Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kids don't *really* need to eat do they?

Let's see if I can wizard up my puter skills and get a pic in here not just a link.....bare with me. 

Or should that be bear with me.  

hmm...*puzzled* I don't want big ravenous animals nor naked people with me here. ack.

Ok, so my thing I wanna share is this:  I've been getting bored with my wardrobe again - I know! you're thinking "How is that possible when you wear tutus and capes?!"  well, the truth is, I've been finding that the necessity of motherhood is such that more often than not lately I've been being lazy and resorting to tops and bottoms - jeans and tshirts; skirts and tshirts; shorts and tshirts....see a theme yet?? *yawn*

I'm still feeding Monkey, altho I thought for a few days there that he was weaning himself   *le sigh* alas that is not the case (He was up 4 or 5 times last night feeding whuck??) so I need clothes with "easy access".  Strangely it's not the done thing to lift up one's dress to feed a child. Tis frowned upon.  Go figure. 

Also, you know what? frankly lately I've been tired, so finding inspiration to wear the funky clothes has been hard to find too.   It also didn't help that within one week recently I heard 3 variations on the comment "you're dressed very conservative today"  Not a happy camper. Does WonderWoman ALWAYS wear her heels and wrist bands?? I don't think so.

And so, I thought to myself "littletoastfairy, how can I make myself feel good everyday with little effort? what's something I can throw on with everything I wear with ease?"  The answer: stripper heels.

Honey. They have heels, so automatically I have some height, feel like I'm wearing 'special occasion' shoes, and my legs look even better than normal in a pair of shorts or a skirt.  They are slip-on so even when I am running late (what mother is not perpetually doing this??) I can throw them on on my way out the door. EASY!! Also shouldn't pinch my feet, or be too tight when they swell in the heat (pfft, don't lie! EVERYONE's feet swell in the summer heat!)  And and and, more often than not they have glitter! Now I know when we're doing crafty stuff we hate the herpes glitter, but on shoes? It's sparkle baby!!  Who doesn't need a little more sparkle in their day?! 

Sparkle = Happy LittleToastFairy.  As I'm sure it does for you too.  (Liar.)

But hold on, I hear ya. Stripper heels?  That's not very classy for a mum. But just look - silver heels and GLITTTER baby!!  Tell me that wouldn't make you feel better having those lovelies on your feet?!?   

and then, in searching thru the Bordello site I found some boots that would just look AWESOMESAUCE with my cape. And many other things too  ;OD

 So, now I am stuck with a minor dilemma which is....
DO kids *really* need to eat everyday?  coz I can totally afford these if we didn't need to buy food this week. And maybe next. 

It's totally worth it too. I would be soo happy wearing the sparkly ones. I would just have to be careful not to look down while I drive. Slightly distracting. Can you say Magpie?? 

But really, tell me, do they have to eat everyday? We could just skip the eating for a few days and spend the money on shoes surely?  I'm sure I read somewhere some wise person said "that a happy mum means happy kids"  THIS is totally what they were talking about!!

IF you think my kids need to eat, every day, *sheesh* then y'know you could always help me out.... I'll start a fund. *nod* yeah, that'll work. That dude asked for a million bucks on youtube and he got it. All I want is a measly $200 or so.   ;OD

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