Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saturdays. Well this Saturday at least....

I was out last night at a Playcentre social thingy, it was good. Fun. Nice to be out without the kids.  Just me and the girls.  Didn't end up dancing tho, which was a disappointment. But had nice piece of steak, so that was good. hmmmm......steak.  :O)

Also, the thought of going out with the other mum's I know has kept the chorus from this song  running in my head every time I think about it. Even though I only know one line..... Awesome.

Then I was up this morning finishing up the cleaning that we do at the end of each term at Playcentre. It's a parent co-op, so we get the good and the bad - we're in charge of it all, well, yeah, except for having to meet criteria laid down by the MoE so we can get funding. And making sure we follow the Playcentre Philosophy, and guidelines set down by the Federation, and our Association. BUT for the day to day running of things, as long as it doesn't negate any of that stuff we call the shots on what happens at our centre. This is good.

The not so good is that we are responsible for all the running of the centre. The cleaning of equipment, the maintenance, the organisation, and the *groan* paperwork.  

Also as a parent co-op we are ALL responsible. Meaning every member helps out with the big jobs. But sadly we are a small centre (about 25 families max), and lots of them are new, so only just getting an understanding of the Playcentre way - that we are the teachers, the cleaners - and that we all need to pitch in so that a few members aren't carrying the weight of us all. The same can be said for most non-profits I imagine. 

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, I was back at the centre this morning finishing up the clean up that needing doing so we can have a session on monday. Thanks to Darling Girl, and another member who came to help too, I wasn't there for more than a couple of hours. But when you drag your arse outta bed in the morning, it's hard to be excited about cleaning toys.

Also? It means I have been distracted since I got home, since Captain went out, I haven't had lunch. And? I wanna read my book.  I'm over half way thru it now.  It's getting GOOOOD. I mean it's been good all the way thru, but, argh  pfffft if you read books you'll know the feeling!

So, if I don't post again in the next couple days, it's coz I'm eeking out every moment I can where I am not called upon to do housework and interact with family, to disappear into the Endless Forests in New York 1824.   *wave*  :OD

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