Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturdays. Well this Saturday at least....

I was out last night at a Playcentre social thingy, it was good. Fun. Nice to be out without the kids.  Just me and the girls.  Didn't end up dancing tho, which was a disappointment. But had nice piece of steak, so that was good. hmmmm......steak.  :O)

Also, the thought of going out with the other mum's I know has kept the chorus from this song  running in my head every time I think about it. Even though I only know one line..... Awesome.

Then I was up this morning finishing up the cleaning that we do at the end of each term at Playcentre. It's a parent co-op, so we get the good and the bad - we're in charge of it all, well, yeah, except for having to meet criteria laid down by the MoE so we can get funding. And making sure we follow the Playcentre Philosophy, and guidelines set down by the Federation, and our Association. BUT for the day to day running of things, as long as it doesn't negate any of that stuff we call the shots on what happens at our centre. This is good.

The not so good is that we are responsible for all the running of the centre. The cleaning of equipment, the maintenance, the organisation, and the *groan* paperwork.  

Also as a parent co-op we are ALL responsible. Meaning every member helps out with the big jobs. But sadly we are a small centre (about 25 families max), and lots of them are new, so only just getting an understanding of the Playcentre way - that we are the teachers, the cleaners - and that we all need to pitch in so that a few members aren't carrying the weight of us all. The same can be said for most non-profits I imagine. 

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I was back at the centre this morning finishing up the clean up that needing doing so we can have a session on monday. Thanks to Darling Girl, and another member who came to help too, I wasn't there for more than a couple of hours. But when you drag your arse outta bed in the morning, it's hard to be excited about cleaning toys.

Also? It means I have been distracted since I got home, since Captain went out, I haven't had lunch. And? I wanna read my book.  I'm over half way thru it now.  It's getting GOOOOD. I mean it's been good all the way thru, but, argh  pfffft if you read books you'll know the feeling!

So, if I don't post again in the next couple days, it's coz I'm eeking out every moment I can where I am not called upon to do housework and interact with family, to disappear into the Endless Forests in New York 1824.   *wave*  :OD

Friday, January 28, 2011

A is for Awesome, Arse & ArghStopThatYoureGonnaGiveMeAHeartAttack.

A is for Awesome. Captain AwesomePants letting me buy my Sparkly shoes. He is so wonderful!!! And I am aware that I owe him Big Time.  ;O)

 <--  A is for Awesome - awesome that this was what I was wearing last night at the park trying to run helter skelter to rescue Dude from the crumpled heap of the flying flox. Awesome running outfit. :O/

A is for Arse. Arse. The kids are behind me mucking around instead of eating their lunch. Which is distracting. And annoying. And I had something else that came under this heading of arse but I was thinking about it at 230am when Monkey was feeding and now can't remember it. Arse. That was it.

A is for Arse - Monkey has taken to feeding at night again. Not cool. I need my sleep. I LIKE my sleep. Last night he feeding 3 times in a row, so I was up for about 2 1/2 hours.  :O(

A is for Awesome - I got a book from the library that I have been waiting for. It's the 6th book in a series, nay a Saga. It's like reading about much loved family.  I have read the first 5 books. Devoured them. Yes it's fiction, romance - but I will defend that another day. I found the 5th book in the series at the library a few years back, loved the characters so much I HAD to go back to the beginning and read them all.  It's the Into The Wilderness series by Sara Donati.  If you love to disappear into a world where good eventually triumphs, people face tragedies but survive, there's adventures, on high seas and overland treks, Native Americans, Scots and all types inbetween, characters to love and others you can't help but feel sorry for even tho they make you want to hate them and others still who are irredeemablein their evil, all set in the backdrop (mostly) of frontier upstate New York starting in the late 17oo's then look this series up.  It's a set that I want to own, even tho they are a mission to read - I was hooked, crying out at the upcoming disaster by page 56 of this latest 600+ page installment. 

*whisper*  Don't tell Captain, but I may even have fallen in love with the name of one of the main characters, and hence it coming to mind when we had Monkey.  

So, The Wilderness Series by Sara Donati.  Awesome. (in looking for a pic for this bit, I read a synopsis of the first book Into The Wilderness, and it makes me want to read it all over again, even tho I know the story well already *sigh* it's just like my West Wing love, but in book form - *singsongvoice* AAAWWWEEEESOME!!)

