Thursday, June 23, 2011

Take Two - the Pictorial Version *fingers crossed*

This is me on my way to a meeting on Monday night.

Yeah, I dress up for business stuff.  :OP

and that's my new necklace, but you can't really see it in the pic. 
There's a better one just below here. 

I'm a little distracted at the moment as I'm watching the #eqnz TV3 live stream press conference. I tweeted that you couldn't see the sign language interpreter, and that deaf people outside of the press room were interested. They then zoomed back the shot so he can be seen: I influence the tv!!! :OD
 Hey, again, look up. See the title? Delusional Girl. I wasn't fooling around when I picked the site name, it's reflective  :O)

So here's my wedding anniversary present necklace (and yes. it's an early gift - the best kind!) 

It's pearls, diamonds (probably both fake - but there is sparkle so *shrug* who cares?) And then a chain. 
I love it!!

Then this is Monkey on monday, watching tv. He's still awake, but just really really giving in to the watching experience....  Gorgeous boy.  

Right, which was the next pic? oh yeah, this one......
The one I like to call "argh! no pants! no pants!!"  ;O)
And lastly, yes I am an evil wench. Captain Awesome was home sick on wed. Somehow I ended up wearing all his favourite items. on me. NOT his favs to wear. Let's not make my life any weirder than it already is shall we?                    
 So, we have - the balck singlet top. 

The short floaty skirt (I can do a fair Marilyn impression when I stand over the vacuum cleaner outvent!)

The long stripey socks. Altho to be fair, I think it's actually the combination of the socks and skirt that shows a hint of leg skin when I walk that he really likes.

Also, safety tip for users - when pulling up long socks try not to get your skirt tucked into them. Not a good look.  True Story.

Lastly the boots. How could anyone NOT like the boots???  

And with this vision I tormented the poor soul when he was too tired to do anything about it.   Good Wee Wifey that I am  ;OD

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  1. I like the last look. And I love the passed out kid on the couch. I watch TV like that all the time!

    Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog yesterday. So very appreciated.