Thursday, July 19, 2012

And All The Other Thoughts.....

SUB HEADING: I KNEW I would forget stuff.... *LeSigh*

So, when I was in the shower I remembered the other pics I wanted to post....


Check out the shine on those suckers!

*points*  LOOK  :OD

I love them.  I was soooooo tempted to buy 2 pairs, but restrained myself. Admiral having trouble getting the kids all into the car by himself had Nothing to do with my swiftness either.

Now I just have to resist the temptation to go back and buy some more.  It's hard I tells ya!
 Shininess  :O)

 And then while I was here I figured I should share the hair.

It's green. I dunno why i love having green hair so much.

It's not a colour I wear AT ALL. My sister does, loves it. Me not so much. But for my hair it is just so awesome!!

And please to be also noticing my BEEEEOOOOTIFUL eyebrows! Thanks @larewi and @fabulous_petra for the wonderful birthday present!  

I feel pretty, oh so preeeeetty!!  and off to date night with Admiral - we're leaving the house and everything!  :OD

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