A is for Arse. Arse it's hot again, after being cold. I'm tired, and really not up to things starting up with the new school term next week. Can't I hide in bed a bit longer?  But then, arse, I don't think I can deal with these kids for much longer. When did they become so whingey? So demanding? Was it always like this or have they been sniffing something nasty when I'm not looking?! May it's just coz they are en masse. *nod* yeah that'll be it. Arse but I'm done with my Swarm of Children. 

A is for ArghStopDoingThatYou'reGonnaGiveMeAHeartAttack....this needs some splaining I know.  So the other day when we were at the park and had the Spectacular Dismount Incident, before all that we were just on the playground normal. Ok so it's a big kids playground but the older 5 love it, and Monkey is happy to wander around watching and trying to catch up - I swear he doesn't realise he's only 18mths old.  He thinks he's 4, or 7 or something. Anyways....

The blue rope he walks on, about 2 metres off the ground, holding the bars. eek!
Some background: last year about this time we were at the park (or maybe it was only 6mths ago) and we turned around and GingerNinja was up on a rope bridge on the SECOND LEVEL of the playground. I was feeding Monkey so sent Captain to watch him, guide him across. He's fairly good with heights, has always been physically capable, altho he's not always so good with the walking in a straight line, so you can understand that when he's up 2 metres off the ground we get a little nervous. Ninja made it across the bridge all good.  Then decided to cross the 2nd bridge too.  Captain came back to me after and said "I'm not doing that again, nearly gave me a heart attack" 

This year, Ninja hoons over to the playground and makes his way pretty quickly up to the rope bridges. Lucky we had other adults, and older kids to watch the younger ones so I could be there under him in case he fell.  He looked down at me with a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face. I reminded him to concentrate. Let's not tempt fate here. 

What does my child do? He takes a few steps out on the rope, then lifts a leg off to the side and wobbles. On purpose. He who often speaks so we can't understand him, who the docs reckon is 15mths Developmentally Delayed, looks straight at me and says "wooooo-ah!  woah." while wobbling on purpose on the rope bridge on one foot. Thanks kid. Awesome. Scare the shit outta ya mother, that's cool.  Arsehat. 

But at the same time kinda cute.  Makes me grin just thinking about that cheeky side of him. and For all the diagnosis, lost sleep when I worry that perhaps he may never develop where he is at now, the frustration that is communicating with him sometimes, I wouldn't change him or give him back for anything. My cheeky GingerNinja. Gorgeous Boy. I am blessed.  

Arse.  :OD

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kids don't *really* need to eat do they?

Let's see if I can wizard up my puter skills and get a pic in here not just a link.....bare with me. 

Or should that be bear with me.  

hmm...*puzzled* I don't want big ravenous animals nor naked people with me here. ack.

Ok, so my thing I wanna share is this:  I've been getting bored with my wardrobe again - I know! you're thinking "How is that possible when you wear tutus and capes?!"  well, the truth is, I've been finding that the necessity of motherhood is such that more often than not lately I've been being lazy and resorting to tops and bottoms - jeans and tshirts; skirts and tshirts; shorts and tshirts....see a theme yet?? *yawn*

I'm still feeding Monkey, altho I thought for a few days there that he was weaning himself   *le sigh* alas that is not the case (He was up 4 or 5 times last night feeding whuck??) so I need clothes with "easy access".  Strangely it's not the done thing to lift up one's dress to feed a child. Tis frowned upon.  Go figure. 

Also, you know what? frankly lately I've been tired, so finding inspiration to wear the funky clothes has been hard to find too.   It also didn't help that within one week recently I heard 3 variations on the comment "you're dressed very conservative today"  Not a happy camper. Does WonderWoman ALWAYS wear her heels and wrist bands?? I don't think so.

And so, I thought to myself "littletoastfairy, how can I make myself feel good everyday with little effort? what's something I can throw on with everything I wear with ease?"  The answer: stripper heels.

Honey. They have heels, so automatically I have some height, feel like I'm wearing 'special occasion' shoes, and my legs look even better than normal in a pair of shorts or a skirt.  They are slip-on so even when I am running late (what mother is not perpetually doing this??) I can throw them on on my way out the door. EASY!! Also shouldn't pinch my feet, or be too tight when they swell in the heat (pfft, don't lie! EVERYONE's feet swell in the summer heat!)  And and and, more often than not they have glitter! Now I know when we're doing crafty stuff we hate the herpes glitter, but on shoes? It's sparkle baby!!  Who doesn't need a little more sparkle in their day?! 

