Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mischief and Trouble

Here's some of the trouble that the Dynamic Duo and Monkey has got up to in the last week.....

Lovingly reorganising my toilet paper filing system.... 

I thought we were past the stage when we had to keep the toilet door shut at all costs - I learnt this lesson years ago when I found Dude cleaning the vacuum for me. With the toilet brush. Nice.

After a wee sleep in on saturday morning I was woken by Captain showing me these picks.  Apparently Monkey had found something to entertain himself. Cool. 

Awesome Independant Play there Little Fella. :O/

And oh Bless! Look the Dynamic Duo (when they were younger I called them Trouble and Mischief) found some Craft Herpes glitter and spread it round. I can only imagine they were trying to make the house look festive. 

Hoping to lift my day by making the house Spaaaarkly! 

Sad to say it didn't work. 

Altho, points for building a wall with the couch cushions to keep the herpes glitter contained. Pity that you found some mysterious red stuff that dyed your feet, the floor, the couch and anything else you touched, oh yeah WITH YOUR FEET so as you walked a nice pink colour too.

All I can say is thank goodness it's mostly all on the tiled floor, and came off real easy. Yay also for vacuum cleaners.  Except I couldn't be bothered vacuuming the WHOLE couch, so it's still a little twinkly.   Who'da thought that fairy lights just wouldn't be enough sparkly??

This is kinda cool. Darling Girl has been asking for an ipod. And for various reasons we weren't gonna be getting her one. She came to me the other day, and said "Don't worry mum. You don't need to buy me an ipod, I made one myself!"  

Please to be noting the ear phones (that's the thing sticking out the top).

And so she can listen to it in her room, she made a freakin Docking Station as well!!

She rocks. It's all I can say.  SO Cool!  :OD


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