Monday, September 22, 2014

Humming Along.....


I know now why I was feeling so crappy when I lasted posted....I was coming down with the flu!


So, I know I said to myself that now Monkey has started school, and I am officially a "Lady of Leisure"  *snort*, I was going to post more often.

Yeah. Have I mentioned I'm shit at setting goals and sticking to them?? 

Anyhoos...things are good here. Usually busy and craziness.  The Chickens who stopped laying over winter have started again, altho Soup, who have never laid, started harrassing Leia, so we killed here the other weekend. She was a tricky one to gut so I gave up after accidentally pulling off her venthole.

I kid you not.

Best not add any words to that.....

So moving on.  This is my hair now.  I went thru a stage of keeping it real short, with a mohawk, then it went a bit wrong so I started over (read: shaved it all off)  and then finally let it grow a bit. this is hard as I have not a lot of patience.

Anyhoo....this is me trying different stuff so I don't get bored with it and shave it off again!

I  like it tho, so although it takes a bit of maintenance I've had this in for over a week now.  And funnily, it was Admiral's idea to do the different colours, I just had it up in the hairties. Yes, conservative Admiral suggested this.  Gotta love him for continuing to keep me on my toes, surprising me. 

So, Monkey is doing awesome at school, when I thought he would need another term before he was ready - yay for pleasant surprises!! My Big Brother is coming back this way soon, so I'm excited about that too! 

And now I must sign off and do shopping and other works stuff - you know Lady of Leisure activities  *snort*  Leisure my arse  ;O)