Wednesday, May 18, 2011

well, that ain't gonna work....

Trying to pack for the weekend.  

Me and Monkey heading away to the Playcentre Conference. 

It's only 4 days. 3 sleeps.  It really should be easy. 

But. I tend to pack for all eventualities, and then there's the wardrobe thingy.....I tend to pick what I'm wearing based on how I'm feeling on the day - how warm or cold it is. How confident I'm feeling (esp in cases like this when I'm trying to make a good impression with strangers). Or how little I give a fuck what other people think. Maybe that's tied into the confidence thing. 

Whatever, I put out a few outfits, then packed it all into the suitcase......and can't shut it.  With my stuff and Monkey's essentials I can't shut the suitcase. And I went thru it all yesterday and tried to thin it out.  I couldn't leave any of it behind. In fact I ADDED stuff.  *sigh* 

So this evening my job is to try and get this bugger shut.  Wish me luck  :OD

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