Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

So, yeah, yesterday kinda ganged up on me and I didn't get online to write anything.  This seems to be happening a lot lately.

Holy crap, SirTalksALot just asked me "can I have some coffee?" "What?!" "I need a drink of coffee"   I'm hoping we have a different  definition of coffee.... *phew* he's poured himself some milk!

ANYways, we ended up at the hospital yesterday coz Captain Awesome was having weird chest pain. Turns out he's fine. It took four or so hours out of our day, but I'm glad he's ok. Just a hypochondriac. Or just weird.  We'll go with weird. He's a weird guy, but I love him and I am truly glad he is ok. His chest was given the all clear, even his lungs. *phew* So I am thankful for that.  

Coming home at 8pm and then having to settle a grumpy overtired Monkey wasn't how I had planned my evening.

Also? Being left with 6 kids would suck.

I need to rethink my schedule for writing this, I like the coming up with a topic on the day kinda thing, but finding time to write is a struggle. I could wake up at Sparrow's Fart like some bloggers I follow and use that time to write. But really? we all know that ain't gonna happen.  You can stop laughing now.  :OP

I mention the schedule, coz I was writing in the afternoon, but today we went to a friends place so the whole Dynamic Duo could have a playdate - it's a little much to ask someone to take both kids for an afternoon. But it meant that Monkey didn't have his nap.  And I didn't write.  Then the rest of the day went to poos as Monkey was a MESS.  

Oh yeah, and I'm on the desktop again, as the interweb to the laptop is fershnuckered. I also can't find the camera cable, so once again no pics. Not even old ones.....coz they are on the laptop.

It's all WIN here today folks!! 

That's all for today, I have meeting tonight in a while, but have to shop first so we have milk for breakfast.  ARGH....I have cool photos and stories to share. *sigh*  you'll just have to come back tomorrow.  Hopefully by then I will have my shit together.

But no promises. I'm not that Delusional!  :OD

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