Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Is My Life. I Know You're Jealous.

We got home from school, the Tribe of Lunatics poured outta the van and tramped into the house to make with the crazy. 

Then I realised we had to get back in the van.  *foot stomp* Dammit!!

I had forgotten to deliver the Ginger's wee sample to the docs this morning.  The wee sample that spent the night in our fridge.  Since the boy is at school it's hard to catch his pee. It took 2 weeks, and 2 tries to do it. Yeah, that was kinda thanks to me not thinking right and rinsing out the container coz we didn't get a big enough sample the first try.  Good Thinking LTF, it's now not a sterile container. As in contaminated. Which is why we're doing a second sample in the first place. *facepalm*

His aim is good. Praise the lord. Warm pee I do not need all over my hands. Not someone else's pee anyhow.  There's nothing serious going on, well, most likely not. We're just checking.

So we did a Pee Run today.  Betcha can't top that for the ridiculous.

But I read this blog again today coz of the shaking in Chch. 

And as you can see, or in case you didn't wanna check it out, she posts this song. Which is pretty good actually. And a nice timely reminder.  I might even book mark it so I can slap myself with it, when I start feeling all sullen and sorry for myself.

I also got this to sent to me, and I like it. It's not only kinda true (scary and sad) but also quite clever..

Now, I'm off to cook dinner and check out another college (high school) for my eldest.  *GASP* how is he that old already?!?  :O.


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