Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For you Sis, and you Clare. Well some of it anyways....shit I hate coming up with titles!


A needles pulling thread.

Argh....I have some things to share, but don't know where to start. I have pics. Does that help??

Mostly I got into a groove with this blogging thing, and feel lost when I don't write every other day or so.... even when I sit down at the computer I can't seem to link a coherent sentence together *sigh* 

I'll string a bunch of pics together instead then huh?
Well, I would. But the stoopid webpage isn't working properly. 

Excuse me while I go thump stuff. and swear a bit.  Hell. Who am I kidding?? I'll be swearing a bunch!!  ;O)

*nice elevator/hold music*    Seriously?!   now that's not working either.

bollocks. arse. fuckity fuckity fuckity fuck fuck fuck. 

ok. fine. I'm going to bed.  :O~