Saturday, May 28, 2011

so it seems.....

You can take the child out of Playcentre.

But you can't take the Playcentre out of the child.  Which in most cases I am grateful for. For as I have said before, I think Playcentre is marvellous. 

Not so much on Friday. When I came home from work (doing some extra stuff for the Association, that took most of the day) to find not my usual one preschooler being looked after by my wonderful friend,  but two. A smiling happy SirTalksForeverUnimpeded was home too. 


He didn't look sick. Smiling at me through the window as I walked into the house.

Then I heard why he was home.

And then I got an email from the school with this  ---->


Like it wasn't bad enough the day before when he got so wet he needed a complete change of clothes. 

How did the teacher put it?  oh yeah....

"I found your kid in a puddle today. he was so wet you could wring him out!"

  I should be glad, when I look at the pic that he listened. I had told him he wasn't to jump in puddles. Ok, if you have to, please take your shoes and socks off first.  *facepalm*

And yeah, ok, he didn't jump in puddles and get wet again.  Yeah, that's awesome SirTalks.  Good Listening.  *facepalm*  still making mofo washing for me ain't ya, cute boy? 

You think with my hundreds of children that I would know better by now than to be too literal in my rule setting.  They live with me. They are born from me. Even if I don't wanna see it, they are like me. And I know I like to be a literal thinking smartarse sometimes.  I really shoulda seen it coming. 

Sadly no.  

Dumbass that I am.  At least although it was wet it wasn't that cold. Him coming home from school all week in no shoes and socks hasn't made him sick.  yet.

I just can't wait to see what next week at school brings!!  :O/

Also this week, I rediscovered how different my taste is from Captain Awesome's.  This is our new duvet cover. I actually bought it a few weeks ago, but this is the first time it's on our bed. Now, I love it!!  

I'm fairly certain that Captain is slightly less keen. 
He likes to have less, um, Busy sheets. 

anyways, they make me happy.  and I can't see anything wrong with that.

Lastly. Why do we buy our kids toys?? They so like the simple things.

Case in point: I was joined out in the laundry by this child. He dropped the car he had been carrying around with him, got this bucket out from under the other one and proceeded to put it over his head.

A homage to 80's Kiwi tv -  "with a bucket on yer head" is my Monkey
Thanks for the giggles my little one. 
So happy.  So gorgeous. How can you not love that smile? :OD


  1. I love your Monkey already!

    He was so wet we could wring him out, I'm sure you thought....wring his neck? I love it that he actually listened and took off his shoes! You have a very precious family!