Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kids Movies That *I* Can Watch

Actually for the most part we don't have kids movies in the house that annoy the shit out of us adults, but this last week we have been home a lot as Monkey was sick.  

Then the dudes came to install insulation in the attic and under the floor.  So no going to work for me.

Then Monkey threw up last night, so again, no Playcentre for us.  

But that's ok, coz we've been watching Monsters, Inc.  And there are sooooo many great lines in this movie (it's Pixar - of course!)  It took me a while to watch it all, what with kids watching it while I did other stuff, but also coz I loved Pixar's first offerings so much it took me a while to warm to the new characters. 

But now, as I listen to the kids watching it for what I think is the 5th time this week - we have so many different movies, I limit them to one viewing of any particular movie per day! 

here are my fave quotes (and yes this would be cooler if I had a bunch of clips for ya, but I've got a headache, 3 kids behind me playing Lego Indiana Jones, and if you don't get the references? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? LIVING UNDER A ROCK?!? 

Find a copy and watch it. then come back and read the rest of my post. I'd say I'd wait for ya, but a) we all know that'd be a lie.  b) it's a movie - I have things (read "sleeping") to do!

But look out for these bits, which when I think of them make me *grin*  and even *giggle*  even if I haven't seen the movie in a while....

"23-19! 23-19!!!"

As part of the tv report about how a child has been seen/reported  "I tried to escape but he picked me up in his mind powers and shook me like a doll!!" 

When Sully offers to fill in the reports for Mike - " Pink ones go to accounting. Fuschia goes to purchasing. Goldenrod goes to Roz. Leave the puce!" 

The Janitor dudes have great lines all over the place, they are 'background' characters, but I love'em!  Particularly  Dude 1 "So I said, 'if you talk to me like that again, we're through!"
                                       Dude 2 "what'd she say?"
                                       Dude 1 "you know my mom. She sent me to my room."

Then there's the sequence when they're in the Himalayas with the Yeti...

 So, we've watched it again this morning, and I still love it  :OD


  1. Great movie - one of our staples when the kids were 4ish - 6ish. We just saw Despicable Me - also fantastic, so many great lines.

  2. Ah, the Janitors. *snicker*