Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Owl & The PussyCat Went To Sea....

Cat pieces
Ok, so it was a cat and a chicken. And we went to a party.   Pfffftt.  *waves hand idly*  What's the diff??!

Yes. We actually left the house last night!!  and how did we go? 
Chicken parts

Dressed as a cat and a chicken.  *eyeroll*  living the high life, that's us. 

It was a good friend's 30th Birthday and we couldn't miss it. Regardless of how exhausted we are. Oh, and Captain had gone back to bed yesterday afternoon feeling like shite - awesome!  Anyways, it was a themed fancy dress party - 'P' or 'C' coz that's what their names start with (it was a combined party) - and for once we actually made effort to dress up. 

Usually Mr Conservative Arse Captain Awesome Pants doesn't like to do crazy stuff like dress up. But he came up with the idea for his costume, so I ran with it.  Boy was it a hassle though finding the bits and pieces. We had the feet already (thanks to a trip to Altlanta in '96 when I bought some Foghorn Leghorn slippers); so we just needed to made some wings, a rubber glove that would fit his head, and tights.  

Hey look! We have an old orange sheet we could use. 
 Finding a pattern of how to cut them out was a mission tho. Oh interwebz, how could you fail me now???
 But look, with the leftovers, I get a pattern for some awesomesauce Dragon's wings - that will please the Dynamic Duo! (my life has NOT been the same since they saw How To Train Your Dragon *sheesh* )

And some scraps of elastic. 
 Yup that's all I had to work with, coz when I went to the shop I got all the other incidentals we needed (like milk) and forgot to get elastic. Which was the MAIN REASON I WENT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE  *facepalm*  *sigh*

Bring on my <insert sarcastic tone here> *awesome* hand sewing skills...... 

And YAY for years of Playcentre dressups - I figured out a way to sew the scraps together so that it worked!! 

And so I present our costumes for the P & C party:

And we danced the night away!  Well, until 10pm anyways. When we were too tired to dance anymore and came home to sleep. But Captain was awesome!! Dancing, prancing and clucking like a chicken, nearly poking a priest (a dress up one) in the eye - almost!!  He made me giggle, and laugh so hard I had to stop dancing...... It was brilliant!! More fun than we've had in a long time and a much needed break.

Thanks so much GoShorty for the invite and the awesome excuse to be silly. Something I can always count on you for *hugs*  *mwah*  xoxoxo  :OD


  1. whoop whoop!! you two were an AWESOME pair!! that little mini-dance-mating-ritual you did when you thought nobody was watching had me in fits of giggles.

    thanks for spoiling me by coming, and for spoiling me with Lush-iousness! and for spoiling me by being my fwieeeeends. xxx

  2. Anytime you host a party Honey I'm there!!
    More fun than we've had in aaaaages! Thanks so much.

    And glad we could be your entertainment for the evening *curtsey* ;OD