Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Wanna Hang With These Guys....

There have been over the years many clips and pics about parenting.

I'm sure there will be many more.

This is my fav at the mo, it's so fun. I love it! I reckon the folks would be fun to hang with too. I can't imagine being able to do this with a straight face....

anyways, Enjoy!  :OD

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

9 Sleeps And Counting....

Fuck Christmas.

Yeah I said it. 

Fuck Christmas, I'm counting down to something much more important.

My Little Big Brother comes back to my timezone in 9 sleeps and counting ;O)


I have missed him. I've missed his help around the house when I'm feeling lazy, but more than that, I've missed hanging out with him. Talking about life, the universe and nothing in particular at all. He's so awesome.

I have heard talk that he isn't staying for very long, heading back out into the big bad world to seek his fortune or somesuch. I'm really hoping the rumours are wrong. Fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed they are wrong.

9 Sleeps to go......  :OD

 I Hate Waiting.....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Beginnings, Same Journey....

So, big news of the last week is that we had our Playcentre Association AGM on Friday.

I have been meaning to post about it, but you know. Life.

Anyways, due to some of the extra boys and pieces I have been doing over the last we while I have Ben upgraded to Assn Co Vice President!

Very cool that folks think I can do the position justice - Altho to be fair the job description is "support the Co Presidents and do tasks as they direct" let equal vagueness   :-$ which is what I've been doing as Secretary anyways.

Plus we now don't have an Assn Secretary so I'm still kinda doing that role in the interim...

In the near future tho we are looking at a restructure, coz what we're doing isn't sustainable. *shakes head* it hasn't been sustainable for quite a while, hence only having 10 people stepping up to take on roles.  things in the universe have aligned now and we are grabbing  the opportunity of getting some expert help, so YAY!

What I really wanted to say was that all in all I still think it's kinda funny that folks think I am worthy of responsibility.... I mean look at me!   ;-D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Playcentre Cupcakes....

So, we had a shared morning on session on Monday to farewell a wee chap off to school. He has been at our centre since before he was born. He is the youngest of 5 siblings, so it was also mum's last session.... After 11 years.

A big deal then. A significant event you could say.

I wanted to make something special. I decided on cupcakes. Not something I make often. In fact I think I've made them once before.

And in true Playcentre style it was a learning experience.  Here's what I learnt....
I learnt that cupcakes are hard to get right. And even harder to ice if they are not made right.
I learnt that the recipe makes more than 24 cupcakes if you want them to come out pretty and dainty like the picture. You can make 24 but expect them to be exploded over the top and all joined together.
I've learnt once again to appreciate the Playcentre ethos "it's the process not the product" they weren't the prettiest most perfect cupcakes in the end but they must have been yummy coz they were all gone!

Most importantly I learnt that it's stupid to get distracted by angry birds star wars for a couple of hours and START baking something I'm unsure I can do well at 930pm on a Sunday night!   :-)

The following are pics of the process and product, this I took to Playcentre and those I decided weren't good enough for other children and fed to my own....    :-D

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shitting Kittens

Thankfully not a literal situation.

Not even figurative actually.  I just wanted a title that referred to kittens  :O)

Of late I've been obsessed with getting a cat. Which is weird coz it's not like I'm not busy with 6 kids and all.... Plus I'm not really a pet person. But Admiral is, he grew up with cats and would like to have one again I'm sure. I grew up with pets in the house too, had a dog even that slept in my bed from when it was weeks old. He was lovely. He's buried at my parent's house under a tree. 

Anyways, another factor is that one or more of our kids may possibly be allergic to cats. Hard to tell, they have eczema but one in particular gets puffy eyes when we go certain places - like nanna's place. When she had a cat. But he was long haired. (The cat. not the kid. Although sometimes the kid is a long haired muppet....) Where was I?  oh yeah, the kid didn't seem to have a problem at other places where there were cats so who knows??
But I wouldn't want to get a cat then have to give it away again coz a kid is getting ill. 

*puzzled look*  that's not where I started with this thought train tho.... it was about how I've been looking at getting a cat for a while now. *thinks* actually it's been about a year now. Wow. And yeah, weird, coz I'm busy and barely coping somedays with the burdens I already carry, the responsibilities I already have. Why the FUCK am I considering adding to these?? 

Crazy woman. Crazy crazy woman. 

A friend suggested that it was a nesting/mothering urge coz my youngest is 3 now and I know I'm not having any more. How mental is that tho?? when I've never been clucky before?? *thinks* actually I have been loving young babies and getting smushy over them for the last wee while too...... aw crap.


All this has come to a head tho, coz in the past although I've looked at kittens online and dreamed, it's not come to anything.  And then last week my friend's kitten had kittens and I found myself all excited  about the impending birth, wanting updates and such. Just like I do when my human friends have kids.  Oh dear.

And now, having seen a pic of the surviving 2 kittens, I want one. It's sooo keeewwwwt!!! *squee* 

*facepalm*  like we can really afford it either.....have 6 kids to feed, clothe, house & pay for schooling etc etc etc.

Maybe that's why although he loves cats, and in time wants another, Admiral is less than keen on a kitten - it's just another mouth to feed with doctors visits to pay for  :O/

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brothers Are Awesome....

We'll mine are. My second eldest brother visited last week for 4 days. We saw quite a bit of him which was unexpected and lovely.

It was lovely hearing my kids excited about "uncle"  they have 5, but this was one they only see once a year if we're lucky coz he lives on the other side of the planet.

It was also some much needed silliness and help. He turned up to take my kids to school & bring them home. Only had to provide coffee which I don't mind in the least coz it's an excuse to have one myself!  Winwin  ;-)

Plus it was a nice reminder that my I other brother will be back soon.... Yay!

Sidenote: talking about my brothers always brings Junior Asparagus' voice to my brain  "I have a lot of brothers  :-\ " 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kids are weird

My kids are weird. I dunno if they are weirder than most  but they sure seem that way to me....

Last night Monkey fell over & came for a kiss better. I am so glad this works for him. Slightly less happy when he said  "ow. Kiss my bum better"

Then this afternoon SirTalks & Ninja decided this was the best place to exit the school. Forget the huge gates, let's go to the far end of the field and climb over the corner of th e fence   *facepalm* 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So, it's been a while since I've posted.  Let's just put it down to having 6 kids = life gets busy.

And when it's not crazy im thinking about sleeping...

Not sleeping you'll notice. Thinking about it. I would say dreaming about it but that would involve being asleep!

Ages ago I dropped my phone. It didn't survive.  Turns out Admiral Awesome deserves his title. We knew this tho. He worked out that it was the cheapest option to buy me a fancy pants phone  woohoo!

I decided then that I could write blog posts on my phone while for waiting for the kids outside school.  Do I need to say this is th e first time I've managed to do it?? 

Hopefully it will become habit & I'll get back to posting more often. I do miss it. And you guys too, when you comment...   ;-)