Friday, June 3, 2011

Dash it all

Off to a first aid course - it's cold!!
Dash it all, I keep wanting to write about stuff, to keep those who are still hanging around reading this blog up to date with the goings on in my day to day humdrum.

But, dash it all, Real Life keeps getting in the way.

Which has been a theme I see evolving from my posts.....hrm, maybe it's life trying to tell me something. 

But, dash it all!! if for the sole reason that I know my brother sometimes finds time to read this, and coz he lives overseas so we don't get to see him much, and he doesn't get to hear about all the crazy things that happen - between me and my kids? we have more than a couple of screws loose!!  So I write with him in mind I guess.  Amongst other peoples.  

Off to work on wed - still freezing out there   :O(
And all you others out there in the ether who think I have something interesting/witty/eloquent to say.....I guess I write with you in mind too.

So here is what's been happening for me this week.... Monkey took off while I was checking emails the other day, he wandered away from the tv where Thomas the Tank Engine was playing and was suspiciously quiet down the bedroom end of the house.  After a while I extracted myself with horrible visions of mess in the big kid's lego, getting into the cd player or any other intriguing goopy things in my room playing in front of my eyes, I went on the hunt to find him.

He's such a honey. This is all he got into.

He was off building himself a track for his trains!! One, two three - everybody say "Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwww"  :O)

He's such a lovely bundle to have at home. Even if he's taken to wanting to be carried instead of walking with me.  *sigh* 

And I thought I would have a respite from trains when SirTalks went to school.  *facepalm*   Deluded, that's me! 

I also got woken by a rather disturbing dream, you know one of those ones that your brain keeps dreaming after you've woken up & shaken it off, then go back to sleep? eeek! yup one of those suckers!  I was dreaming/thinking about being a part of the Playcentre Federation.  The National level of our organisation.

Why is this bad?? Scary might  be a better description.  I know I've been around Playcentre for nearly 11 years now, and kids for a little longer than that, but I feel like I'm still only just learning about the "big time" running of all things Playcentre. I've only attended 2 national meetings, and only one in any type of official capacity. I've done some stuff at a regional level, both in my current Association and at my previous one, but compared to those who have stood for positions at Fed level ( and this is what I was dreaming about - writing the blurb that would be submitted to convince people I was a worthy candidate to stand for a Fed position, on a team that supports the Associations), I'm a baby.  A newbie. The others have been around, and done Fed level stuff before, some for YEEEEEAARS.

Which is not to say I don't have something to offer. I think I do. 

If nothing else I have passion. Passion for Playcentre; for the benefit it is, it can be to children, mums and adults; I know how vital centres are for Playcentre, as an entity, to survive, and not just that, but I wanna see it thrive. I want parents in all parts of NewZealand to KNOW what Playcentre is. For a kiwi initiative it saddens me how few parents, that I have met in my life, know what Playcentre is, let alone the wonderful opportunity it can be for the children's development, but also the adult's growth and learning too! I firmly believe that if more parents came to Playcentre and were able to learn more (about themselves, about children's development, about positive behavioural guidance techniques, about working alongside people of difering backgrounds to themselves), and also benefitted from the support network that is integral to the way Playcentre functions, that a lot of societal problems like child abuse would not be so prevalent.

Which I know sounds like a simplistic view of a hugely complex problem.  

But I have seen it first hand in my family: in my kids, in my husband and in myself.  

I am a better parent because of the help, support, learning and growth I've had since joining Playcentre. 

And I know that for our centres to function, to provide this in our communities, then the Associations, and Federation need to be supporting them. And supporting them well. Especially with the Adminitrative aspect - dealing with Ministries and such, so that the centres can JUST GET ON with the playing and teaching!! And my brain was telling me in the early hours of Wednesday morning that the Assn Support Team wouldn't be able to do this vital job if they don't have a full team. At Conference we voted in all the people who stood for the team - 4 people. At the previous National meeting, we all agreed that the team needed 8 people to do the work without anyone risking burnout.

And I guess my brain figures my Passion and practical experience would make up the difference that I lack in years and years of experience and skills that others may have. And be able to show on paper. 

I don't have that. Or maybe I have some of those skills, but the evidence of it is more etheral.

I also have insecurities - ones that say "who am I to even think about putting my name forward for something like this??"  and "You are such a newbie here, sit in the corner listen & learn. Maybe, MAYBE in 5-10 years you will have something to offer here" 

and "hey you, shush!!"

But Dash It All, I don't wanna see something that I believe in crumble in these changing times. We have had a change in structure coz the old way wasn't working as well, although the philosophy still stands strong the practical running of our organisation has to change as life has changed in the last 60 years. We don't all have the luxury, nor the desire to be Stay At Home Mums - which isn't in itself a bad thing. It just means that people don't have the time, or energy to devote to volunteer organisations that we used to. Look around, it's not just us, others are struggling too. 

And if I have to put my money where my mouth is to do support Playcentre to thrive, then I will. I reckon I can help, and if it turns out I don't know something I'm not afraid to say "I don't know the answer to that, but I will find out and get back to you, ok?"  I wanna continue to learn and grow in my Playcentre journey, in my life. 

Surely that counts for something too?  :O)

 If this is the next step, being part of Federation. If now is the time for it, then I won't shy away. Even though the thought of it excites and scares the shit outta me in equal measures..... *big breath*  
Bring it on!

<-- yay mum for my amazing crotcheted vest to wear at Playcentre and keep warm!! It works too. plus? I won't ever get lost!  ;OD 


  1. Not only will you not get lost, nobody else will lose you, either. Win!

    And I'd say go for it. If nothing else, I know _I_ would vote for you (even though I haven't got a vote - vote early, vote often!)

    ... and your site hates me posting comments. Otherwise I'd say more. This would be my third attempt at typing this up...

  2. you can always post on fb - most people do! thanks for taking time to read, it's nice that I can somehow keep you up to date with things this way. I know I suck at emailing you guys, hope your family is keeping well *hugs* love ya :O)

  3. I say go for it if you want! Why wait for 10 years and then the kids are grown-up....then the excuse will be that you're out of touch with the little ones!