Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End Of The Year "Blues"


Starting the day at 6am is not my thing at all.  Especially when I haven't been able to get to sleep the night before and only really nodded off at 4am. ish.

Yay for good books. 

Not so yay for kids who decide 6am is daytime.

Needless to say this morning I had a Nanna Nap. On the couch while the kids watched tv. Woke up in time to put Monkey in bed.   Nice.

Then this afternoon I did this....

yup.  Racing Stripes. In the hope it will make me feel "Zippier" and able to keep up with the kids these holidays.

Not working so far tho.....  :O.

I dunno why but I can't take good hair pics.  I try.

oh, and Llearch?  "fucken kangaroos!"  :OP 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Y'all....

I was thinking I needed to write a post as it has been a while.....

But I am Le Tired. 

Had family gathering yesterday and it went better than I thought! yay!! My brother from London (one of) turned up - apparently Dad knew he was coming. Super cool to see him!

And then me, Captain Awesome, my Lil Lil Sis, her partner and my Big Lil Brother stayed up after putting the Tribe of Lunatics to bed - throwing a toy plane (which flies in crazy arse directions - we were constantly going over the fence to neighbour's place, climbing on the roof of our place to retrieve it!) balls and a frisbee around. Yes some of these were the kids presents. pffffffffttt  they were in bed.  :OP

Then we sat in the dark for a while, drinking gin.   Chatting till midnight.  How all good days should end I believe.

But then it was up for presents for the kids today. not so cool. 

Now the monsters are alseep again, and I think I will toddle off too. 

Take care of you and yours, probably see ya in the New Year - Captain is off work, the kids are on holiday, time to do stuff with them - which means I don't tend to get online that much!

oh yeah, the hair's now blonde. I will start posting pics again soon too  :O)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

ok, so I believe too.....

Mind you when it's 11 pm and all I wanna do is sleep.....

but Monkey has decided that to go to sleep he needs me rightnexttohimandpleasedontmoveunless I decide I    n e e d    m o r e    s p a c e   in the bed thanks mum! 

Oh happy joyful times. 

anyways, at times like these, then I'm just about willing to believe in Unicorns too.

Especially with this argument

He sells it pretty well I think.

Or maybe I just need more sleep. or something....  :O.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Something Had To Give

And I guess it was this.

Things have been kinda crazy lately. Mostly just that I've been crazy tired as much as anything else.  Weird.  I've had 2 naps in the last 2 weeks. 

Now, normally I will *rest* in the afternoons: read, hang out online, do a little low key housework maybe.  But this time I SLEPT.   Pity it didn't help overly much in the grand scheme, I'm still feeling whacked.  And my skin is going to crap - getting eczema in little spots all over.  Need to rest.  Anyone got any ideas on how I do that with Christmas holidays coming up?!? 

anyhoos..... Not helping with the feeling crap is that I badly sprained my ankle nearly 5 weeks ago. I've been seeing a physio. I had to. I never had before, but it just wasn't getting any better after 2 weeks of strapping it myself, icing it, resting it as much as I could etc.... It's still painful, still misshapen, still a little swollen. So I'm seeing a physio, and hopefully we'll figure out what's wrong and fix it. I'm SO FUCKEN OVER being in pain/discomfort all the time.

We don't talk about how I did it - long story short = I'm an idiot.

If you really really reaaaaally wanna hear the tale then you'll have to leave a comment. then maybe I'll tell ya.

On the up side tho, a local music shop found an album I've been looking for for *thinks* hmmmm, 15 years? since I wore out the tape version I had of it.  Been a nice coupla days revisiting music I love and have missed. 

As is per usual with me, I found a track that kinda sums up how life has been lately, so here it is.....  

Hopefully I'll find a way to post more often, coz I have missed it. But things, like I said have been a little busy, and other things have taken priority.....which is right. 

