Saturday, May 28, 2011

so it seems.....

You can take the child out of Playcentre.

But you can't take the Playcentre out of the child.  Which in most cases I am grateful for. For as I have said before, I think Playcentre is marvellous. 

Not so much on Friday. When I came home from work (doing some extra stuff for the Association, that took most of the day) to find not my usual one preschooler being looked after by my wonderful friend,  but two. A smiling happy SirTalksForeverUnimpeded was home too. 


He didn't look sick. Smiling at me through the window as I walked into the house.

Then I heard why he was home.

And then I got an email from the school with this  ---->


Like it wasn't bad enough the day before when he got so wet he needed a complete change of clothes. 

How did the teacher put it?  oh yeah....

"I found your kid in a puddle today. he was so wet you could wring him out!"

  I should be glad, when I look at the pic that he listened. I had told him he wasn't to jump in puddles. Ok, if you have to, please take your shoes and socks off first.  *facepalm*

And yeah, ok, he didn't jump in puddles and get wet again.  Yeah, that's awesome SirTalks.  Good Listening.  *facepalm*  still making mofo washing for me ain't ya, cute boy? 

You think with my hundreds of children that I would know better by now than to be too literal in my rule setting.  They live with me. They are born from me. Even if I don't wanna see it, they are like me. And I know I like to be a literal thinking smartarse sometimes.  I really shoulda seen it coming. 

Sadly no.  

Dumbass that I am.  At least although it was wet it wasn't that cold. Him coming home from school all week in no shoes and socks hasn't made him sick.  yet.

I just can't wait to see what next week at school brings!!  :O/

Also this week, I rediscovered how different my taste is from Captain Awesome's.  This is our new duvet cover. I actually bought it a few weeks ago, but this is the first time it's on our bed. Now, I love it!!  

I'm fairly certain that Captain is slightly less keen. 
He likes to have less, um, Busy sheets. 

anyways, they make me happy.  and I can't see anything wrong with that.

Lastly. Why do we buy our kids toys?? They so like the simple things.

Case in point: I was joined out in the laundry by this child. He dropped the car he had been carrying around with him, got this bucket out from under the other one and proceeded to put it over his head.

A homage to 80's Kiwi tv -  "with a bucket on yer head" is my Monkey
Thanks for the giggles my little one. 
So happy.  So gorgeous. How can you not love that smile? :OD

Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Pressure

So this is my 100th post. 

I wanted to do something special for this post.

But it's not gonna happen.  Life keeps conspiring to keep me crazy busy, so that I don't have a lot of spare time - with books that I wanna read before they are due back at the library; tv programs I wanna watch; and oh, yeah, kids that need real life interactions and all I haven't had time to type.

Also, Captain Awesome and I have been working through some stuff. Nothing major. Just stuff we have to talk through, and when we're both tired, and hence cranky it's hard to keep talking.

I stumbled over an album I haven't listened to for a while, and funnily enough it's the soundtrack to one of the first movies Captain and I saw together at the movies.  There's a track near the end that I wish we'd played as our "first dance" at our wedding.... it kinda just sums up how I feel about him. And Us. 

So, that will have to do for my 100th post. Hope you like the tune. I will try to tune in more often.....  and thanks for listening to me ramble  :OD

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

well, that ain't gonna work....

Trying to pack for the weekend.  

Me and Monkey heading away to the Playcentre Conference. 

It's only 4 days. 3 sleeps.  It really should be easy. 

But. I tend to pack for all eventualities, and then there's the wardrobe thingy.....I tend to pick what I'm wearing based on how I'm feeling on the day - how warm or cold it is. How confident I'm feeling (esp in cases like this when I'm trying to make a good impression with strangers). Or how little I give a fuck what other people think. Maybe that's tied into the confidence thing. 

Whatever, I put out a few outfits, then packed it all into the suitcase......and can't shut it.  With my stuff and Monkey's essentials I can't shut the suitcase. And I went thru it all yesterday and tried to thin it out.  I couldn't leave any of it behind. In fact I ADDED stuff.  *sigh* 

So this evening my job is to try and get this bugger shut.  Wish me luck  :OD

Sunday, May 15, 2011

one more then I'll stop I promise.....

I was gonna post this the other day, but Blogger did be broken.

Eating comments and not letting me post, just read.  They promise it be (mostly) fixed now......

I just can't seem to get enough of Nina at the moment.  :OD

and one more for the boys!  (see if you can figure out why!)  ;O)

It's not the original version of that track - but I loves it coz it's so "upbeat" 

This coming week I am packing coz me and Monkey are heading away up to the Playcentre Conference. I am soooooo *Buzzed*  I LOVES me a flight on a plane!!  Also the conference is going to be wicked - a huge learning curve, massively exhausting probably coz of having to focus all the time, plus late nights. But such an opportunity to extend my learning and knowledge, and even just sit and watch & learn from people who have been around the block way more times than me!!  *bounce*   And I'm heading up with some awesome people from my Association, so that in itself is cool: a chance to get to know these people a bit better.  I can't see how I can lose!!   :OD


Thursday, May 12, 2011


I dunno about you, but it seems wrong to me when I wake up with this song playing in my head......

only considering coz I'm not really any of those. 

I'm not young.      Anymore.  

I'm not black. Or African American.  Or African. Or a person of colour - whatever phrase you prefer. I'm from white english stock.  

And I dunno that I would call myself gifted. Is producing lotsa babies a gift??  

