Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New year and maybe I should have made some resolutions....

Hello gorgeous people! (footnote-I have no clothing pic coz Padawan spent the last week making stop animation films with the camera and now there is no room left on the memory card. :O/  He's had fun tho, when he's finished with the editing I will post them here for your entertainment.)

I hope you haven't missed me too much - I only wish I was that important that you were sitting lonely by your computer hitting refresh on my page (and only my page) waiting wishing and longing for another post to appear all the while I was sitting in the sun, hanging out with family and not thinking about the interwebs at all.  

See? It's in the title. Don't think I didn't warn you. I'm Delusional Baby, deal with it  :OP

So, how have you been? Oh yeah, that's right. You're here to hear about me! *grin* 
Well, we have been busy. We had family around for Christmas, then the Mother-In-Law came up for a week. I am blessed that I get on with my MIL, she is a wonderful lady. She isn't a nuisance to have around the place, she slips in with whatever we are doing, and is a delight to chat with - altho she doesn't chat a lot but that is nice too. We did discover however that she is good at cards - I introduced her to Canasta. She beat me and Captain Awesome in the 3 hands we played.  :O/  not the plan.  I like to win some. :O(

Anyhoos, Captain had 2 weeks off work (I may have mentioned this) so we went to the beach - I surfed & boogey boarded it was awesome! We got burnt - not so awesome.  We went to the park and it rained us out. Kids were pissy they didn't get to go swimming at the park. weirdos.  We went to another park another day and got ice blocks.  Then I walked into the van rear door.  Ouch.  Yay for Captain taking 5 kids to the airport next day to farewell MIL so I could rest (Monkey was sleeping).

We bought a new toy for me.  *happy face* It only took us a little under an hour to construct too....even with Monkey "help-ing"  now I can watch read my books and rest WHILE supervising the kids running round like crazy Lord of the Flies islanders all holidays.  *Blissful Sigh*

But most significantly over the last 2 weeks my routine has been knocked to hell and back. I almost forgot to make bread one monday.  eek.  

On the up side though, there was lots of fun, relaxing time with the kidlets, not as much reading of books as I would have liked but there was some.  Also to accomodate the MIL we shifted the bedrooms around: we moved to a smaller room, giving the older 3 kids our room. When MIL left we had an empty room. We shifted a couch into it (doesn't fit in our new room and was taking up precious Lego play space in the kid's room), also the book shelf that had only made it into the hall from the kid's room - VOILA we have a Reading Room. Or when we're feeling La-Dee-Da a Library. We have a Library motherfuckers. AWESOME.

so anyways....now Captain is back at work and my plan was to post something yesterday, but that didn't happen. I was talking with someone the other day about New Year's Resolutions, I mentioned that I don't make them coz then there's one less thing I have to worry about doing. Or not doing.  Less pressure anyways, internal or external is all good. I got enough going on here. 

Going to sleep last night tho I realised with disappointment in myself that once again, altho it was on my mental list of things to do, I had now written a blog post. It's not like I set myself a specific goal to write, but I know that I need to do this regularly for me.  I also know that there are a few people (I'm not THAT delusional that I think it's a worldwide following!) that like reading my ramblings. They have told me. They are real people. They ARE!! *sulk* they are real.  really. 

So with that in mind, I write today's post. A day late. And ponder whether sometimes resolutions are a good thing. 

But I also realised yesterday that I get distracted. Easily.  So altho I may have realised that resolutions are good, I probably won't do anything about it. I'm also a bit of a procrastinator.  And now it's time to get dressed so that we can go hang out at a friends place and watch the kids run around like hyped up lunatic Feegles. She has a swing seat too, so it'll be just like hanging out here, but without the insidiously quiet pressure of housework nagging me. She has wine too. 

All good things ahead!  :OD


  1. No really DG, I am imaginary. But if you want to pretend I'm real I have no issues with that!! (PS am still giggling about Lord of the Flies comment)

  2. You're my Real Imaginary Friend!! *hug* Hope things have picked up for ya :O) No pedestal involved (read tomorrow's post) I think you're awesome! :O)

  3. They totally have picked up, even if just a little, but thanks in totality to wonderful girls like you who have texted back and phoned and visited and dropped off food - thanking God for it all. You're very awesome.