Friday, December 10, 2010

Falling asleep Friday

Hmm, so um, yeah. This blogging thing. It's hard to find time to write, but I try.  And I sturggle to find things interesting to write about, altho I think I hit the middle ground, gave up on that a while back deciding that I would write whatever happens and if people wanna read it then, cool.

It's an odd thing, as I want to be interesting. But most days are the same. Or similar at least. Drag my arse out of bed; wrangle the kidlets thru breakfast, getting dressed and the get to school melee; take the littlier ones to Playcentre, where sometimes I stay and sometimes I don't; then it's make myself some lunchtime; nap time for Monkey; get lost online time for me while eating some leftover crap - like now when I am lost in instead of writing this, or I dunno, watching the kids....they is awfully quiet. Aw crap! Get out that is NOT your room!! Sigh.

Then there is school pickup, corralling kids to stop them killing each other, dinner and bedtimes. All good fun to be had by all.   You know what though, actually our kids are pretty well behaved really. In the grand scheme. They do bicker and argue over nothing issues, pedantic little shits sometimes, but they get that from me (thanks Dad) - but they also make us laugh with silly things, comments and such.  Case in point - the other day I was saying hello to Captain Awesome when he got home from work. We were fully dressed in the dining room, kissing. Then as I do often I followed him into our room to chat while he gets changed from work.  Darling Girl yelled after us "watch out! they're gonna do it!!"   nice. 

I guess the funniest bit is that she wasn't far wrong.  ;O)

So, the monotony of my everyday life as a Stay At Home Mum. Yeah, maybe I'm in a funk. Coz I just ran out of words to describe my life. Took to tweeting instead about the 2 cats (not ours!) growling and stretching at each other on our front yard.  I'm tempted to go outside and watch them, see what happens. I thought they were fighting initially but then it looked more like courting.......

Snazzy new hair colour FTW :O)
Fuck I need to get out more. 

I was gonna give you pics of the mammoth wood pile that will need shifting in the next few days so it's outta the rain. But it's not here yet. The delivery man said "After 1pm"  I guess he didn't technically lie but as of 3:40pm we have no wood. 

I have a rehearsal at 5pm for my dance concert tomorrow night, so it's gonna be a crazy couple of days. Altho on the bright side, this gives me something to write about.  Tired cranky boy who didn't sleep for long enough is singing my song tho, so I shall sign off.

Thanks for reading, have a nice weekend. And please for the love of all things Holy, DON'T let the Christmas Crazy get to ya!!   :O)

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