Friday, February 4, 2011

That was quick

I was totally expecting to wait weeks for these but Yippee!!  My shoes arrived this afternoon!!

<-- still in my Playcentre clothes - I don't make effort when I know I'll be in the sandpit with the hose going full tit. But with my 'happy hooker' shoes on.   :OD

It was a much needed happy. I was asleep on the couch after feeling exhausted most of the morning, not so cool when it's my team day at Playcentre.  Luckily it seems we have a small group of kids on a friday, so the pills held my headache back enough for me to make it home & get Monkey to bed, then collapse on the couch to sleep - while listening to the Dynamic Duo watch a movie.  I'm not leaving them alone after the other day. Ok, so it was Monkey who got into my pencil case found a Sharpie and drew on the floor and walls of the Library, but still. I didn't need Captain grumping at me for not watching the kids.

Anyhoo.....happy feet now. 
Rejected shoe in background. They came in cool boxes too!  *sigh*
How's a girl to choose?!?

Pity about the rest of me feeling crappy. 

As for the rest of this week, life kinda "picked me up and shook me like a doll!" (yes we were watching monsters inc today)  I dunno where the days went. "I was working. Yes, I worked a lot" (diff movie quote) But I seemed to run out of time to blog. I guess that's what happens when you are back into the school dropoff&pickup grind. Then meetings and such at night.

It's only going to get worse....I officially put my name forward for the Association position. Should be interesting busy tho, not just busy chasing my tail with housework.

And I do wanna keep this up, so I will make time to post - if only to entertain you Dad ;O)

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