Friday, January 28, 2011

A is for Awesome, Arse & ArghStopThatYoureGonnaGiveMeAHeartAttack.

A is for Awesome. Captain AwesomePants letting me buy my Sparkly shoes. He is so wonderful!!! And I am aware that I owe him Big Time.  ;O)

 <--  A is for Awesome - awesome that this was what I was wearing last night at the park trying to run helter skelter to rescue Dude from the crumpled heap of the flying flox. Awesome running outfit. :O/

A is for Arse. Arse. The kids are behind me mucking around instead of eating their lunch. Which is distracting. And annoying. And I had something else that came under this heading of arse but I was thinking about it at 230am when Monkey was feeding and now can't remember it. Arse. That was it.

A is for Arse - Monkey has taken to feeding at night again. Not cool. I need my sleep. I LIKE my sleep. Last night he feeding 3 times in a row, so I was up for about 2 1/2 hours.  :O(

A is for Awesome - I got a book from the library that I have been waiting for. It's the 6th book in a series, nay a Saga. It's like reading about much loved family.  I have read the first 5 books. Devoured them. Yes it's fiction, romance - but I will defend that another day. I found the 5th book in the series at the library a few years back, loved the characters so much I HAD to go back to the beginning and read them all.  It's the Into The Wilderness series by Sara Donati.  If you love to disappear into a world where good eventually triumphs, people face tragedies but survive, there's adventures, on high seas and overland treks, Native Americans, Scots and all types inbetween, characters to love and others you can't help but feel sorry for even tho they make you want to hate them and others still who are irredeemablein their evil, all set in the backdrop (mostly) of frontier upstate New York starting in the late 17oo's then look this series up.  It's a set that I want to own, even tho they are a mission to read - I was hooked, crying out at the upcoming disaster by page 56 of this latest 600+ page installment. 

*whisper*  Don't tell Captain, but I may even have fallen in love with the name of one of the main characters, and hence it coming to mind when we had Monkey.  

So, The Wilderness Series by Sara Donati.  Awesome. (in looking for a pic for this bit, I read a synopsis of the first book Into The Wilderness, and it makes me want to read it all over again, even tho I know the story well already *sigh* it's just like my West Wing love, but in book form - *singsongvoice* AAAWWWEEEESOME!!)

A is for Arse. Arse it's hot again, after being cold. I'm tired, and really not up to things starting up with the new school term next week. Can't I hide in bed a bit longer?  But then, arse, I don't think I can deal with these kids for much longer. When did they become so whingey? So demanding? Was it always like this or have they been sniffing something nasty when I'm not looking?! May it's just coz they are en masse. *nod* yeah that'll be it. Arse but I'm done with my Swarm of Children. 

A is for ArghStopDoingThatYou'reGonnaGiveMeAHeartAttack....this needs some splaining I know.  So the other day when we were at the park and had the Spectacular Dismount Incident, before all that we were just on the playground normal. Ok so it's a big kids playground but the older 5 love it, and Monkey is happy to wander around watching and trying to catch up - I swear he doesn't realise he's only 18mths old.  He thinks he's 4, or 7 or something. Anyways....

The blue rope he walks on, about 2 metres off the ground, holding the bars. eek!
Some background: last year about this time we were at the park (or maybe it was only 6mths ago) and we turned around and GingerNinja was up on a rope bridge on the SECOND LEVEL of the playground. I was feeding Monkey so sent Captain to watch him, guide him across. He's fairly good with heights, has always been physically capable, altho he's not always so good with the walking in a straight line, so you can understand that when he's up 2 metres off the ground we get a little nervous. Ninja made it across the bridge all good.  Then decided to cross the 2nd bridge too.  Captain came back to me after and said "I'm not doing that again, nearly gave me a heart attack" 

This year, Ninja hoons over to the playground and makes his way pretty quickly up to the rope bridges. Lucky we had other adults, and older kids to watch the younger ones so I could be there under him in case he fell.  He looked down at me with a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face. I reminded him to concentrate. Let's not tempt fate here. 

What does my child do? He takes a few steps out on the rope, then lifts a leg off to the side and wobbles. On purpose. He who often speaks so we can't understand him, who the docs reckon is 15mths Developmentally Delayed, looks straight at me and says "wooooo-ah!  woah." while wobbling on purpose on the rope bridge on one foot. Thanks kid. Awesome. Scare the shit outta ya mother, that's cool.  Arsehat. 

But at the same time kinda cute.  Makes me grin just thinking about that cheeky side of him. and For all the diagnosis, lost sleep when I worry that perhaps he may never develop where he is at now, the frustration that is communicating with him sometimes, I wouldn't change him or give him back for anything. My cheeky GingerNinja. Gorgeous Boy. I am blessed.  

Arse.  :OD


  1. I love GingerNinja. He is totally the man and will always make your life (and hopefully mine!) fun. He def has the family gene - smartarse/cheeky/sense-of-humour-that-causes-others-to-wish-him-harm!

  2. A is for... AAAAArrrhahahaha!! Arsehat comment had me chuckling!! GN is a great little guy, your great parenting pays off fo' sho. Righteous.