Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ahhhhh, yes. That will do it.

I found my precious *ahem* my library card!! Yes my precious you are safe here with me now. My precious. *strokestroke* 

*head shake* what? oh, sorry. Forgot you were here for a second there ;O)

It was lost for a week, maybe two. Man it felt like longer!! I love my library card. I love that I can get books set aside for me at the local library for only a dollar. I love that I can request books online. I love that I can read a book once if I think it's ok, and again and again and again if I love it, but can't afford to buy it. 

So, yeah was kinda missing my library card for a bit there. It was almost worse than when I forget to put my rings on in the morning *gasp*

What else are the highlights of the last couple of weeks? Coz it's been kinda busy here - altho maybe it's just normal busy with 6 hundred million kids to look after  *LeSigh*

Woot! my socks match my top!! ;O)
I got up to some stuff. Literally.  shhhhhhh!! don't tell OSH but I was up on the roof at Playcentre cleaning out gutters with the firehose.  Fun times.  :OD

This is the early stages. I gave up with this method P.D.Q and climbed up onto the roof, to scoop the goop out with my hands. Yes it was as icky as it sounds. *shudder*  But needs must. 

Then I got the hose right up there and going full blast! That was fun. Not so much the having to be careful that I didn't let the hose go, and let it flick off the roof onto anyone's head, or wrap round my foot and take me with it!! I'm proud to say I managed to have neither of those scenarios happen!! 

And thanks Dad for showing me how to walk on a roof safely. *nod* on the nails, I know.  My little legs had to stretch a bit in places, and I didn't fall thru the roof, so I figure I did just fine. :OD

Pity it was a cold early saturday morning.  

Altho, I did have my bright Playcentre top on, so it was like I was wearing safety gear  :OP

Took a broom up there too, to sweep off all the acorns. No point clearing the gutters out when the damn things are just gonna roll right in there when the wind next blows. 

So, like 5 minutes after I get down from the roof.  :O/

What other mischief have I found??  Well it was kinda wet at netball on saturday. No. I don't play. That's exercise - I'm not that crazy!!  (oi! you be quiet there Captain!!)

Darling Girl plays. I'm that parent on the sidelines. *hangs head in shame* I can't help myself! My competitive beast comes out and I yell encouragement. and stuff. 

I figure at least I keep it positive. And I'm in a groove now, after watching all last year too. At least when Darling's team is winning I will cheer on the opposite team. Usually they are working damn hard and just not managing to score. 

Sadly this hasn't been the case this year, and I find myself a tad frustrated at the wee girls running round, as the new team settles in together......

ANYWAYS. The rain. By the end of the game, when they finally decided to cancel the rest of the days games, we had been out in it for an hour. And we walk home coz we live so close.  This is all good usually, as we can be home in 5 minutes at a leisurely stroll. 

Not so much on saturday, as 7 courts worth of spectators and players tried to exit lickety split thru one gate. Many of them carrying umbrellas.  Not an easy endeavour. Think camel thru the eye of a needle.

Me and Darling decided to "make hay while the sun shone"(sic) and splash in all the puddles. It's not like we could get much wetter by this stage!  I think it took us about 10-15 minutes to get home. and inside took even longer. We have some dinks and dips in our yard that collect water and we were having waaaaaayy too much fun  by now.  

Not even Ginger Ninja looking out the window and telling us, so clearly "now get in the house!!" could get us in without stomping and kicking water at each other in the back yard too first.      
ohh look, there's still a dry bit there on my skirt  ------->

Two last things. 

Ya gotta love a job where it's not only ok to wear cat ears, but you get compliments!!  And I got a random stranger complimenting me on my boots too the same day!!  WOOT!!  nice ego boost  :O)

Yeah, well, it was my awesome boots. But still. *squee* nice! 

Lastly - tonight Captain Awesome reminded me why I call him so....He called the Dynamic Duo to tidy up their toys in the lounge before bed thusly:

"Hey Tweedledum and Tweedledee...!!"   

 *giggle* *snort*  Awesome.  :OD



  1. You're blog always makes me happy. . . as does your hair, your boots and your happy smile.

  2. The issue with hose + gutters is that if you're not careful, you can wash water up under the eaves, and into the roof space. That's not usually any good. :-/

    Other than that, did the Dynamic Duo manage to find a nice new rattle?

  3. Excellent summary! And thanx, now I know how to walk on a NZ roof safely!