Saturday, February 4, 2012

Here Ya Go Da

So, my Da keeps asking me when I'm going to post again.....

and seeing as how I now having a snazzy jizzy new laptop - which in keeping with the Star Wars theme of things in our house, I've named it after this chick..... it seems appropriate  :O)

In searching for this pic I came across this  which really I shouldn't be surprised about  yet some how I am.

anyways, along with all the things that I've been doing lately - which coz it's been holidays has mostly been watching kids movies and reading books. Not edifying books. Have you been paying attention at all?!? 

well, maybe a little edifying - I get ideas of things to try out with Admiral Awesome ;O) Thanks Romantic Fiction!! 

Oh yeah, speaking of the Admiral - while we were away recently (we had a 90th to attend, was good to see his family again, albeit for a whirlwind short time!)  While seeing family, chatting with them about life the universe, 42 and everything, I realised that my husband is a fucken awesome man (I did have some clue, I married him afterall) and for the wonderful way he works hard to support us all, has a brilliant sense of humour (he was "live tweeting" the other day when I was trying to talk to him. "I've just been toilet. Now I'm talking to my wife. then I'm getting dinner. Look, I'm live tweeting" *eyeroll*  yes honey. you're funny.) 

where was I? oh yeah, the awesomeness of my awesome husband, plus all that stuff, he does things like sorts our finances so we can afford to buy me stuff, fancy stuff. AND HE PUTS UP WITH MY BULLSHIT.  so I decided he deserved a promotion.  Hence - Admiral Awesome.

With this new title he can now also tell when it's a trap (star wars reference. if you don't get it, google Admiral Ackbar)

so, the reason for this today?  Dad, you wanted to know what I've been up to?  

Mostly trying to get this out of my head, but loving it all the same.....

Now to do some more crotchetting - I will post pics tomorrow of my holiday projects completed.

Do the roar. Do  the roar. Do the roar.   Do it.   :O)