Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it's hot, damn hot.

Heya peoples,

sorry I haven't posted in last coupla days, things got crazy - I had house work to do  ergh! 

<-- this is monday's outift.  do I need to mention that it got too hot and I got changed. *thinks*  or maybe it's from friday.  *shrug* who knows really....
I took an opportunity to do the school stationary run sans kidlets on monday, but by time I got home, fed kids lunch, Monkey had decided that he'd had enough sleep.   And he likes to help me with the puter, so typing, reading blogs or hell just opening it really ain't an option.  And he did a similar thing yesterday. Today I am typing as fast as I can while he is occupied outside with the hose before nap time. 

But the biggest hindrance to posting was the weather.....  this is how I was feeling yesterday yup totally got the sympathy on for the witch.  It was soo hot when it started raining we hung out outside for a little bit longer just to cool off.  

So yeah, it was hot, too hot to post. Too hot to think. Too hot to cook (we had breakfast cereal for dinner. again.) Too hot for date night, but we went anyways. Coz we don't do it often enough. And yeah it was a high class event.   pfffffffffffft.

Captain and I ended up at the local cinema cafe, then played a few arcade games, coz they were at the same locale....I kicked his ARSE at fuseball. We are totally getting one for our planned games room in the garage. We have a Library, why can't we have a games room too?! We're upper class motherfuckers. *snort* 

But it was luverly to just be out with Captain, talking about important stuff, like our relationship and how we can make it better. We've been doing this marriage dance for almost 13 years now, we still have to work on it. And I'm happy to coz it's important to me. He's important to me.  So what if we ended the evening parked up in an empty bridge club carpark overlooking the river and motorway, sharing mcd's? I was with my Love.  And I feel closer to him, more loved by him, than I have in a while, so it was a successful night.

We plan to do it every week. *nod* Date night. We'll stay home most of the time, watching movies/tv together. Sharing snacks and chats. Together.  

But every so often we'll venture out to scare the world with our Public Displays ofAffection.  count on it. ;OD 

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