Sparkle = Happy LittleToastFairy.  As I'm sure it does for you too.  (Liar.)

But hold on, I hear ya. Stripper heels?  That's not very classy for a mum. But just look - silver heels and GLITTTER baby!!  Tell me that wouldn't make you feel better having those lovelies on your feet?!?   

and then, in searching thru the Bordello site I found some boots that would just look AWESOMESAUCE with my cape. And many other things too  ;OD

 So, now I am stuck with a minor dilemma which is....
DO kids *really* need to eat everyday?  coz I can totally afford these if we didn't need to buy food this week. And maybe next. 

It's totally worth it too. I would be soo happy wearing the sparkly ones. I would just have to be careful not to look down while I drive. Slightly distracting. Can you say Magpie?? 

But really, tell me, do they have to eat everyday? We could just skip the eating for a few days and spend the money on shoes surely?  I'm sure I read somewhere some wise person said "that a happy mum means happy kids"  THIS is totally what they were talking about!!

IF you think my kids need to eat, every day, *sheesh* then y'know you could always help me out.... I'll start a fund. *nod* yeah, that'll work. That dude asked for a million bucks on youtube and he got it. All I want is a measly $200 or so.   ;OD

Saturday, January 22, 2011

ewps was that a day just flew past?

So, *ahem*  I have missed a few days. and this seems to be happening a lot lately, I can't seem to find time. 

I have decided that there are not enough hours in the day. If someone could fix that for me, that'd be great. Cool. Thanks!

I'm trying to convince Captain Awesome that we need a flagpole at our place. That it's not a waste of money. We could fly a Jedi Flag one week, a Sith one the next week (do these even exist? I'm sure they do - help me out here G33ks!) We could totally have a Pirate flag up there! Or a T-Rex one! It would be Rockin'!!  Wouldn't it be totally cool? or is it just me?  

pfffft. whizzes on you guys! I still want a flag pole for our house. 

We had a bit of an exciting week this week. We went to the park.

Wait, wait, wait. That's not the exciting bit! The kids went on the flying fox, this in itself wasn't the moment of momentousness - that happened when Dude and Padawan decided that the bump at the end wasn't to their liking so they would climb off the flying fox before it hit the end. Yes you're getting the pic right, they were dismounting midflight.

Anyone else see how this could potentially be a problem?! oh good, so I wasn't overreacting when I told them it wasn't a good idea. 

Anyways, they learnt the lesson Pretty Damn Quick when Dude fucked up the landing on his Layout Dismount.  Yeah, so he was almost off, dangling by his hands when it hit the tyres at the end so he lost grip and flew thru a beautiful arc feet heading straight up into the sky, then gravity kicked in and he crumpled to the ground in a heap. 

Not cool. So not cool.

Needless to say I'm thankful the Monkey had finished feeding and everything was tucked away as I sped (and I DON'T run. normally.) down the length of the fox to gather him up and check him out.  I also may have sworn rather loudly. Words that I don't normally say. 

I think we can all agree it's the kinda swearing that is forgiveable. When your beloved baby (even when they aren't so little anymore) is lying in a crumpled heap after flying thru the air. 

He got up by himself, I felt him up and asked him to move somethings around. Checked for tingling, stiffness, numbness, pain. Then gave him HUGE gentle hugs and told him I Love You. Don't do that shit it scares the crap outta me! Next time PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN when I tell you to stop it. I Love you. 

Or things along those lines. 

We left the park soon after. 

Dude was mostly ok, so we didn't rush off to the docs. In fact my awesome friend took the older 3 back to her place for the afternoon.  Later on I got  a call that Dude had a headache and wanted me, so I decided to take him to the docs, just be sure, in case I missed something important.  It was interesting. It's awesome when you have a good doc, a nice one. He was impressed with the things I had thought to check out. (It's not like this is my first rodeo tho...) then he did a more thorough neural obs check - now I'll know what to do when the next kid lands on his head spectacularly. Awesome. Tuck that bit of knowledge away.

