Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm still here *madly waving jumping up & down*

So! I was gonna post about all the things I had been doing, and show pics of what I have been wearing - seeing as that is the way of this blog.

Except, as is the way of MY LIFE I am now too tired. 

PLUS to get the pics off the camera and onto the puter so I can upload them, I would have to disco' the internet. And I had already opened this here page - too. much. effort. *mutters* stupid laptop with only one working usb port.

Instead I also got distracted by a comment from a new person *waves hello to new person*  well, new commentor anyways who I didn't know. So I had to check out his page. Naturally!

Now, Captain Awesome is starting a movie, and I see my g&t next to me on the desk.  It's just too easy to go and watch the movie instead of doing all those awful "shoulda's"

you know..... "I should fold the washing"  "I should organise the agenda for my workshop next tuesday. and Really Should work out what I'm going to talk about at said workshop!"

But wanted you to know that I hadn't dropped off the edge. Just been trying to get some sleep (HA! *eyeroll*  sooooo delusional)  and been busy with everyday lifeness. yes, those hundreds of children I have and all.....

Pics tomorrow. Even if they is not labelled. It'll be like our very own guessing game!! :OD

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