Saturday, June 18, 2011

Netball Is A Mission

When I woke this morning, eventually, and looked up out the window I noticed it was raining.

It's Saturday.   

Netball Day.  Ugh.

And especially after the treat of last week's effort at Netball I decided if it's gonna be raining, I'm gonna rug up.

So here's what I wore to the netball courts this morning....
First we have 2 pairs of socks.....    

Then singlet, merino long sleeve, cotton long sleeve & crotchety jumper
Then fleece lined sweatshirt, scarf and coat....
fingerless gloves & fingered gloves. We're not taking any chances here folks!
Tights under my skirt and woollen hat on.

Only to decide just before leaving that'll I'll add a bandana under my hat.

And I'm not even playing!!! :OD


  1. Dang. And it's a measly 13C over here.

    At 9am.