No less annoying tho  :O)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just call me pansy girl

Two stories today....

the other week I was telling a friend how Monkey wasn't really breastfeeding anymore. I had been out on a course all day with her and we were just chatting at the end.....

within 45 mins of me getting home, guess who was on my lap, curled up so his head rested against my boob, looking up at me like that damn puss in boots from Shrek. 

you know, this one

Then he says "please I want boob"

I offered "do you want milk?" (meaning of course cow's milk, in his bottle)

"No. I boob" 

Me: "you want boob? ok"
Him: "yes!"  fist pump included.  *eyeroll*

and what can I say? I'm weak.  But at least that time he fed properly. Not like the times after that when I swear he had, at MOST, half a dozen sucks.  "you done" "yes"  sheesh

So, suffice to say, the Jedi Mind Control Weaning "These are not the boobs you are looking for young one"  doesn't work so well.  *sigh*

Story number deux
Basically I'm a pansy arse. Well not entirely.

I have been thinking about a second tattoo, a littletoastfairy, for a while now. In fact have been in negotiations with an artist to design her.  Which is trickier than it sounds given I didn't have a definitive image in my head, nor can I draw much beyond stick figures.

But this guy - Simon Morse at ALC Tattoos in Cuba St - he is THE AWESOMESAUCE & GRAVY.

and yesterday he did the work for me.....so, here, meet liltoastfairy

She only took 2 hours, and it wasn't (mostly) as bad as I thought.  and totally worth it, coz I'm so stoked with it. Perfect.

The wussy part is that I was over at my parent's place tonight and kinda didn't tell them about it.  And I know my dad reads this *waves* "hi dad!" so they know now. 

Or soon will.

So, Sorry for being a fucken pansy arse, m&d, and not telling ya in person.
*runs away to Hamilton for the weekend*   :O)

Monday, November 7, 2011

love this

Hrm,  so much to tell. 

and no time now, so instead I shall share this.

I love this song. It's so beautiful, and comforting.

I will get to the other stuff - probably after the weekend. Sorry for the intermittency.  :O/

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dunno What It Is

Hey there.  Yeah I know. Long time no see.

I've mentioned having hundreds of kids right?  WHAT?! you missed that bit?? Go back to the beginning dammit. I put effort in there. I wrote all amount them and all.....  there's even some pics and witty annecdotes.  *eyeroll*   sheesh. Some people.

Where were we?

Yeah I can't remember either.  :OD

There's actually been a bit happening here, but mostly I've been too tired to write about it. And now? I'm still too tired to write about it, plus also? once I get started it'll probably end up being the monster long post from hell. It's long enough already for what I was going to write. 

So here what I was *actually* gonna share with y'all....

I was introduced to Simon & Garfunkel by an ex - I know!! Surprising right? I had time to meet other boys before Captain Awesome. SHHHHH!!  don't tell him  ;O)

It was in college (high school) and not really worthy of explaination or mention. He's a nice enough guy, but I was young and it didn't go anywhere. No dish, no secrets here. No dirty laundry either.  He made me a copy of their hits on tape - yes I am old enough to remember mix tapes!   Not 8 tracks tho.    :OP

But anyways he introduced me to Simon & Garfunkel - I had been vaguely aware of them, but in the same way you know the lyrics to Beatles songs growing up without actually knowing who the Beatles are.  A wee while ago I found a cheapish version of their greatest hits and have been listening to it on and off since.  There's a song that was on the tape he gave me, and album I have now, called The Boxer. 

And it gets me every time. Nearly every time I hear it, I well up and cry. I cant' tell you why. Not why I like the song. Not the association it has in my memory that causes me to react so. I'm totally at a loss as to why I listen to it over and over, crank it up loud when it comes on & singalong to it.  Today it happened again. weird.

It's not till nearlytill the end of the song, about 2mins 55sec.

Here's the bit again....

'In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade
 and he carries a reminders of ev'ry glove that layed him down
 or cut him till he cried out in his anger or his shame
"I am leaving, I am leaving..." but the fighter still remains....'

I've NEVER been a boxer.  Please someone explain to me why this song, these lyrics seem to speak to my heart?  *confused*  

But at least, I guess, I have cool music to muse to *shrug*
I also really like the next track Baby Driver and my mamma wasn't an engineer. Nor in the Naval Reserve.  Go figure.    :O)


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

oh yeah. a title. I always forget this bit....

a few things....