Diagnosis of Dude: mild concussion. Wake him every hour over night make sure he's responding as normal. May be grumpy or irritable. Youthink?  Ah, and thanks, my husband has work tomorrow I have 6 kids. This should be fun.  *eye roll*  Thankfully it wasn't too bad. Monkey only woke once in the night, and it coincided with check on our Dude, and also coz he was responding well, we could space out the checks the further into the night we got.

He was certainly perky in the morning for a kid who had a head injury. And the day after that he was up before dawn climbing a hill for Nanna's birthday. It's this thing they do.....climb a hill near the house we grew up in, to watch the sunrise on Nanna's Birthday. Quite a cool way to celebrate it actually.

I'm just grateful I have young'uns still so I don't have to get up.  I hate mornings. :O/

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it's hot, damn hot.

Heya peoples,

sorry I haven't posted in last coupla days, things got crazy - I had house work to do  ergh! 

<-- this is monday's outift.  do I need to mention that it got too hot and I got changed. *thinks*  or maybe it's from friday.  *shrug* who knows really....
I took an opportunity to do the school stationary run sans kidlets on monday, but by time I got home, fed kids lunch, Monkey had decided that he'd had enough sleep.   And he likes to help me with the puter, so typing, reading blogs or hell just opening it really ain't an option.  And he did a similar thing yesterday. Today I am typing as fast as I can while he is occupied outside with the hose before nap time. 

But the biggest hindrance to posting was the weather.....  this is how I was feeling yesterday yup totally got the sympathy on for the witch.  It was soo hot when it started raining we hung out outside for a little bit longer just to cool off.  

So yeah, it was hot, too hot to post. Too hot to think. Too hot to cook (we had breakfast cereal for dinner. again.) Too hot for date night, but we went anyways. Coz we don't do it often enough. And yeah it was a high class event.   pfffffffffffft.

Captain and I ended up at the local cinema cafe, then played a few arcade games, coz they were at the same locale....I kicked his ARSE at fuseball. We are totally getting one for our planned games room in the garage. We have a Library, why can't we have a games room too?! We're upper class motherfuckers. *snort* 

But it was luverly to just be out with Captain, talking about important stuff, like our relationship and how we can make it better. We've been doing this marriage dance for almost 13 years now, we still have to work on it. And I'm happy to coz it's important to me. He's important to me.  So what if we ended the evening parked up in an empty bridge club carpark overlooking the river and motorway, sharing mcd's? I was with my Love.  And I feel closer to him, more loved by him, than I have in a while, so it was a successful night.

We plan to do it every week. *nod* Date night. We'll stay home most of the time, watching movies/tv together. Sharing snacks and chats. Together.  

But every so often we'll venture out to scare the world with our Public Displays ofAffection.  count on it. ;OD 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

paling in comparison

We settled the children to bed, or the little ones anyway to start, and I snuck away to the Library, our Library *snicker* to write my blog. 

As I usually do I check my emails, have a look at Facebook, chat a bit on twitter, look at some other sites - read some blogs while I gather my thoughts on what I should write.
Tonight someone was, and it's really no surprise it came up really, talking about the Queensland flooding.  So I toddled off to check out what was happening there - I had missed the news. 

Looking at the footage, I kinda felt like anything I had to ramble about was kinda insignificant. Not important. Frivolous even.

I feel helpless, speechless. I can only imagine the hellish nightmare that people there are living this week. and the struggle to regain their normality of life, whenever the water finally recedes. One guy was talking about it being "of biblical proportions" and that really sums it up doesn't it?

If you haven't seen what is going on there (and I'm not going to pretend I understand what caused it, I'll admit I'm selfishly wrapped up in my own life and only watching like any other train wreck obsessed voyeur. Sad as that makes me)  It's epic flooding, with the end of the wet season no where in sight.  I've been keeping up to date here but I'm sure there are other places you can look too.

All I can say is please consider donating to help them out again I'm sure there are other places where you can donate too. 

Mind you scrolling thru the news there are mudslides in Brazil , it's been a year since the huge earthquake in Haiti and they are still no where near picking up all the pieces, in the Sudan they are trying to start a Democratic country and not back slide into war,  people are grieving in Arizona....that's just the headlines.   I mention the Queensland flooding coz it's in my neck of the woods.  

People need help all over.  My ramblings pale in comparison.  

Take care of you & yours.  Have a thought for your neighbour too.  :O)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

quack quack quack

People often say to me things like....

