Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dancing Queen

I spent most of saturday racing around like a headless chicken....first trying, and failing, to achieve Christmas shopping with Captain Awesome Pants.  We have 6 kids to buy for, plus nieces and nephews on his side (altho there is a system where we only buy for 3 of them), as well as a little something for his sisters, and then there's my family....yeah it's a bit of a mission even though we try and keep it simple.

But that's the thing isn't it? How to really keep it simple, when everywhere there are influences inviting us to complicate the hell out of the occasion. pffftt. Getaway with ya.  *fingers in ears* I'm not listening! 

That wasn't my point and it's too muggy here today for me to have the energy to rant, so you are safe. Another blathering blog post coming up!!

After the semi-successful present shopping, we raced home so I could go to rehearsal. Then whipped home for to feed the Monkey, throw down some dinner and race back again for the concert. Actually I did it at a reasonable pace, I'm just trying to make it sound exciting for ya!

On saturday mornings I do an adult jazz class, it's mostly fun, some pain, some hard work. We've been learning a contemporary piece that I found quite airy fairy, floaty wishy washy. Once we learnt the piece tho, it was cool to be able to complete it without mistakes, and I managed to learn it even though I didn't attend every class this term, and without practicing much at home either - only at the last minute!!

This is us ---> 
Before we danced, looking all nervous.  During rehearsal we ran onstage too far so we were off centre, and there wasn't time to try again. Not even to walk onstage and find our place. So we were fairly winging it. Then when we were waiting in the wings to go onstage for our one and only 90 second performance, some in the group were walking the dance thru again....this went thru my mind (I tried to find a vid but failed so will just have to describe)  In the movie Bring It On there's a scene where it's the night before the big playoff, in a hotel room the two main characters hear others outside practicing.... Missy gets up to yell out window 
"Give it up already! If you haven't got it by now, you're never gonna get it!!"

We went on. We danced. No one fell over. No one fucked up majorly. We even kept mostly in time. We came off happy! We have low expectations, but hey, at least they were met, exceeded even  *grin* 

Later in the weekend we decorated the Christmas tree....or maybe it was earlier. I have taken a bunch of photos over the last couple days to share with you all, and the timeline is getting a little blurry....  

Anyhow, this is how it was after the kids helped me to decorate it.

Just a little in defence of our poor wee sad tree - it looks much better at night when it's dark and you can see all the lovely twinkly lights :O)
Even so, I decided it needed a little more something something....so I bought some stuff. The little kids helped me put the things on, then Monkey ran away with the beads. So they didn't make it onto the tree but here's how it looks. Better I think.  Altho, there are more lights I bought, (blue lights. I decided looking at the tree last night, that I like the blue lights the bestest)  but there are 2 sets on the tree already, so I may find somewhere else to put them. Stay tuned for twinkly light pics  :OD

  So, now there are a bunch of things that went wrong, well, mischief that the littlier boys got into over the weekend and yesterday. I think I will save these for a post all of their own. 

Darling Boys.  How we love them.  :O/

For now, the wood arrived last night. Finally.  Captain Awesome and I shifted it inside the gate, as it landed all over the foot path, and onto the road.  It only took us a little over half an hour.  Then we collapsed! 

And that be my job for the rest of today. In the drizzley rain. Shifting wood. oh, yeah as well as washing sheets, and making yummy cinnamon swirls - they is DEFINITELY having choc chips in them!!   :OD


  1. I actually quoted that part of Bring It On at quiz tonight. Noone got it. Cracked up just now, reading you quoting it, had to try and explain to J. There are times when our mind-melds crack me up (like tonight) and times when they freak me out just a tad (like how you bought "my" ukulele) :D

  2. I explained it to the chick I was with and she laughed a little. May have just been nerves.

    And dude, it's MY Uke thanks :OP Have named her LeeLoo. :O)

    also? thanks for commenting, hardly anyone does and it was making me sad face. so yay!! 2 commments in one day - you and goshorty :OD

  3. I can't remember, did you join us to imbibe after we exceeded our expectations??


  4. um, no I didn't join you.

    But I should've. Maybe next time. Or better yet, we should totally make up an excuse to just go out soonish for imbibing, no? ;O)