I did this last week..... coz why not?

Yeah I couldn't think of a good enough reason not to either ;O)

Today I was baking and I mentioned the slice had a "biscuit basey bit"  My brother sent me this link which made me laugh so hard I had to share it.  I've listened to it more than once now....

hmm, what else to share? 

Oh yeah - Captain Awesome is AWESOME and is letting me go to Nat Exec to play with the "big kids" of Playcentre!! And he's ok with me leaving Monkey behind with him. So YAY! weekend without the kids for me!  :OD

Then there have been these outfits, some days I'm not sure whether my dress sense is getting better or worse. This morning I just threw some leftover clothes (ie I had worn them once, but they weren't really dirty enough to justify washing them)  and came up looking like this...

Then there are days when I try and make a little effort.... can you tell the difference??

 But on the plus side, I FINALLY finished that scarf I was knitting. Oh I didn't mention it? yeah coz it was taking me forever!!  I have since learnt how to crochet (in my head it's *always* pronounced "crotchety" - doesn't that explain a lot!)  I went to the library with GorgeousGirl and learnt about making tiny crotchety animals called amigurumi.  So now I am making another scarf from crotchetyness - it's sooooo much faster. I'm nearly done and I've undone it about 4 times already to get it right!! Woot! 
Finished scarf in action

And lastly I leave you with more evidence that I am surrounded by lunatics, and there is no hope for any of us. 

This here is Monkey, my youngest. Already he's a fan of the "Wars"  *LeSigh*  :O{

Sunday, September 25, 2011


hmmm  can't sleep. 

Have been sore - achey joints in my arms & legs (knees, ankles, toes, elbows, wrists and fingers. Sing it with me!! Heads Shoulders Knees and toes, knees and toes....)  all weekend. Been having an extra nap during the day. Which is actually unusual for me. Sure I get exhausted. Sure I *feel* sleepy. But I don't usually *SLEEP*.  

So, I'm sick. and feeling crappy with it.  Actually, no. I'm just feeling sore. I haven't had a fever, no real other symptoms like you would get with a cold or flu.  Just really sore joints. 

and joy. I think Monkey has got it too. He just woke up (it's half 11pm here now) crying "ow ow ow"  That's about how I feel too mate.  Yay for neurofen. Not that it's helped me much.

Anyways..... why I'm here? coz I feel like this

I was hoping to go to Nat Exec (national Playcentre meeting in Nov) and Captain Awesome said that he didn't think he would be able to cope with the kids by himself. Plus that he thought Monkey wouldn't cope without me.

He's probably right. He usually is (even if I don't wanna admit it!) *sigh*

Still feeling bummed about it tho.  Wish he would say I could go. Hating that I have to ask (hey, look, the mature part of my brain understands a marriage is a partnership, and as such both parties have a right to say no. That without both people being happy with a decision the relationship is doomed. It's not the mature part of my brain that's talking right now.....)  Really hating that I have to ask. *sigh*

But I chose to be at home with the kids. I chose to let him be the breadwinner. I chose to let him handle the finances.  And I guess that asking if HE is ok with me leaving HIM with all the kids for a coupla days is reasonable even though part of my brain is screaming "but it's what I do everyday!!!"  it's still reasonable to ask first.

I'm just not happy with it.  And I'm not able to go to sleep.  yay.  :O/

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So, I know I promised pics yesterday - my dad ended up in hospital with a mild chest infection (it looked a lot worse than that when he went in) so that kind stole the better part of a day...

anyways, here's a bunch of pics  :O)

I dont even know what day this was from...any of them!

And I *finally* finished the scarf I've been knitting!

 :OD  Now I'm learning how to crochet - I'm being all crotchety!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm still here *madly waving jumping up & down*

So! I was gonna post about all the things I had been doing, and show pics of what I have been wearing - seeing as that is the way of this blog.

Except, as is the way of MY LIFE I am now too tired. 

