Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas!! Merry New Year!

Yup this is me today. 

We went and hung out at a friends house for the middle chunk of the day, knowing that the kids would be in water and that I wasn't gonna be doing a lot, I dressed down. I had jandals on for driving and walking in, but that was about how long they lasted.

Let's be honest here for a second, given how this week has been going I don't know if I'm gonna be blogging much over the next coupla weeks. I will try. But as Captain is off work for 2 weeks, MIL is coming up to visit for a week, and kids are home so we may be catching up with friends who it's tricky to see during term time (you know - fitting them in around school/Playcentre drop offs & pick ups and nap time. ergh. too hard.)  I'm not sure I will have energy come end of day to write. 

But I will try. Yeah shut up Yoda I hear ya. ok, let's make a deal I will write at least once a week. If I get crazy and manage more than that, then let's call it bonus! Gravy. Awesome. (For those who know me, then you know I like to keep my word, but also love just slacking off)  :OD

My baby-who-is-no-longer-a-baby brother came round (he's taller than me. Yeah I know, it's not hard. pffft) and he's really awesome at origami things, so was folding paper cranes (the bird type) and boats and such for all our tribe. I suggested that he would be good at making these  we have a couple of slightly Stars Wars keen kids and I knew they would like these, but I hadn't found the umph to make them.  

Me: Hey J, you're good at origami you could make the snowflakes
J: Um, it's more cutting than origami.
Me: pfft, it's paper. origami is paper. same thing.

We had success!! Well *ahem* by we I mean Him and Captain. Of course.

And after looking at the completed snowflake, Captain started to crtique it, saying well it doesn't look right for a clone trooper.


Therein followed a conversation about why it wasn't looking right. Because he followed the instructions. But they weren't right, why didn't you make it right. I was following the instructions bitch! The instructions are wrong. Well let's fix them.  (that was Captain and J. I wasn't involved. just watching and laughing....)

The darth vader looks better, altho is kinda flimsy and may well be broken before the sun rises.  The other side of the paper is black, and this is the side we have showing on the tree (coz Darth is black. duh.) but it didn't show up in the pic so well.   Not bad for first try of each I thought. 

Needless to say they were so fiddly the boys gave up after one. I'm not sure how it is expected that kids make these....but *shrug* maybe like the childproof cap it is easier for younger hands?  ;O)

This evening I sat down to write a little something something for ya, thinking I should at least write a little Christmassy thingy, wish you all well and such.  I got sidetracked.  

There are blogs I follow that I read every day. Almost religiously. The select few. Then there are a few that I read when I'm having a slow day, with no tv to catch up on. Or I'm vegging out. Tonight this was what sidetracked me. And as I'm not there often, I read shall we just say a number of posts?  

read this one first  coz it splains some of the terms used. Then I liked this one we've all been there.... and then oh do I have days when my brain feels like this!  

you know what? look. just go to and have a laugh. Coz they are amazingly down to earth women, Kate and Lydia, and I dunno how they make their lives so funny but they do.  I aspire to be this awesome a blogger. And IRL.  

One day. One day.  But for now, I'm off to drink my wine in the bath while watching more episodes of The West Wing. Yay for laptops. 

If I can find an extension cord.  Wish me luck!  

Tree & lights look SOOO much better at night don't they? I think so.
Oh! and have a happy and safe holiday time. If you go away (crazy folk) or just hang round home. May it not be too stressful, may you enjoy the people you are with, and not end up spending time at the docs.  :OD

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