Sunday, September 25, 2011


hmmm  can't sleep. 

Have been sore - achey joints in my arms & legs (knees, ankles, toes, elbows, wrists and fingers. Sing it with me!! Heads Shoulders Knees and toes, knees and toes....)  all weekend. Been having an extra nap during the day. Which is actually unusual for me. Sure I get exhausted. Sure I *feel* sleepy. But I don't usually *SLEEP*.  

So, I'm sick. and feeling crappy with it.  Actually, no. I'm just feeling sore. I haven't had a fever, no real other symptoms like you would get with a cold or flu.  Just really sore joints. 

and joy. I think Monkey has got it too. He just woke up (it's half 11pm here now) crying "ow ow ow"  That's about how I feel too mate.  Yay for neurofen. Not that it's helped me much.

Anyways..... why I'm here? coz I feel like this

I was hoping to go to Nat Exec (national Playcentre meeting in Nov) and Captain Awesome said that he didn't think he would be able to cope with the kids by himself. Plus that he thought Monkey wouldn't cope without me.

He's probably right. He usually is (even if I don't wanna admit it!) *sigh*

Still feeling bummed about it tho.  Wish he would say I could go. Hating that I have to ask (hey, look, the mature part of my brain understands a marriage is a partnership, and as such both parties have a right to say no. That without both people being happy with a decision the relationship is doomed. It's not the mature part of my brain that's talking right now.....)  Really hating that I have to ask. *sigh*

But I chose to be at home with the kids. I chose to let him be the breadwinner. I chose to let him handle the finances.  And I guess that asking if HE is ok with me leaving HIM with all the kids for a coupla days is reasonable even though part of my brain is screaming "but it's what I do everyday!!!"  it's still reasonable to ask first.

I'm just not happy with it.  And I'm not able to go to sleep.  yay.  :O/

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So, I know I promised pics yesterday - my dad ended up in hospital with a mild chest infection (it looked a lot worse than that when he went in) so that kind stole the better part of a day...

anyways, here's a bunch of pics  :O)

I dont even know what day this was from...any of them!

And I *finally* finished the scarf I've been knitting!

 :OD  Now I'm learning how to crochet - I'm being all crotchety!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm still here *madly waving jumping up & down*

So! I was gonna post about all the things I had been doing, and show pics of what I have been wearing - seeing as that is the way of this blog.

Except, as is the way of MY LIFE I am now too tired. 

PLUS to get the pics off the camera and onto the puter so I can upload them, I would have to disco' the internet. And I had already opened this here page - too. much. effort. *mutters* stupid laptop with only one working usb port.

Instead I also got distracted by a comment from a new person *waves hello to new person*  well, new commentor anyways who I didn't know. So I had to check out his page. Naturally!

Now, Captain Awesome is starting a movie, and I see my g&t next to me on the desk.  It's just too easy to go and watch the movie instead of doing all those awful "shoulda's"

you know..... "I should fold the washing"  "I should organise the agenda for my workshop next tuesday. and Really Should work out what I'm going to talk about at said workshop!"

But wanted you to know that I hadn't dropped off the edge. Just been trying to get some sleep (HA! *eyeroll*  sooooo delusional)  and been busy with everyday lifeness. yes, those hundreds of children I have and all.....

Pics tomorrow. Even if they is not labelled. It'll be like our very own guessing game!! :OD

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kids Movies That *I* Can Watch

Actually for the most part we don't have kids movies in the house that annoy the shit out of us adults, but this last week we have been home a lot as Monkey was sick.  

Then the dudes came to install insulation in the attic and under the floor.  So no going to work for me.

Then Monkey threw up last night, so again, no Playcentre for us.  

But that's ok, coz we've been watching Monsters, Inc.  And there are sooooo many great lines in this movie (it's Pixar - of course!)  It took me a while to watch it all, what with kids watching it while I did other stuff, but also coz I loved Pixar's first offerings so much it took me a while to warm to the new characters. 

But now, as I listen to the kids watching it for what I think is the 5th time this week - we have so many different movies, I limit them to one viewing of any particular movie per day! 

here are my fave quotes (and yes this would be cooler if I had a bunch of clips for ya, but I've got a headache, 3 kids behind me playing Lego Indiana Jones, and if you don't get the references? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? LIVING UNDER A ROCK?!? 

Find a copy and watch it. then come back and read the rest of my post. I'd say I'd wait for ya, but a) we all know that'd be a lie.  b) it's a movie - I have things (read "sleeping") to do!

But look out for these bits, which when I think of them make me *grin*  and even *giggle*  even if I haven't seen the movie in a while....

"23-19! 23-19!!!"

As part of the tv report about how a child has been seen/reported  "I tried to escape but he picked me up in his mind powers and shook me like a doll!!" 

When Sully offers to fill in the reports for Mike - " Pink ones go to accounting. Fuschia goes to purchasing. Goldenrod goes to Roz. Leave the puce!" 

The Janitor dudes have great lines all over the place, they are 'background' characters, but I love'em!  Particularly  Dude 1 "So I said, 'if you talk to me like that again, we're through!"
                                       Dude 2 "what'd she say?"
                                       Dude 1 "you know my mom. She sent me to my room."

Then there's the sequence when they're in the Himalayas with the Yeti...

 So, we've watched it again this morning, and I still love it  :OD

Monday, September 5, 2011


My brother visited today. 

It's sooooo awesome having him in the same city as me again. 

Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think we've lived in the same city since '95.  Some AWESOME times I tells ya.  Fond memories.

So anyways, he was around today, mostly to just visit. But he vacuumed as well. How awesome is that?!  He visited so he could vacuum my house coz I bemoaned doing it. 

and we had lunch, chatted, hung out together (not in the literal sense. That would be weird. he's my Brother).

Then he sent me this.... 
I know I just posted it to my facebook page, but it is TOTALLY worth posting again.

*giggle*  *snigger*   *snort*  oh, I'm sorry, I'm just picturing a flooding planet of kittens......  I'm a little twisted like that. Had you not noticed?   ;OD