"You're so organised"     "I don't know how you do it, I can't cope with just my 2 kids"  psst...neither could I. I still don't often feel like I'm "coping". 

I do what I have to do to get through today.  Argh!  don't talk about tomorrow, I'm secretly hoping it's going to implode so I can stay in bed.

I guess I have some systems in place that ensure I get the essentials done. Essentials you understand like feeding the children, getting out of my pjs before Captain gets home from work. Maybe, maybe some housework. oh man, not the washing. again. If I ignore it will it magically go away??

I have days for things - Monday = bread baking and sheet washing day. Altho, only the sheets on the younger 3's beds. It's too hard to wash 7 beds worth of sheets in one day, even with the sun shining and a sweet northerly wind a blowin'. Ok, so maybe it's only monday that's a day for things. But at least it gets done and we have bread to eat & some clean sheets in the house.  I wash nappies every other day. It's mostly only Monkey in nappies now so I can get away with this. It's a treat coz for so long now I've had at least 2 kids in nappies at any one time, and those need washing every day. Speaking of washing every day, I need to do a load of clothes every day (yes, yes, I know you're ashamed of me Grandma I lump it all together. I don't have time nor energy for sorting washing at this stage of the process - let's just get the shit in the machine!!)  I combine this with changing the napisan, then I remember to do it. For those who are unfamiliar with the wonders of napisan, it's a laundry soaker - I put all my handtowels thru it, kitchen cloths too, oh and bibs. So every morning I gather up that days handtowels etc and put them in the napisan, then get out clean ones.  I figure this cuts down on the number of germs running round my house  - and given we often have naked little boys running up the hall to find clean pants (from the clean washing mountain in the dining room), their willies flickin pee drops around like a spastic sprinkler I need all the help I can get.

Heaven knows I can't be arsed washing my hall walls every week! Does anyone do this?  I mean really. That Martha Stewart has a lot to answer for. 

And also? thank God for Padawan who folds all that washing and gets most of it put away. Seriously. I don't know how I used to do it all.  Where did I have the time???

A while back I decided that I could do a little more for the environment so decided to make some of my own household cleaners. As a result I have a spray bottle of cleaner on my toilet windowsill, next to it sit a container of baking soda & a bottle of vinegar. I realised that it would be real easy to everyday when I change my handtowels, to quickly spray down the sink and toilet then wipe it clean with the old towel, and hang up a clean one. Voila! My toilet gets cleaned everyday, and it takes less effort than I used to spend thinking about how I must remember to clean the bathroom every week. AND believe me it needs it once a week.  At least. 

Although discovering that one male child was peeing without holding his wang still helped me to understand why I couldn't seem to stop the dang room stinking!! *eye roll*  

Over the years vacuuming has slide lower & lower on my priority list. It's at the point now that Monkey and Dargling Girl get it out more often than me. Darling Girl has vacuumed under Monkey's chair the last 2 mornings to gather up food he's dropped at breakfast, fighting off Monkey trying to "help" - oh yeah, and she's the one who has sorted his breakfast for him. I'm such a fucken slacker.....

and then the other day a friend said "Our hats are most certainly off to you guys! You're like parent idol superstars!" 

It's all a freakin' facade people!! We're ducks! I know it looks like calm smooth sailing above water, but underneath we're paddling like fucken crazy! Also I would like to add to that old saying - when we tip up to get some food all we get is a mouthful of guano! 

Now I know my friend meant this as a compliment, but it freaks me out when people say such stuff. 

I Don't. Know. What. The. Fuck. I. Am. Doing. As. A. Parent.  

I'm winging it. Flying by the seat of my pants. And my kid's pants oftentimes too.  Don't stick me on that pedestal, I'll fall off. There's a reason Captain Awesome was named "the unbalanenth" (sorry that's an old school reference that I'm not sure I can tell here without revealing all our names, which is something I know Captain isn't comfortable with me doing. And I like Captain, I wanna still be able to live with him. Come see me, and I'll 'splain it all)  :O)

So anyways, winging it. Falling off Pedestals. *sigh* That's me. On the floor, a dribbling mess of sleep deprivation, telling the kids to find their own lunch and justletmereadmybookinpeace. Please. For just 10 minutes. Can you do that SirTalksALot? No. It seems not.  *sigh*  I've been thinking I should rename that child....Sir Talks Forever Unimpeded. 