PLUS to get the pics off the camera and onto the puter so I can upload them, I would have to disco' the internet. And I had already opened this here page - too. much. effort. *mutters* stupid laptop with only one working usb port.

Instead I also got distracted by a comment from a new person *waves hello to new person*  well, new commentor anyways who I didn't know. So I had to check out his page. Naturally!

Now, Captain Awesome is starting a movie, and I see my g&t next to me on the desk.  It's just too easy to go and watch the movie instead of doing all those awful "shoulda's"

you know..... "I should fold the washing"  "I should organise the agenda for my workshop next tuesday. and Really Should work out what I'm going to talk about at said workshop!"

But wanted you to know that I hadn't dropped off the edge. Just been trying to get some sleep (HA! *eyeroll*  sooooo delusional)  and been busy with everyday lifeness. yes, those hundreds of children I have and all.....

Pics tomorrow. Even if they is not labelled. It'll be like our very own guessing game!! :OD

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kids Movies That *I* Can Watch

Actually for the most part we don't have kids movies in the house that annoy the shit out of us adults, but this last week we have been home a lot as Monkey was sick.  

Then the dudes came to install insulation in the attic and under the floor.  So no going to work for me.

Then Monkey threw up last night, so again, no Playcentre for us.  

But that's ok, coz we've been watching Monsters, Inc.  And there are sooooo many great lines in this movie (it's Pixar - of course!)  It took me a while to watch it all, what with kids watching it while I did other stuff, but also coz I loved Pixar's first offerings so much it took me a while to warm to the new characters. 

But now, as I listen to the kids watching it for what I think is the 5th time this week - we have so many different movies, I limit them to one viewing of any particular movie per day! 

here are my fave quotes (and yes this would be cooler if I had a bunch of clips for ya, but I've got a headache, 3 kids behind me playing Lego Indiana Jones, and if you don't get the references? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? LIVING UNDER A ROCK?!? 

Find a copy and watch it. then come back and read the rest of my post. I'd say I'd wait for ya, but a) we all know that'd be a lie.  b) it's a movie - I have things (read "sleeping") to do!

But look out for these bits, which when I think of them make me *grin*  and even *giggle*  even if I haven't seen the movie in a while....

"23-19! 23-19!!!"

As part of the tv report about how a child has been seen/reported  "I tried to escape but he picked me up in his mind powers and shook me like a doll!!" 

When Sully offers to fill in the reports for Mike - " Pink ones go to accounting. Fuschia goes to purchasing. Goldenrod goes to Roz. Leave the puce!" 

The Janitor dudes have great lines all over the place, they are 'background' characters, but I love'em!  Particularly  Dude 1 "So I said, 'if you talk to me like that again, we're through!"
                                       Dude 2 "what'd she say?"
                                       Dude 1 "you know my mom. She sent me to my room."

Then there's the sequence when they're in the Himalayas with the Yeti...

 So, we've watched it again this morning, and I still love it  :OD

Monday, September 5, 2011


My brother visited today. 

It's sooooo awesome having him in the same city as me again. 

Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think we've lived in the same city since '95.  Some AWESOME times I tells ya.  Fond memories.

So anyways, he was around today, mostly to just visit. But he vacuumed as well. How awesome is that?!  He visited so he could vacuum my house coz I bemoaned doing it. 

and we had lunch, chatted, hung out together (not in the literal sense. That would be weird. he's my Brother).

Then he sent me this.... 
I know I just posted it to my facebook page, but it is TOTALLY worth posting again.

*giggle*  *snigger*   *snort*  oh, I'm sorry, I'm just picturing a flooding planet of kittens......  I'm a little twisted like that. Had you not noticed?   ;OD

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more "random" music....

A friend commented on my that last post that the last song was 


I replied that thanks to my eclectic upbringing, and some other odd influences over the years I have a, um, strange (well I think it is) collection of music stored in my head. And I have no idea what will pop into my head in the mornings. Usually in the shower. 

If I have enough time in the morning to stop for a second in the shower and let my brain float.

