Tuesday, February 1, 2011

oh wow really?!

I come to you a little bewildered today. I am on twitter and had clicked a link about kids starting school. The kid's name did it for me. Axel. 

Then came the line...."Axel.. who was excited to join his older brother Wolfgang."  really?!  people name their kids this way? I am speechless that people are that thoughtless.  It's really kinda mean. 

anyways....  on with other things.  This was me before my shower today (ewps!  pic fits in a little lower on the page). I am a lover of Lush. You know? soaps and other luverly stuffs? This is Love Lettuce. It's a face mask. "They" tell me it's good for yer skin. But you know "They". They lie all the time!  What else has They told you and hasn't held true? "They" say : "Be careful with that. You'll have someone's eye out with that!"  What?  underwear?! A toothbrush?! 

*ahem* sorry sidetracked. Love Lettuce. On my face. Altho it did make my skin feel all luverly and silky smooth, the process ain't pretty.  It looks as tho a Giant Mutant Caterpillar has vomited and exploded all over my face.  N'cest pas?

"you are a fluke of the universe, you have no right to be here. Whether you can hear it or not, the Universe is laughing at you behind your back!"

But...... on the plus side....somethings sink in whether you want them to or not. This is a good thing.  Captain Awesome has long maintained that Playcentre is not his place. It's mine. and the kids. So altho Playcentre has a Family/Whanau Inclusive Philosophy he does not often venture into the building. He can be dragged (almost kicking & screaming) in to help me clean up kids and take them home from family sessions, but generally speaking, he leaves it to me.

That much being so, I caught him doing something that a great Playcentre mum friend of mine talks about ALL THE TIME - Grabbing the Teachable Moment.  


He had bought some new computer parts and was about to put them in, when for some reason he decided that the kids might be interested. I dunno what thought processes led to this happening, but I'm not stupid enough to interfere!! Monkey was already abed, but called out to Pandawan, Darling Girl, Dude & The Dynamic Duo (SirTalksForeverUnimpeded & GingerNinja)  then proceeded to talk about what he was doing, why it's important not to touch certain parts, what the different bits were and what they did. 

THIS IS A PLAYCENTRE WAY OF TEACHING!!  I was so proud. He's such an Awesome Father. And it seems he's only getting better with age.  *bless*

As my brother so well put it the other week (altho I will admit he was referring to something else at the time, it still applies)......"See? THAT is why you married that bloke. Also, good choice :)"  
Awesome. Captain Awesome Pants. *grin*

Speaking of Awesome....this is Monkey tell me that "yes mum I CAN wear my boots and sandals at the same time!!"  Nice.  :OD

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