Friday, December 10, 2010

Finding The Happy

Yeah, so, the not getting sleep sucks.  Today has been ok, but as Thursday is the one day a week I have only one child for a few hours I usually run around like a mutant headless chicken doing stuff.

This results in that by lunchtime I'm ready for a nap.  And it seems totally capable of good english too.

Sadly the Dynamic (Disastarous?) Duo can't really be  left unattended for long. So I am out of the habit of Nana Napping during the day. And OH how I miss them.  *sigh*

I forgot where I was going for a sec there.  But I have remembered *kicks my brain* Finding My Happy.  I was reading a cool post about this today.... well, more it's about someone (who I think is awesome) trying to find her happy when life seems to be overwhelming "I think you can in Europe"  Check her out here   For me this was cool as much as the concept of seeing the Silver Lining were the cool music links she had in there.  Awesome. Just what I've needed.

I've been listening to this   today, and altho it's not the happiest  of lyrics the tune is upbeat and that is I think what I've enjoyed.

And now for The Award for the Stupidest. Um, The Dumbest Criminal? ah fuckit, I can't think of a funny title.....just click the link and read the article. And laugh at the Stupidity of Some People.


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