STFU for short.  ;OD  see what I did there? I made a funny. Late nights serve a purpose after all I'd been stumped on that 'un for a few days now.

And now, tis time for me to go to bed. Definitely. I just found melted chocolate on my chest and in my cleavage. From about 2 hours ago when I was watching tv. 

Yes, you may commence laughing at me now.  

But please please please for all that is holy, don't look up to me. I'm struggling along as best as I can.   Same as everyone else.  *love*  :OD

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New year and maybe I should have made some resolutions....

Hello gorgeous people! (footnote-I have no clothing pic coz Padawan spent the last week making stop animation films with the camera and now there is no room left on the memory card. :O/  He's had fun tho, when he's finished with the editing I will post them here for your entertainment.)

I hope you haven't missed me too much - I only wish I was that important that you were sitting lonely by your computer hitting refresh on my page (and only my page) waiting wishing and longing for another post to appear all the while I was sitting in the sun, hanging out with family and not thinking about the interwebs at all.  

See? It's in the title. Don't think I didn't warn you. I'm Delusional Baby, deal with it  :OP

So, how have you been? Oh yeah, that's right. You're here to hear about me! *grin* 
Well, we have been busy. We had family around for Christmas, then the Mother-In-Law came up for a week. I am blessed that I get on with my MIL, she is a wonderful lady. She isn't a nuisance to have around the place, she slips in with whatever we are doing, and is a delight to chat with - altho she doesn't chat a lot but that is nice too. We did discover however that she is good at cards - I introduced her to Canasta. She beat me and Captain Awesome in the 3 hands we played.  :O/  not the plan.  I like to win some. :O(

Anyhoos, Captain had 2 weeks off work (I may have mentioned this) so we went to the beach - I surfed & boogey boarded it was awesome! We got burnt - not so awesome.  We went to the park and it rained us out. Kids were pissy they didn't get to go swimming at the park. weirdos.  We went to another park another day and got ice blocks.  Then I walked into the van rear door.  Ouch.  Yay for Captain taking 5 kids to the airport next day to farewell MIL so I could rest (Monkey was sleeping).

We bought a new toy for me.  *happy face* It only took us a little under an hour to construct too....even with Monkey "help-ing"  now I can watch read my books and rest WHILE supervising the kids running round like crazy Lord of the Flies islanders all holidays.  *Blissful Sigh*

But most significantly over the last 2 weeks my routine has been knocked to hell and back. I almost forgot to make bread one monday.  eek.  

On the up side though, there was lots of fun, relaxing time with the kidlets, not as much reading of books as I would have liked but there was some.  Also to accomodate the MIL we shifted the bedrooms around: we moved to a smaller room, giving the older 3 kids our room. When MIL left we had an empty room. We shifted a couch into it (doesn't fit in our new room and was taking up precious Lego play space in the kid's room), also the book shelf that had only made it into the hall from the kid's room - VOILA we have a Reading Room. Or when we're feeling La-Dee-Da a Library. We have a Library motherfuckers. AWESOME.

so Captain is back at work and my plan was to post something yesterday, but that didn't happen. I was talking with someone the other day about New Year's Resolutions, I mentioned that I don't make them coz then there's one less thing I have to worry about doing. Or not doing.  Less pressure anyways, internal or external is all good. I got enough going on here. 

Going to sleep last night tho I realised with disappointment in myself that once again, altho it was on my mental list of things to do, I had now written a blog post. It's not like I set myself a specific goal to write, but I know that I need to do this regularly for me.  I also know that there are a few people (I'm not THAT delusional that I think it's a worldwide following!) that like reading my ramblings. They have told me. They are real people. They ARE!! *sulk* they are real.  really. 

So with that in mind, I write today's post. A day late. And ponder whether sometimes resolutions are a good thing. 

But I also realised yesterday that I get distracted. Easily.  So altho I may have realised that resolutions are good, I probably won't do anything about it. I'm also a bit of a procrastinator.  And now it's time to get dressed so that we can go hang out at a friends place and watch the kids run around like hyped up lunatic Feegles. She has a swing seat too, so it'll be just like hanging out here, but without the insidiously quiet pressure of housework nagging me. She has wine too. 

All good things ahead!  :OD