Thursday, July 19, 2012

And All The Other Thoughts.....

SUB HEADING: I KNEW I would forget stuff.... *LeSigh*

So, when I was in the shower I remembered the other pics I wanted to post....


Check out the shine on those suckers!

*points*  LOOK  :OD

I love them.  I was soooooo tempted to buy 2 pairs, but restrained myself. Admiral having trouble getting the kids all into the car by himself had Nothing to do with my swiftness either.

Now I just have to resist the temptation to go back and buy some more.  It's hard I tells ya!
 Shininess  :O)

 And then while I was here I figured I should share the hair.

It's green. I dunno why i love having green hair so much.

It's not a colour I wear AT ALL. My sister does, loves it. Me not so much. But for my hair it is just so awesome!!

And please to be also noticing my BEEEEOOOOTIFUL eyebrows! Thanks @larewi and @fabulous_petra for the wonderful birthday present!  

I feel pretty, oh so preeeeetty!!  and off to date night with Admiral - we're leaving the house and everything!  :OD

Argh, To Post All The Thoughts!!!

I sit here with Green Dye soaking into my hair and attempt to remember all the things I was going to post about it the last week.....

and never quite got around to posting about. 

Bubble Safari is DAMN IMPORTANT y'all. You shut your face. ;OD

anyhoos, I have run out of energy (on the game) plus I have about 50 bazillion things to share. ok, don't panic, by that I mean 3.

If I can remember them. *headdesk*

Let's start with this....I dunno if you've heard that song (as I don't as a rule listen to the radio, adverts & chat is far too annoying!) Call Me Maybe.  It's insipid and inane. But catchy as hell.

And like most things these days, it kicked off an internet meme....

here's a coupla versions I came across that I thought were fun. I'm not posting the original, you can look that up on your own blog, dime, whatever.....

And this is just damn clever - whoever did this either KNOWS their Star Wars, or has WAAAAAY too much time on their hands. For my sanity I'm going with the Fan status...

And then I've remembered what i else I was gonna post. PICS!!
Mostly these are for 5i, he will understand why, also HE RAN AWAY TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD AND I CAN'T SHOW THEM TO HIM IN PERSON!! 

*ahem*  no, I don't miss him much.  not really. <insert sarcasm here>  Hurry up and fix that computer so you can come back here to this awesome place and drink coffee with me man!!

so, in my little town (I refuse to call it a city no matter WHAT the council calls itself! *eyeroll* pretentious much??) The council in it's wisdom decided to beautify the streets with art work. yeah that's our ratepayers dollars at work folks. Some of it's not too bad, but when this went up I couldn't help but wonder how much was spent on it, and why they didn't just ask us Playcentre families to make it, coz we totally coulda done a prettier job!

I'm also pretty sure they've added the stickers on the trunk, prettied it up since they put up this one....

So they match or something...*shrug*

Alls I know is that apparently the council now doesn't have the $6000 needed to get the other two trees made. These two represent Autumn (fall) and spring  respectively apparently. Winter & Summer won't be coming folks.    

But Dude, really?? This is gonna help our town stay alive, not jobs nor businesses, looking after the folk who live & work here, no. Art. Art will save the day.

Pffffffffffffffffttttttttt...............  :OD

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's 3am and I can't sleep.....


But on the upside I can write this!

I have the best friends and family. My mum got a cake for Monkey's birthday this week

Cutest fucken cake ever.  

so, anyways, while I eat my cereal and watch tv, here's a little ditty for you

Very Apopro no?  ;OD

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

And When I'm Dressed.....

My hair looks like this....

Which is better than the photos I took yesterday day I realised. So I took this one too.

Much prettier n'cest pas?  ;O)

We Had a Rockin' Night.....

I know this is a little late in the posting, as so many people all over the twitter, facebook and news have talked about it already, but I had to share. 

Plus I'm hanging out here online, hiding from my kids (it's holidays and I'm a slack parent), and housework. Altho, to be fair I have cleaned the bathroom/toilet already this morning, so it's not all that awful round here....

so anyways, last night about 1030pm we had a bit of a shake up. I was out at a MUMS group social night (mid winter christmas dinner) so it was interesting to experience an earthquake with a group of people, haven't done that in a while.  And then yay for technology, we were straight onto twitter and to check out details. Too quickly it would seem.

It was a pretty big shake. 7.0 it turns out. But I think I'll let the data speak for itself, check out these links, it's interesting and sums it up better than I can - they're the experts afterall!!

here's a shot I took of the puter screen of the "seismic drums" 

yup. that's the whole country shaking right there.....

And I thought it was bad, until someone (I forget who sorry!) posted this comparison on twitter.  The top graph is the big Christchurch quake from a couple years ago...  the bottom was last night.  *gulp*

I'll sit down & shut up now, it was nothing really. as scary as it was at the time.

And Here is an explanation of the quake and why it felt different. 

There have been other things posted on the site in the last 24 hours or so, about how quakes are different. I was worried we would get more "big ones" because it was felt so widely even tho it was so deep. Usually with deep quakes you don't feel the shake so much, especially one centred so far away from us..... but apparently with the REALLY deep quakes it normal to feel them like that.

So you learn something new everyday.

Oh goodie! I wonder what today will bring. I'm hoping it's how to get my internet tv working smoothly ;O)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For The Llearcher.....

I was asked and so I shall provide....

here's the pics of my hair, blonde. All the way round, see?

So, some days I -can- as boring and normal as everyone else  :OP

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tidbits That Made Me Giggle....


I've just done the shopping, coming back into our house with our wonderful wood fire now means that I'm horribly overdressed.  *swelter*  *sweat*  *strips off about 18 bazillion layers of clothing*


So I tripped over this the other day (thanks once again Twitter!)  and wanted to share it.

and then The Admiral and I were watchign Contagion last night, good movie. Not a new story, but well told I thought and not as intense as some others of the like.

My point here was a line from it that I thought was very apt to  share here....
"Blogging isn't writing. It's graffiti and punctuation"