Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shitting Kittens

Thankfully not a literal situation.

Not even figurative actually.  I just wanted a title that referred to kittens  :O)

Of late I've been obsessed with getting a cat. Which is weird coz it's not like I'm not busy with 6 kids and all.... Plus I'm not really a pet person. But Admiral is, he grew up with cats and would like to have one again I'm sure. I grew up with pets in the house too, had a dog even that slept in my bed from when it was weeks old. He was lovely. He's buried at my parent's house under a tree. 

Anyways, another factor is that one or more of our kids may possibly be allergic to cats. Hard to tell, they have eczema but one in particular gets puffy eyes when we go certain places - like nanna's place. When she had a cat. But he was long haired. (The cat. not the kid. Although sometimes the kid is a long haired muppet....) Where was I?  oh yeah, the kid didn't seem to have a problem at other places where there were cats so who knows??
But I wouldn't want to get a cat then have to give it away again coz a kid is getting ill. 

*puzzled look*  that's not where I started with this thought train tho.... it was about how I've been looking at getting a cat for a while now. *thinks* actually it's been about a year now. Wow. And yeah, weird, coz I'm busy and barely coping somedays with the burdens I already carry, the responsibilities I already have. Why the FUCK am I considering adding to these?? 

Crazy woman. Crazy crazy woman. 

A friend suggested that it was a nesting/mothering urge coz my youngest is 3 now and I know I'm not having any more. How mental is that tho?? when I've never been clucky before?? *thinks* actually I have been loving young babies and getting smushy over them for the last wee while too...... aw crap.


All this has come to a head tho, coz in the past although I've looked at kittens online and dreamed, it's not come to anything.  And then last week my friend's kitten had kittens and I found myself all excited  about the impending birth, wanting updates and such. Just like I do when my human friends have kids.  Oh dear.

And now, having seen a pic of the surviving 2 kittens, I want one. It's sooo keeewwwwt!!! *squee* 

*facepalm*  like we can really afford it either.....have 6 kids to feed, clothe, house & pay for schooling etc etc etc.

Maybe that's why although he loves cats, and in time wants another, Admiral is less than keen on a kitten - it's just another mouth to feed with doctors visits to pay for  :O/

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