Anyways, on my Nina kick, I have found this song gets stuck in my head A LOT so I wake up to myself almost humming "we are young gifted and BLACK! It's where it's at!!" 

hmmm.  Maybe this one is better.....

Although it's kinda a good funeral song. Or Teenage Independance Anthem  :OD

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My week so song!!

I got in the car (read: monster kid mobile *ahem* van) on monday morning, turned the key and 


Yay. Flat battery. 

but, *shrug* you know, Yay for mum not working so able to drop what she was doing and come pick my kids up for school. Yay for older 2 being happy to run to school coz they wouldn't fit in nana's car. Yay for the school being understanding. Yay for the AA man coming to recharge the battery. Yay for having a job I could do 30 mins away and no fixed in stone schedule, so it wasn't that much of a hassle to change them and go for a drive.

And yay for not having any plans on tuesday, owning a battery recharger and having  a Dad who awesomely taught me "boy skills" so I could come home late when Captain was already asleep, remove the van battery (in the dark yo!)  and hook it up to the charger for 24 hours.  I also unhooked it last night and put it back in the van this morning before school.

I's rockin!!  :OD

Also this week I have been on a bit of a Nina Simone kick.....I have a greatest hits (or something similar) cd in the car, been listening to is exclusively since last week sometime. 

She is the awesomesauce.  
If you don't know her, start with this track.....
then YouTube a bunch more. I swear you won't be disappointed.  *happy sigh*

yeah, mornings aren't a pretty time for me
Today's funny comment by a kid: I know I know, but it was so cute I had to share it!!  My brother helped us get a huge sheepy skin  "it's so fluffly"

This morning SirTalks was apparently in our room "checking out the Wampa skin"  :OD

Saturday, May 7, 2011


And the computer had died.  The laptop that I usually use for *everything* computery put it's feet up this morning, deciding it was too good for me.


I am at my folks place now, while the children cause bedlam watch Planet Earth behind me frantically trying to think of something witty to say.

Annnnnnd, failing.

Fucken Awesome. 

I will try and update when I can. Hopefully Captain Awesome can work his wonders, fix the damn tempermental piece of shit so I can do things from home. It's so much easier that way....

Also I will be able to post a pic of the AWEsome new crotched jacket that my mum has made for me.  It. Is. EPIC!!!   :OD

Until such time tho, I will have to leave you with this....   ;OP 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

*phew* Day Four and counting

Settling in on Day 1. Bell hadn't even gone yet!
All that worry for nothing so it would seem. 

We have had 4 days of school now for our Dynamic Duo, well we're part way through day 4, and it's going well. They are happy to get dressed in their uniform. Happy to be dropped off. And happy when I pick them up.  Not a dribbly screaming mess.

And the school hasn't been razed to the ground either!! Nor the teacher a screaming dribbly mess when I pick them up. (seriously tho - she's an amazing teacher, with not the easiest reception class I've ever seen. *take my hat off to her* she's even still able to summon a smile at the end of the day!)

So. YAY!!  

And on that note, I race out the door to start the "checking out colleges (high schools) process for Pandawan.

It never ends.  *LeSigh*  :O|  
I think Dude gets bored unloading the dishwasher....we've started getting "Bowl Art"  :OD

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Owl & The PussyCat Went To Sea....

Cat pieces
Ok, so it was a cat and a chicken. And we went to a party.   Pfffftt.  *waves hand idly*  What's the diff??!

Yes. We actually left the house last night!!  and how did we go? 
Chicken parts

Dressed as a cat and a chicken.  *eyeroll*  living the high life, that's us. 

It was a good friend's 30th Birthday and we couldn't miss it. Regardless of how exhausted we are. Oh, and Captain had gone back to bed yesterday afternoon feeling like shite - awesome!  Anyways, it was a themed fancy dress party - 'P' or 'C' coz that's what their names start with (it was a combined party) - and for once we actually made effort to dress up. 

Usually Mr Conservative Arse Captain Awesome Pants doesn't like to do crazy stuff like dress up. But he came up with the idea for his costume, so I ran with it.  Boy was it a hassle though finding the bits and pieces. We had the feet already (thanks to a trip to Altlanta in '96 when I bought some Foghorn Leghorn slippers); so we just needed to made some wings, a rubber glove that would fit his head, and tights.  

Hey look! We have an old orange sheet we could use. 
 Finding a pattern of how to cut them out was a mission tho. Oh interwebz, how could you fail me now???
 But look, with the leftovers, I get a pattern for some awesomesauce Dragon's wings - that will please the Dynamic Duo! (my life has NOT been the same since they saw How To Train Your Dragon *sheesh* )

And some scraps of elastic. 
 Yup that's all I had to work with, coz when I went to the shop I got all the other incidentals we needed (like milk) and forgot to get elastic. Which was the MAIN REASON I WENT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE  *facepalm*  *sigh*

Bring on my <insert sarcastic tone here> *awesome* hand sewing skills...... 

And YAY for years of Playcentre dressups - I figured out a way to sew the scraps together so that it worked!! 

And so I present our costumes for the P & C party:

And we danced the night away!  Well, until 10pm anyways. When we were too tired to dance anymore and came home to sleep. But Captain was awesome!! Dancing, prancing and clucking like a chicken, nearly poking a priest (a dress up one) in the eye - almost!!  He made me giggle, and laugh so hard I had to stop dancing...... It was brilliant!! More fun than we've had in a long time and a much needed break.

Thanks so much GoShorty for the invite and the awesome excuse to be silly. Something I can always count on you for *hugs*  *mwah*  xoxoxo  :OD