So this evening I was loading some music onto my new toy. love. phone. I came across this band which another awesome person introduced me to. I met this person through my brother, (or was it my sister?) on twitter. She is, I will admit, a little kooky. But in such a cool way. She is the awesome person I wish I had the guts to be.  *girl crush*

So @ZeroKNS this is one's for you. Wherever you are, stay safe, hope to "hang out" again soon!!

Oh! just found this one - it's a cover, but very very very cool....

Oh, alright! Here's another one by them....but after that you'll have to youtube them for yourself ok? ;OD  (AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes is good)


Monday, August 29, 2011

huh. weird.

This morning a friend invited me to a coffee group thing, which would have been nice to go to.

Instead I felt like this.....

Then I was hanging the washing out, and contemplating why I should be feeling this way. 

I have a ToDoList, but it's no longer than it normally is, and altho Monday is a fairly busy day for me, it's about the only one I have that's like that.  Well.   I do have half a dozen kids, but I should have adjusted to that by now. Shouldn't I?!?

Then this song popped into my head along with the thought "it'd be nice to feel like this"

needless to say, I'm in a weird space.

Again.  I think probably I should just find a way to get more sleep.  *snort*  like that'll happen.

In the meantime I'll leave you with this, courtesy of my brother Llearch *hugs* thanks for this one - it's my new fave (I was humming it at Playcentre this morning even tho I don't yet know the words all right)  You'll understand why when you hear it  :OD


Sunday, August 21, 2011

today.....and tomorrow....?

This is from my history - used to listen to this album a LOT. Then tapes were phased out and we had kids so I never updated all my favs onto cd.

But in the wee hours of this morning, due to various things (things that aren't entirely clear in my head yet, so I'm not gonna start rambling in circles about them) it popped into my head again.

I would say enjoy - but it's just not that kinda song. Well, musically it is. Love the drum and bass......

anyways, it's about where I'm at today.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tutu Pics And other things....

I was gonna post this earlier today, but I got distracted - I know I know! It's ALWAYS SOMETHING with me!!

But this time I have a legitimately awesome reason for postponing the post - It snowed at my house again!!  

In fact it snowed for hours even.  I HAD to go out and throw snow at people, and build snowmen.

Had to.

anyways....more on that later - when my dad sends me the pics as I in my excitement about the snow forgot to take my camera with me *facepalm*  

So!  my new tutu 

And some other things I've been wearing in the last week - it's been a good week for me, outfit wise really. Be a shame not the share it with ya!!  ;O)


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

stuff & things

This is not my new tutu. It's my AWESOME silver skull stripey socks  :O)
I have an awesome new tutu!

Pics will follow - thanks to Captain Awesome we no longer have a Library, we only have an Office.  (ignore the fact that the "Library" shelf hasn't yet been moved from the room!)  We have 2 puters in the one space. and due to plug placement, or lack thereof, I have to use wireless with my puter (the laptop) which means, as the laptop only has one working USB port (yes it's on the list of things to replace....) I have to change my thinking about how I do this blog.  

That wasn't very clear was it?  Is it obvious I'm writing this far too late at night??

I feel bad for not posting more often - but I have been writing Policy, having kids off school, busy busy days. Not enough rest etc etc....

As for the photos - I have to download them to the puter  BEFORE I connect to the internet (which is where I write my blog) and I haven't changed that habit yet.

All this to say, I will endeavour to post pics tomorrow, but didn't wanna leave ya hanging - not that telling you I have a new tutu is much use without the pics.  You'll just have to believe me when I say it's AWESOME!!!

and now, I'm off to bed.  I is a tired wee fairy.  nighty night  *wave*  :O0

Saturday, August 6, 2011


So, I was gonna post a couple of times this week.....

And then I thought I could write something today - it seems I have a little more time and energy for this sorta thing on the weekends.

Sadly, that's not going to happen today. I have spent the week having meetings, mostly about that stupid ECE taskforce (and I would post links but I'm too tired - sorry for the slackness)....
Also, I am still fighting this cold. It's dumb. I'm not SICK sick, but more that I am weary. ALL THE FUCKEN TIME.  Again not enough to be useless, but just enough to be dragging my arse around. So while Captain Awesome has had 3 days off work this week sick, and I've had combinations of kids off school 4 out of 5 days this week, I have had to for the most part keep going. OK, I did spend a fair bit of tuesday in bed, but asides from that.

