Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Captain Awesome Strikes Again

I was on a roll last night, waxing lyrical about the wonder that is Captain Awesome.....

and the cool gifts he got me for Valentines. 

That he hid around the house.  and then the puter/webpage froze and wouldn't save my amazing thoughts.  *sigh*

Someone mentioned I looked like I was in dressups yesterday, with the sparkly shoes & my tutu. Captain commented "How is that diff from how you look everyday?"  Love Love Love Him :OD

So instead I will just show you the pics..... 
But he done well - soap (hush your mouth!! I don't stink!! much. *snigger* it's lovely stuff from Lush), AND a flower AND sparkles!! see? AWEsome Man.  :O)

The cool paper is what the sparkles was wrapped in. He chose that over valentines paper. He knows me well.  

This is the flower where he "hid" it. Now this is in the hallway and may not seemed hidden to all of you smart people out there, but for the last 12-13 years, he's walked in the door and handed me the gift. So it was lovely to find this one. Especially when we kinda lost the soap on the floor of the bedroom when we shoved my pile of clean clothes off the bed..... *ahem* hey! it was Valentines Day!  ;O)


Moving right along now.  :O)
Then when I went back to the kitchen to continue making dinner (oh yeah, and that failed too, coz by that time it was easier to feed the kids breakfast foods) I found the sparkly gift.  *grin*  He's such a sweetie to me   Look! It matches my shoes!!!  *swoon*  

so anyways enough of my gifts....

I was gonna catch you up on things, coz I have been slack about posting. Mostly coz I've been out ACTUALLY DOING SHIT. I know!  Hard to believe I have a life huh?  :OP

After all that happened last week, the Great Gardening Event and all, we both had a little bit of enthusiasm and got up to do some more on Sunday.  Which in itself is impressive coz we had gone out 10 pin bowling Saturday.  Mysteriously my arse hurt as a result. One cheek anyways...  How the hell that works I dunno.  Suckers for Punishment is what we really are.

Yeah, that's me dressed up all fancy for hitting the town  Can you feel the sarcasm?  *snigger*

so. after that. oh, yeah, and we both kinda suck at bowling. Neither of us cracked 100. But hell, Captain did it with Style Baby so it was all good. Lotsa laughter, and great to see some people we haven't had a chance to catch up with often.  Good times.

And then the garden. We discovered we have a wider path than I thought. Apparently he knew this. He doesn't tell me anything!! *sigh*  then with the weeds mostly moved away it was time to try and keep them away. Organically style. Coz that's how he rolls......
It's just like Christmas time. But with salt.  :OD  

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