.  Suckers for Punishment is what we really are.

Yeah, that's me dressed up all fancy for hitting the town  Can you feel the sarcasm?  *snigger*

so. after that. oh, yeah, and we both kinda suck at bowling. Neither of us cracked 100. But hell, Captain did it with Style Baby so it was all good. Lotsa laughter, and great to see some people we haven't had a chance to catch up with often.  Good times.

And then the garden. We discovered we have a wider path than I thought. Apparently he knew this. He doesn't tell me anything!! *sigh*  then with the weeds mostly moved away it was time to try and keep them away. Organically style. Coz that's how he rolls......
It's just like Christmas time. But with salt.  :OD  

Friday, February 11, 2011

oh yeah ;O)

Me with my Sexy On for Date Night....pffft.
So, date night is going well. We've managed it every week since that first time. 

Altho we haven't left the house again yet.  On Date Night. For a second there we sounded like total hermit recluse shut-ins.

And sometimes (like tonight) we're a little later starting that we would like coz of kids and 'things that need doing'..... Yeah, ok that last one is usually me. Captain is pretty keen to start cuddles on the couch while watching tv in the hopes it will lead to "cuddles" in the bedroom. *winkwinknudgenudge*  and who can blame him?  We do it so well.  Helloooo?  Six kids remember?? We've been practising!!  ;O)

So the distractions and late starts are all me. He is waiting, nudging me, asking if I'm ready to start Date Night. And I'm here - doing homework with one kid, folding paper with another, thinking about the Playcentre notices I need to get out, hearing the washing machine beeping "I'm finished!!!" and Darling Girl's togs she needs for tomorrow are in there, also the dry washing needs getting in, oh yeah, and I'm typing this!!

Also wanted to mention that Date Night has kinda turned into "Have a Glass of Wine Night" and NO KIDS this doesn't involve you it's the H-less kind.

So, I'm off now, to watch something with my Beloved, and eat naughty snacks. And most likely Get Lucky later.

If we could just get all these jobs done, and the cranky kids settled to sleep.....  :O?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Job Interview Attire

Well, ok to be fair it's only kinda a Job Interview.  
It was more a meeting that I was being discussed at with the hope of having the job after it.   I wanted to make a good impression, make them think I was up to the responsibility. Have those that may not know me to understand that I was serious, an adult, capable and all that.

But I still wanted to be me. 

So I got dressed up in my new boots ;O) (I got lotsa compliments!)

And wore one of my fav tshirts. "Start as you mean to go on" was Captain's advice when I asked if he thought it was appropriate....

I kinda knew I had the position - a bit of a give away when the person calling you sounds grateful that you're even thinking about doing the work! But there are formalities - I have to be nominated, seconded, voted in, that kinda thing. 

Also, it's kinda voluntary.... I get paid but it's not much. But I'm ok with that coz I'm passionate about Playcentre. I know it's a great preschool option for my kids, for all kids, for all families. I know because we've been living it for the last 10 years. I know that without the support network I have gained, alongside my kids education, I would be more of a mess than I am now. Playcentre saved me: my sanity, and possibly the kids too. And I know that sounds melodramatic, but fuckit parenting is hard. Parenting twins is hard. Parenting 6 kids under 12 is fucking hard. 

I don't know how my parents did it and stayed sane.  

Or maybe that's the thing that gives - your sanity. Your sense of self. 

But I don't want to lose that. In fact I think Playcentre and all the amazing people I have met along my journey, all the things I have learnt about kids, and myself, has helped me FIND MY SENSE OF SELF.

Playcentre has been there for me, as a safe haven. I heard someone sum it up beautifully this week, sadly as she was thinking of how a parent reacted to the loss of her only child.  Horrific circumstances that I wouldn't wish on any parent.... 

"Playcentre is  the Pakeha Marae." 

Maori people (the native people of New Zealand) always link themselves back to their home marae,  the place where they were born, where their ancestors came from. But often as Pakeha (non-Maori New Zealanders) we don't have that connection to a place, something to anchor ourselves. I have definitely felt that growing up. I'm of English descent, but with no real connection to a specific country or place.  My parents moved here when I was a toddler, our extended family is all overseas. I don't have that grounding in my life. 

Well, I didn't until I came to Playcentre.  

Flower is Playcentre, the stars are our kids
And that is it. That is why I stay even though I find it so hard sometimes, working with other people, helping out with kids I don't always get along with. That is why I went so far as to get the Playcentre Logo tattooed on my arm.  Because Ko Whare Taakaro toku Marae.  Playcentre is my home, my family. 

Not to undervalue my real family - for they are just as important. But this is about the 'home' that I have found amongst a group of not-always-like-minded-people, but people with a common purpose - to give all families the best preschool opportunity at education that we can give, while still being there with them as they grow and learn, to support other families on that journey.

And finally my time to give back has come. Finally I have energy and time (ha!!) to give back to Playcentre, to more than just my centre. To support it as a regional thing, beast.  ack. words are failing me now.....

What I'm trying to say is that, I started work today. As the Association Secretary. Big responsiblity. Scary. But cool. Exciting too. I am looking forward to the challenges, and getting to know what I have observed to be an awesome group of like minded passionate about Playcentre too people.  