And how is it that when I'm sick things like cooking dinner, the washing, dressing kids & such are all still expected to be done by me? I know I know I'm the Housewife = it's the job description. But it bugs me that when I'm sick I still have to do them.  

Probably not a new complaint in mum-land so I'll leave it there.

And instead of my whining rambling bullshit I'll share a tune. It's what I was gonna post anyways, so you didn't think I'd forgotten all about ya   
Hope ya like it as much as I do :OD

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hey Wooooooooody!!

Remember all that wood we got earlier in the year?  Yeah this big arse pile  

Well, we've managed to burn through all that already....

So, yesterday we got another lot delivered. Thankfully it was only half as much as last time.
Thankfully also we had help shifting it too - not just our kids, but my sis and brother helped out too. Thanks guys!  The cutest was Monkey tho - he raced outside in his boots, and after pushing his lawnmower round for a bit, started picking bits up saying "I's  help. I's help"  All the way to the end of the drive and back.  

One time he even returned a piece to this pile. Which was the pile we were moving.

Lucky he's cute  ;O)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Protesting We Will Go

So. I promised talk of the protest?

It went REALLY well. I was blown away by how many people came. And with how amazing they were - it wasn't a yelly nasty protest. It was a peaceful family picnic event, just like Playcentre people do the best.  With balloons, singing, dancing and a bit of silliness.

Yes we had some MPs there. But it wasn't like some people thought it was (not looking at you Anne Tolley, Minister for Education)  She seemed to think it was a Labour event - WTF?!?  
These next shots are taken with me standing up on the corner of the statue that stands in front of the Parliament buildings, and haphaazardly (as is my way) panning around to show who and how many were gathered

Totally Awesome!!  :O) 

 Sorry, I lack the technical skills to make it into one streaming shot..... but you get the gist of it right?

But anyways..... It was great. Woulda been nicer if I hadn't almost lost my voice that morning. Thank you oh so very much to my friend R who helped me corral my kids all day!  And to my kids for being well behaved.  Typical Playcentre kids that they are tho, we go to Parliament for a picnic and one of them came home covered in dirt anyways.... *facepalm*

Apparently Dude was playing running around games with Padawan and slipped.  uh-huh.

I really shouldn't expect anything else from *my* kids by now should I?

on the plus side tho, I have PURPLE hair now  #WIN!!   :OD

Monday, July 25, 2011

this week gone

Hey there stranger I hear you say.....

Sorry about that, things have been brewing here - government commissioned (in fact spent $154,000 or was it million - no that seems too high. But maybe it's not) on a taskforce, whose report is recommending cutting 63% of our budget. Oh yeah, I mentioned this afore haven't I?

Sorry. So the last week has been spent organising a Picnic at Parliament kinda protesty thingy. Somehow I have ended up as the head of it. I have had conversations with our Federation Co-President (that's National level people), and the Operations Manager (another Fed person)  plus ringing Security at Parliament, an email sent straight to me from NewstalkZB!

It's been a busy busy week. Coz I also had paperwork I was chasing from the end of term (stoopid stats forms from the Ministry of Education).  But those are mostly done now.

So I was gonna post about some funny things Captain Awesome has said lately....but I was busy, and now I forget them. Or remember them, but not the context. So not much use.

Then today we had SNOW!!  My wee home town had real actual down to the ground snow. I don't recall it ever looking as thick as this.  I have pics.

Sorry to say though, I'm feeling a bit crappy - can feel a sore throat coming on. Monkey is full of yummy green snot and subsequently had me up 3 times (he can get out of his bed, crawls into ours for a feed whenver he wants. In fact he only feeds at night now!) last night.  And Captain just suggested watching a movie together.

So I'm off to do that. I will post pics tomorrow of snow, and such other things that I have been thinking about during the week - I've run out of energy to do it now. 