And YAY for a lax dress code!!  :OD

Monday, February 7, 2011

Slash and Burn

I've had this shirt for years & years....
Every now and then when I walk the kids to the car, I notice that the front garden has gotten a little overgrown, AGAIN. 

Cue internal monologue "wtf? I only cut all that shit down like, oh yeah, it was 3 months ago. and green stuff grows. I forgot. Stupid green stuff" Stomp off to car to take kids places. 

Then, even less frequently I get the impetus to actually do something about it. It's actually good that I don't garden more often, coz I have a kinda, um, Slash and Burn approach. A Scorched Earth kinda landscaping internal plan. I seem to have not a lot of patience for plants that don't produce edible things.  I do allow the occasional pretty thing. Sometimes.

So I got the trailer from my folks, and altho it was already a little over half full, I figured we would fill it up then empty it  "probably not until next weekend"

hmm....so an hour or so later I had all this cut down and piled up ready to go.
They don't let me have power tools. And with good reason!!

And I only used a pair of lopers, a fork and a hand saw. *insert sccent here* And my Big Strong Muscles!!

I should probably have taken a before shot so you can see the difference, but I got swept up in the "doing" of the gardening!! And now I can leave it for a few more months. so YAY!!  :OD

Friday, February 4, 2011

That was quick

I was totally expecting to wait weeks for these but Yippee!!  My shoes arrived this afternoon!!

<-- still in my Playcentre clothes - I don't make effort when I know I'll be in the sandpit with the hose going full tit. But with my 'happy hooker' shoes on.   :OD

It was a much needed happy. I was asleep on the couch after feeling exhausted most of the morning, not so cool when it's my team day at Playcentre.  Luckily it seems we have a small group of kids on a friday, so the pills held my headache back enough for me to make it home & get Monkey to bed, then collapse on the couch to sleep - while listening to the Dynamic Duo watch a movie.  I'm not leaving them alone after the other day. Ok, so it was Monkey who got into my pencil case found a Sharpie and drew on the floor and walls of the Library, but still. I didn't need Captain grumping at me for not watching the kids.

Anyhoo.....happy feet now. 
Rejected shoe in background. They came in cool boxes too!  *sigh*
How's a girl to choose?!?

Pity about the rest of me feeling crappy. 

As for the rest of this week, life kinda "picked me up and shook me like a doll!" (yes we were watching monsters inc today)  I dunno where the days went. "I was working. Yes, I worked a lot" (diff movie quote) But I seemed to run out of time to blog. I guess that's what happens when you are back into the school dropoff&pickup grind. Then meetings and such at night.

It's only going to get worse....I officially put my name forward for the Association position. Should be interesting busy tho, not just busy chasing my tail with housework.

And I do wanna keep this up, so I will make time to post - if only to entertain you Dad ;O)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

oh wow really?!

I come to you a little bewildered today. I am on twitter and had clicked a link about kids starting school. The kid's name did it for me. Axel. 

Then came the line...."Axel.. who was excited to join his older brother Wolfgang."  really?!  people name their kids this way? I am speechless that people are that thoughtless.  It's really kinda mean. 

anyways....  on with other things.  This was me before my shower today (ewps!  pic fits in a little lower on the page). I am a lover of Lush. You know? soaps and other luverly stuffs? This is Love Lettuce. It's a face mask. "They" tell me it's good for yer skin. But you know "They". They lie all the time!  What else has They told you and hasn't held true? "They" say : "Be careful with that. You'll have someone's eye out with that!"  What?  underwear?! A toothbrush?! 

*ahem* sorry sidetracked. Love Lettuce. On my face. Altho it did make my skin feel all luverly and silky smooth, the process ain't pretty.  It looks as tho a Giant Mutant Caterpillar has vomited and exploded all over my face.  N'cest pas?

"you are a fluke of the universe, you have no right to be here. Whether you can hear it or not, the Universe is laughing at you behind your back!"

But...... on the plus side....somethings sink in whether you want them to or not. This is a good thing.  Captain Awesome has long maintained that Playcentre is not his place. It's mine. and the kids. So altho Playcentre has a Family/Whanau Inclusive Philosophy he does not often venture into the building. He can be dragged (almost kicking & screaming) in to help me clean up kids and take them home from family sessions, but generally speaking, he leaves it to me.

That much being so, I caught him doing something that a great Playcentre mum friend of mine talks about ALL THE TIME - Grabbing the Teachable Moment.  


He had bought some new computer parts and was about to put them in, when for some reason he decided that the kids might be interested. I dunno what thought processes led to this happening, but I'm not stupid enough to interfere!! Monkey was already abed, but called out to Pandawan, Darling Girl, Dude & The Dynamic Duo (SirTalksForeverUnimpeded & GingerNinja)  then proceeded to talk about what he was doing, why it's important not to touch certain parts, what the different bits were and what they did. 

THIS IS A PLAYCENTRE WAY OF TEACHING!!  I was so proud. He's such an Awesome Father. And it seems he's only getting better with age.  *bless*

As my brother so well put it the other week (altho I will admit he was referring to something else at the time, it still applies)......"See? THAT is why you married that bloke. Also, good choice :)"  
Awesome. Captain Awesome Pants. *grin*

Speaking of Awesome....this is Monkey tell me that "yes mum I CAN wear my boots and sandals at the same time!!"  Nice.  :OD