Plus, I will def have some pics later in the week, from our wee jaunt to harrass those idiots at Parliament have a Picnic at Parliament.  Should be good times. Dunno how I got to be in charge, but Look Out MPs - Here We Come!!!  ;O)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Wow.

Sun's not even awake yet & we have milk delivery

This is the kinda thing that happens with Playcentre people. 

This is the kinda thing that keeps me coming back to Playcentre even after all the hard work, after 11 years. It's my turangawaewae (my place to stand),  My Home.

Playcentre people rock. And not in a "back and forth with a little bit of drool coming out" kinda way.   It's more of a "Wow that is so AWEsome!!" kinda way.

I'll explain.

I was at a Playcentre meeting last night, discussing ways we can stand up to the Government's taskforce's recommendations which in theory, on paper, sound like really good ideas. But in reality are pushing parents towards teacher-led Early Childhood Education, cutting funding dramatically (upwards of 60%) to "other" ECE services like Playcentres and Kohanga Reo.  The interesting part of it is that the taskforce is called "An Agenda for Amazing Children" and they want services that support families, the communities, allow for Special Needs children to have access like typical children, for it to be affordable for all socio-economic levels of society. And how do they propose this happens??  By institutionalising Early Childhood Education - Teacher-Led, in huge centres (coz at the same time Ministry of Education is changing Licensing and allowing for centres to go from having no more than 50 kids at a centre to up to 150 kids!!)

The statistics they use to support their argument are from the US, which is ok, except that we have a different style here in wee NZ, plus the stats they quote and the argument they make don't quite match up.....

In essence they are taking away the parents choice to CHOOSE to stay at home if they want. Discounting parents as first teachers, and forcing parents back into work. Don't misunderstand me - I'm not saying teacher-led ECE is evil. Just that parent-led has a place too. And the kids learn just as much as at the teacher-led services (we follow the same cirriculum, and licensing requirements AND the same regulations. thankyouverymuch)

Ugh.  Read the report, if it makes you wanna spew, like it does us, then please please please fill in a survey (the links are all there in the first link). It's a public consultation - so ANYONE can respond, you don't have to have a child in ECE right now.  I believe the changes they are suggesting will effect society as a whole, adversely, but sadly that we won't see those effects for a while yet, until it's too late.  We've had a taste of it already, and it ain't pretty.

But where is the good in this tale?  I know it's here somewhere, *looks around* this was supposed to be a positive post!

OH YEAH!! That's it - Playcentre People Are AWESOME!!

I had mentioned at the meeting last night in an aside that I needed to get milk for breakfast. Then I ended up staying there, finishing up a few things (organising a train trip/march on Parliament) and missed getting to the shops in time to buy said milk for breakfast.

I may have commented on this on facebook.

But the cool thing? this morning I was awoken (after the child came for a feed at 5am - ugh!) by a Playcentre friend trying to get in our crazy lopsided-so-it-sticks gate with a bottle of milk so my kids can have breakfast. My eyes weren't even open properly yet.

I had watered down the milk we had left in the fridge so I thought we'd be ok.

<-- The original Half-in-Half  :O) Yup. That's half milk & half water! (tricks of the trade of being a mum of millions!)

I can't help but sit here in my sleep deprived state and ponder whether this is the kind of community building and support that the Government is trying to foster with the recommendations. And whether this is the kind of thing that Kindy or DayCare parents do for each other.  

I don't know the answer to that - I'm a Playcentre mum through and through. I know no different. I see the value in having parents as teachers, in having a "village" help me raise my kid (hey! isn't that a famous saying from somewhere?!), I take joy in being able to be there with my kids in their formative years and in learning SO MUCH about their development AND my own as we go.  I know that Playcentre has made me a better parent. A better person. 

And I weep that the government thinks that a New Zealand initiative isn't worth what so many voices are saying it's worth. What so many families know it is worth. And not just coz it's Kiwi-born - but because it really does Grow Amazing Children. 

No Agenda needed.  We Already Do It!!

Plus shouldn't we be encouraging something that fosters relationships such that you get milk delivered before the sun rises by someone on their way to work?? That's a community I WANNA be a part of!!  :OD